• Published 9th Apr 2016
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Divine Move - Ice Star

Sombra is by no means an easy opponent. He is a manipulative wild card who has cheated death twice, and seeks to do so one more time. But, how many ponies can cheat death forever?

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二十 (Epilogue)

A day after Pink One left, it began to rain. Thick masses of silver and gray blurred together so it was pointless to separate the two as they rolled in, bringing cool breezes with them. The sky rumbled for hours before the first drops fell and even though I smelled it coming for miles up here on my side of the mountain, I was somewhat surprised when a bit of water fell onto the page of one of the books I had been reading under the clouds.

I stayed to watch the lightning that flashed up there, where it must be so savage above the clouds. I managed to put the book away before it really began to pour. When that happened, I sat out and watched the turmoil on the horizon since Canterlot is so small compared to all this.

Through the unrelenting weather I didn't flinch or blink. The light was smothered and the winds caused what little flora there is here to ripple in waves. I think I even caught a few of the standards that flew from the towers in Canterlot whip about.

Even when my mane was drenched to the point where all it could do was hang in my eyes since the wind could no longer move it, still I wouldn't move.

My ears twitched at the latest round of lightning in this storm of half a day and I remembered the mare who wielded lightning similar to this, her eyes flashing with power that was most likely small compared to what she could do now.

There's other mountains in the horizon, the storm hasn't blotted out all of them. Where will I meet her? It won't be under the same circumstances as last time, at least not for me. Does she think of us as enemies still?

From here there's no path, no restraints, absolutely nothing can bar me from an immortal. I may not be an Alicorn, but I'm as eternal as they are.

After a while I lay on the grass, which is as drenched as everything else, including my cloak. I stare up at the still raging sky, which is much more peaceful than any dreaded sunshine can be.

How long will it take for us to meet again? Will it be weeks, months, centuries, or longer?

Will she remember me? What did she think after our initial meeting? Did she loathe me as her sister did once the Empire vanished?

I continue to lay like this for hours, still thinking but it is no longer in simple questions that I care to put into words since I know what they mean.

The sun is still hiding even as the wind clears the sky and I blink back some of the rain and only sit up once I've caught the last drops on my tongue.

Now there is only everything left to say and one princess to say it to.

Author's Note:

Link to the sequel

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7456787 [Does not understand how this ties in with the friendship part.]

In Portal 2, GLaDOS (pictured) at first wants to murder Chell, but later reconsiders after Wheatley takes over the Aperture Science facility and becomes her friend.

7457918 The more I hear about these robots, the more I like them.

Definitely consider playing that game. It's great.

Portal 1-2 are good games. Thought the friendship thing is incorrect.

7780408 Wrong universe, Norry!

7825624 Sombra is amazing like that.:twilightsheepish:

7896637 All of them, you say?:trollestia:

excellent, fantastic, spectacular, 10/10

Thank you! 🖤

oh good she apologized, and also wrote a hilarious letter at the same time

Cady is a mare of many talents!

i dunno if "wimpy" is quite the right word to describe cadance. she may not be the strongest, but she's incredibly hardy, even if she does tend to cry

A pacifist compared to a spooky demon is kinda wimpy :V

well that's not ominous at all

It wouldn't be an Ice Star story without some Looming Spoopy

not sure that's the healthiest way to look at your friends, but you did kinda *just* accept her back as one earlier that day so who knows

Other than the 'rest of the nation' part he's just being excessively sardonic here in admitting that he will tease his friends

oh my comment from last chapter just became a bit more *oof*

Onyx's whole family are as big of o o f s as he is
Sombra and Cady are the ultimate foalsitters


oh yeah he doesn't know cadance figured out how to do that (although she likely won't ever do it again, since the dark magic was causing problems with her)

It was torn out of her/Cady was purified in the final few chapters iirc (it's been a while)
Since dark magic has spooky corruption properties
Don't do dark magic kids

now that is a very good question

totally not a looming mystery vibe haha

ohh, so is that the one that kind of showed up once in a single sentence (sleeping, mention of them not keeping track of their prophet or something) and then hasn't been mentioned again yet?


A pacifist compared to a spooky demon is kinda wimpy :V

yeah fair i suppose

Sombra and Cady are the ultimate foalsitters

hmm, let's not test the former very frequently

secret tunnel youtube

but of course! :pinkiehappy:

It was torn out of her/Cady was purified in the final few chapters iirc (it's been a while)

yeah 17 healed the corruption pretty much right before he went poof, after warning her off of using it in combo with the magic booster

Nopers! That one is the spirit of the tree of harmony. She has no technical gender because she is a tree, but sometimes takes the shape of an Alicorn.

neat! looking forward to eventually seeing the both of them then :twilightsmile:

oh no spoilers, i'll get to reading them soon. i just started on the 'verse after all

i was more just wondering if i should go about continuing with using "he" when describing him or switch to "they" or somesuch.

Either will work!

wow it's almost like everyone around him keeps triggering homicide mode because they don't really listen to him (and also he doesn't always explain himself properly)

That's called demon racism! :D
He and Cady are a darling duo! They technically fight crime! (Sometimes!)
I hope you like Book Five too!

I'm not quite sure what I expected, more snark probably, but I think I can say he's coming off quite a bit more deranged than I had expected. Not that that's a bad thing, it just adds to his strange charm.

I'm not sure whether I should be flattered or disturbed you called him deranged. He's fluffy and has scratchable ears. Clearly, not deranged.

Not overly significant, actually. I just imagine that some day he'll actually feel the need to apologize, especially considering he actually has a few ponies I know he'll care about in the future.


few ponies

Weird way to spell Luna.

I was trying to be nice and include Cadance as well but I'm sure Luna will forever be the priority to him. Horrible to say but it'd be kinda funny if even years later he's still such a jerk to Cadance but I'm also hoping he mellows out a bit as he gets out of his angst phase. Please be nice to your first friend Sombra.

He likes her; he's just a grouchy fluffball. Give him some time.

Oh duh, how did I not think of that?

It is 3 AM. That is why.

I felt so many things reading this, it was humorous, it was stressful, and as I've just mentioned so cute.

I can not wait to get to the next one, I'm so excited.

Expect horse kisses.

Ah, describing them as inky somehow gave me the impression they were just voids, which admittedly would fit a pony with a job such as hers I think.

Nah, it's just a dark color. Sort of on par with Luna's coat.

Thank you so much! I'm sure that you've seen now why I like writing the demon grouch hoers so much now.
I believe it was linked in the (very messy) author's note of Tomb of Magic, in its epilogue. Unfortunately, the needing-to-read-this-sidestory is another artifact of this current version. If I hadn't been dealing with awful finals (some were take-home), delayed medication changes, medication shortages, and the nightmarish level of burnout that I've been dealing with combined with the effects of the former things... well, I like to think I would have made more headway into the revisions. My longer stories are basically all that remains for the revision gang, and you've been really diligent about speeding through these while I'm slacking on my end. It makes me feel really bad that what are my actual best stories aren't in a shape that actually reflects that.

That's probably more than enough ramblings, though. When I get around to polishing up this story, I'll have the relevant material referenced in here far more clearly. It won't be the same as reading Through the Snow and this story, but that's the point. At this time, I absolutely hated writing the same thing twice because it was something I usually could only see being done in a telly, boring, and completely artificial way. People (and ponies) generally don't go "Previously on my life, X thing was relevant now" and certainly not in Trauma Horse Moments (tm) but now that I'm a more experienced writer, I can correct my high school self with better execution of the contents of stories like Divine Move.

Sorry. :twilightsheepish:

I can really appreciate the fact that writers even go through with publishing their writing. I’m an aspiring writer who hopes to write a story on the site, but can never really write down my many ideas. Soon though.
Yeah, still though keep up the good work!

Thank you very much! Hopefully I can get back to writing pony words instead of assignment ones soon!

What's with that face there? 👀

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