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This story is a sequel to The Company We Keep

Sombra is by no means an easy opponent. He is a wild card who often employs manipulative ways, among other equally bizarre strategies that are a perfect reflection of his insanity and mysterious nature. After all, how many ponies can cheat death like he did?

How many ponies can cheat death forever?

Sombra certainly thinks he can.

Book Four of Sombra's Odyssey. Formerly titled '神の一手'. Lovely art by Rocket Lawn Chair. Old cover art may be found here. Text added by me. Contribute to the TVTropes page! The story title is a term that can be defined here. Proofread by anonymous user.

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The title (Divine Move, in English) is a reference to a move in the game of go, it did have some Kanji in it but I simply wrote it all with hiragana, since that is the system I can work with best and will make it easier to read for people who don't know the kanji since they can have multiple meanings (and since I only know like five of them, not counting numbers) and pronunciations. Does this help?


I looked on your page and it says that you are translator, I like your awfully helpful suggestion of using kanji but don't know the knaji to use. Do you have any suggestions?

In regards to the title, I choose to leave it in script rather than change it to English because I did not believe it would have the same impact and the reference would be lost.

Sore wa hijō ni kyōmibukaidesu.


Sorry, I don't know what that means...I'm actually quite the novice. :twilightblush:

Why would someone need trigger warnings? It helps no one.


Some people really seem to like sane narrators. It just helps to know in case you wanted to skip this story if you don't like that sort of thing.

I look forward to a possible day when Sombra finally purges Onyx once and for all from his being.

Trigger warning: the narrator is crazy and morally gray.

How is that a trigger warning?


Some people like fluffy stuff or characters who are sane (especially since this isn't dark enough to need a dark tag and I don't plan on it to go that way) so it was fair to put a warning even though the character was introduced in other stories as such it is still a bit different when they narrate as you get to see more of them and what they really think. Has this comment helped you at all? :twilightsmile:

7342708 Thanks so much! He appears in other stories too. Please be sure to upvote as well. :rainbowwild:

From the short description:

How many of succeeded?


Just saying 'cause it might give a bad first impression.

What was it that reformed Discord? Twilight calling him a friend...

What reformed Sombra? Pizza....

Because no situation exists that cannot be improved with pizza.

7440917 Some people would claim heresy...however that phrase has been used to describe those who would prevent the church from improving simply because it would undermine the standing of those who think they lead it...that said it's a rather strong word for someone who doesn't like pizza...that would be like me being hanged for wondering why we have turkey at thanksgiving when it is absolutely the poorest excuse of bird meat that I have ever tasted...

"It's nice to know that you and I are such good friends that we can talk about murdering each other freely."


7456787 [Does not understand how this ties in with the friendship part.]

In Portal 2, GLaDOS (pictured) at first wants to murder Chell, but later reconsiders after Wheatley takes over the Aperture Science facility and becomes her friend.

7457918 The more I hear about these robots, the more I like them.

Definitely consider playing that game. It's great.

Portal 1-2 are good games. Thought the friendship thing is incorrect.

I always thought he was named Onyx because nopony could figure out how many O's to put in 'Ooops'.

I really liked this line.

"You do realize I can be referred to through context alone? I don't need to be called any sort of name. All you do have to do is give the implication that you're talking to me."

This feels like editor lampshading :trixieshiftright:

"Things have changed, especially you, Celestia."

She doesn't flinch at my dry, level tone or find the latter to be suspicious for me. "In what way have I changed?"

INB4 someone says "You look horrid/terrible" to Old Lady Sunhorse

It's Celestia screaming because you only missed her eye by this much with that sword and it won't stop bleeding magic.

Yeah, stop trying to steal that job from Nightmare Moon, Sombra.

"Alongside Twilight Sparkle, Spark of Magic, Prophet of Harmonia, and Princess of Friendship? Yes, Celestia I know the full titles of your successful students but not their pet names."

Haha Tia just got fuken rekt

I'm everlasting, and this has been my latest move, and it happens to be a divine one at that.

Or a ???? move.

"Shut up and give me that pizza sitting right there."

"Well! I never, Sombra. That really hurts," Pink One said, obviously faking wounded emotions, "Also, you like pizza?"

"Pizza is a god."

I don't actually have a clever comment for this quote. I just think it's worth highlighting how amazing it is.

7825624 Sombra is amazing like that.:twilightsheepish:

Icy stop linking me to other stories to read :T
I have enough already xD

Dammit Icy
I'll just finish the main arc
Then read all the rest of the extras

haaaaaaaaa Sombra making a pun
Didn't expect that

Pink One's eyes went down to read the note she held in her magic. "Anyway, do you have an interest in the information? I mean I imagine that if you agree it will be your way of saying that you forgive me."

I like this one, sometimes she gets things right. This happens to be one such time. It's such a shame she had to be Celestia's apprentice when she could have been mine.

"So, Sombra is it a deal?" She holds her pink hoof out, her gold shoe gleaming despite the overcast sky.

Cadence plays a lot more carefully than Twilight did around him which is the smart thing to do.

She's a clever girl dealing with a cleverer demon, so yes, it most certainly is.

P.S. Please avoid committing any capitol offenses on the way to the Empire, you don't exactly have amnesty.

oh good she apologized, and also wrote a hilarious letter at the same time

I don't care if she doesn't show up since it doesn't affect me much, I can always just devise a way to steal what she found out, assuming she wrote it down. If that isn't so I can make her write it out for me. I can't believe she of all ponies was the one to say that even though she proposed an alliance. While not entirely incompetent like a certain Purple Eyesore she is occasionally dense and rather wimpy - there's even a special word they have for this particular kind: pacifistic.

i dunno if "wimpy" is quite the right word to describe cadance. she may not be the strongest, but she's incredibly hardy, even if she does tend to cry

"Well done, although you don't win a single thing."

eh, fair enough

"I accept your offer, you may count me among your friends."


Never again. I can't feel you any more then you can feel me, you little megalomaniac.

huh, wouldn't that be a positive?
ah, the next few paragraphs show it as such, though an uneasy equilibrium as of now

A nearby tree sways in the breeze. For some reason there were twin ropes tied to one of the branches. They hung parallel to each other and were joined by a wooden board that hung at the bottom. Pink One hasn't noticed that I've stopped walking and proceeds to the door. What was it? I almost feel like such an object is familiar but am entirely sure that I have never seen one before, much less heard of one since I have no recollection of a possible name.

ooh, the joys of swings
maybe he'll actually figure out how to use one one day

Oh it's nice to know you recognize me, of course. Don't mind me, I'm just the new weatherpony, you can tell by the wings on my back - wait! Wings on my back? I'm finally a princess?! See, I knew it! Purple Eyesore is proof that just anypony can be one. Bow before me mere mortals, all my evil plans have been fulfilled, woe is you!

now *that* would be a tale

Yes, I know. You just said that. Is she the only one that can come close to responding coherently and undaunted to anything I say? Where is the wit in these ponies?! They haven't come close to improving anything but food and some of the sciences since I've returned. Alas, it seems pizza is the only creation that isn't completely moronic along with swiveling chairs and trains. All other objects I have encountered aren't really worth mentioning.

swiveling chairs, trains, and pizza is a great list of modern inventions worth paying attention to

"Well, my first idea was for you to show up in a top hat and monocle bearing tea and sparkling cider as I belt out the national anthem of Equestria – despite not being able to sing and not knowing the words – as this damned Empire burns. Meanwhile, half the idiotic population of Equestria will be attending the wedding of Princess Lilac Lack-Wit and the King of the Cacti. Years later they will have an entire slew of smaller spine covered purple monstrosities which I will then purge from this world. This will result in me being crowned emperor of all known universes, which makes me His Imperial Highness, the Right-Honorable Lord Sombra the Forever Sarcastic, Duke of Nothing, Emperor of Almost All, Hero of Equestria and Slayer of the Purple Plague and Every Freaking Cactus to Ever Exist. Celestia will explode due to the sheer power of my arrogance and knowing that I have usurped her. The magic from this will somehow create an entirely new color spectrum – don't ask me how the sound of my ego blocks out the speech of all lesser beings – this of course will be eldritch in its own right and sparkle constantly for more reasons that I have no need to specify."

oh my
this is an amazing diatribe

Time is running out.

well that's not ominous at all

Pink One loves me, deep down inside within that black and twisted soul of hers, she remains my biggest fan whom I can degrade at any moment, as with the rest of this nation's population.

not sure that's the healthiest way to look at your friends, but you did kinda *just* accept her back as one earlier that day so who knows

Silver Lining nods solemnly. "My father and I made our way into the city I kept begging him to not go ahead with this, I wanted to keep my baby brother so much. Before Mother died we had even set up a swing in front of the house for him, it's still there too."

oh my comment from last chapter just became a bit more *oof*

"I knew your brother."

well that's one way to put it

Silver Lining shrieks.

that is almost certainly the proper response even if it's not at all what she's thinking

goodness the entire conversation was great :pinkiehappy:

"I want to light everything in the immediate vicinity on fire."

"I think that's normal...?"

*somehow manages to agree with a series of increasingly annoying sneezes*

"Also, I will simply mention this now and then if you persist in such behaviours I will threaten you like everypony else: Do not refer to me with any form of polite, gender specific titles, only myself and ponies I have no desire to harm are allowed to do so, but only if I grant them permission. You have no permission to do such things. Keep this in mind. I am not Mister, Missus, Lord, Lady, Duke, Duchess or any variation to you."




Sombra is the NB icon we never knew we needed

I've seen the interior before and because of what I saw, I nearly set a pink princess on fire. Of course I knew that everything shown in there was going to be real. I just didn't know that I was going to witness the events that I had selected to view. All I knew was that the date listed was important but never why.

oh so that's what he witnessed that caused him to blow up that section of the archives

I roll my eyes. The irony presented in technicalities has always been rather amusing. I grasp the last book within range in my magic and pull it, only for it to stay there and simply tilt back to reveal that it is a hinge.

ooh, secret tunnel

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