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Silver Shadows

Silence is greater than words.


Rainbow Dash knew from the start that she was the daughter of King Sombra. When they were in the Crystal Empire the first time, Rainbow had used shadow magic, powered by her strong wings, and moved around to inform Applejack about the Crystal Heart. Now, Twilight found out a few traces of dark magic Rainbow had left behind the first time. She immediately informed all the princesses and the mane 6 are in the Crystal Empire, hunting, unknowingly, for one of their own.

This is after Secrets and Pies but before Shadow Play.

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I can't wait to see what the next chappie is!!!
:heart: :rainbowdetermined2:

other than a few grammatical and spelling errors good story have a like:twilightsmile:

How can this story come both before and after Secrets and Pies?

Please update!!!
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

This is before after Secrets and Pies but before Shadow Play.

So is this story before or after Secrets and Pies?

I Loved IT!!
I can't wait to see the next chappie!!!


If Sombra's the father, does this mean that Windy is still the mother?

I've been thinking that Rainbow corrupted the two of them to make them think that they are her parents, as she was born before they were.

This is rather interesting, though it could use some editing. I do see similarities with another story, but the idea is still nice. I really hope we see Twilight and Rainbow duke it out.

Plz update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh this is fantastic!
I hope you continue this!~ :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait to see the next chappie!!

Dang, maybe specs should tell them what Sombra did to her.

The estimate time that it'll come out is: Within the next three days.

Well, none of them really trust her right now so they probably think that she would be telling a story.

Then why should she trust them. After everything they have been through this is just sad.

So... um. Since she scraped the paint off, wouldn't the Crystal ponies see her true self, and in doing so recognize her? And wasn't her Cutie the only think that was consistent between the two forms?

They would realize that she was Rainbow Dash. She was masked in a cloak until she kills them. Therefore, they wouldn't recognize her.

I enjoy writing. :pinkiesmile:

Applejack thinks that she's an imposter and so does Twilight (they're in denial). Rarity is flabbergasted and finding it very hard to chose an opinion. Fluttershy is afraid that Spectrum would yell at her and she would be kind of angry to find that her first friend wasn't actually being herself (sort of) and Pinkie is just being Pinkie and trying to bond Spectrum to the ponies.

Yet what has Specs done since they discovered that trace? Nothing but hide her original name.

According to history books and facts, she had killed and tortured before.

so? has she in recent times? Isn't Luna or Discord just as guilty for similar crimes yet giving a second chance?

Well, Luna is Celestia's sister and Celestia allowed Fluttershy to reform Discord 'because his magic could benefit Equestria',

And who helped restoring her sister? Stopping Discord and helped against Sombra?

Well, she isn't the main element although she is one of them... But apparently, her past has overshadowed those deeds.

Sorry, I got kind of sick today so it might take an extra day or two. But I'm already half way done and I have the chapter planned out today so it shouldn't take too long.

At least someone is pointing it out. Hell considering who her father is how do ponies think she was raised.

Probably something like, 'Oh no! This is his daughter. She's going to kill us with dark magic she learned from her father.' Besides, she's been hiding her scars so...


Or the fact that she disn't know better. Sombra is practically Kim Jon Ill

Shadow Play? I don't remember that episode. Isn't that the season seven finale? From the comics, maybe?

Getting Very Intresting!

I love this chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the story going to continue or are you going to be canceling it because I want to see what happens in the story

I’m... honestly not sure yet.

The story is good I hope do you will continue it

Comment posted by Zigrth deleted Apr 20th, 2020

So will you finish this story because i really want to see more of this story if i can help you let me know and i will try the best i can to my ability and i have question how old is rainbow dash

And do you have any idea for the next chapter

How ar you doing so far

Have you made your decision now?

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