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This story is a sequel to The Care and Keeping of Hidden Castles

One night on Canterhorn Mountain, above the city of Canterlot, two souls share a night away from ponies and watch the stars.

It's only a mountain clearing that they gather at, but why is it so special, and why would they want to escape ponies? Just what did they find in the solitude so many would reject that made it so enjoyable?

Only they would know, and they aren't about to tell anypony.

Proofread by fluffysam. Cover art by MagnaLuna. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

Chapters (1)
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tfw you missed the release because fuck camping but you're still here before everyone else

welp k imma just go roll around in notifications now bye

Great job!!! This was a nice read.

You do that.
Thank you!

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