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MasterBrony Forever

Hey! MasterBrony Forever here with a short Bio. Favorite character's from the show are Spike & Discord! Improving my writing over the past few years.


Another New Story Coming Soon · 5:11am Nov 16th, 2019

Hey all!

I am not dead! I am in fact still working on stuff currently.
You guys will be getting a new Story that is a collaborative effort between me and beirirangu once again. I find we do our best work together and I can actually finish stories when we work together :P

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Fresh Start on a Fan Favorite · 4:46am Aug 29th, 2019

So with some things changing and a massive weight leaving my shoulders I can now focus on 'The Rise of Spike the Dragon' again.

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Looking for Editor · 2:46pm Mar 7th, 2019

Looking for an editor for a NSFW Clop Gay Story.

It involves Spike and Discord and is a one shot. I am looking for someone who can edit grammar & Punctuation. While also pre-reading to make sure the flow is working well for the story. If you are interested PM Me.


Doggy Style at Midnight · 3:48am Jan 1st, 2019

The final chapter of Doggy Style will be posted at midnight!

It has been a long ride. Spent pretty much 4 years on this story. It started as just a one-shot but you all loved it so much I just felt like I needed to make more! And I enjoyed it every step of the way.

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Doggy Style Final Chapter Editor Needed! · 4:18am Nov 14th, 2018

So I think I have come to a happy conclusion for Doggy Style!
But I am in need of a pre-reader/ editor to help finish it off. Someone with good grammar and a good eye for catching problems so it can be posted! (Let me know in Comments or PM if you are interested) Must have read full story to know what is happening before going into this final chapter.

I was going to do a little bonus epilogue kinda thing but I think leaving it as it currently stands would be for the best.

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MLP:FIM Season 8: EP3 *No Spoilers* · 4:25pm Apr 2nd, 2018

Not a fan.

Like really not a fan.


My Own Versions · 11:46am Aug 4th, 2017

Have you ever read a story that you thought was going to be exactly what you are looking for, but instead it is just disappointing?

Yeah that has happened with several stories over the past few weeks. They are start off strong but then devolve into something meh. Many of them like Cubby Cheek, and Spike the Horny Dragoness have been like this.

The first promises a focus on ass fetish to start with but then turns into a mostly tickle and foot fetish by the end of it.

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Not 1...but there will be 2 More Chapters of Doggy Style! · 3:32am Aug 2nd, 2017

So yeah that one last chapter for Doggy Style ended up being so long I have to write another chapter so as not to bore you guys.

I want you all to know I have been putting a lot of effort into this chapter and have had some help from someone I have been collaborating and getting some editing assistance from a lot lately

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Back to Work [Writing & Music] · 7:48pm Jun 18th, 2017

Taking a break from commissions in art to get back to writing and music production.

I have spent way to much time away from them and I know you guys have been waiting for updates and rewrites on some of my stories. Well wait no longer!

If I can do a constant decent amount of writing I should be finish with the last Chapter of Doggy Style in no time at all. Just hope nothing comes up to interrupt that.

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Going to AnthrOhio · 2:48am May 25th, 2017

Thanks to a close friend I will be going to a convention here in Ohio in two weeks.
AnthrOhio Con in Columbus from the 25-28th! If you are going to be out there and want to meet up I would like to meet you!
Thank you everyone for your support!