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This is a group made especially for shipping Sombra with another pony. Whether it is rare/uncommon, maybe you're a weirdo who likes Flutterbra, or even one of those many people who think making bookworm princess pony and spooky shadow horse fall in love each other the greatest ship in the universe.
The rules are simple:

1. No NSFW images.

2. No catfights/squabbles.

3. Respect one another's opinions, no matter how stupid they might be.

4. No shipping a pony with Sombra not involved. These stories will be deleted automatically.

5. If you need a folder, please inform me by thread posts. They will most likely be missed if they are on the front page.

6. Spoilers need to be blacked out, or the post will be removed.

7. Don't trash talk Sombra you heathen!

Have fun!

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