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Silver Shadows

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Twilight was very skilled in magic and adequate in other places. The one thing she was amazing at was solving problems. One example would be Winter Wrap Up. She always thought that a list and following through it was the answer to everything. Rainbow Dash promised that she knew something that Twilight would not be able to fix with a list or following through it. Nopony could.
Twilight had scoffed and said that she would be able to do it if there was a list. Rainbow finally sets the rules. If Twilight manages to finish the task, Rainbow would not prank her for a month. If Twilight wasn't able to do it, then Twilight was not allowed to read for two weeks. Was Twilight up for Rainbow's impossible task or will the task completely change? Only one way to find out...

Warnings: There will be some language in the story

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Rainbow smirked, "I won the bet. Get out of the library."

No, you didn't. Technically, Twilight had made Pinkie mature for what, half a day? Twilight won :twilightsmile:

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