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Galaxy Night

Twi X Sombra is best ship, Luna is best princess, King Sombra is best villain, and Twily is best pony!!!!


As a princess and a hero, Twilight's responsible for keeping Equestria safe. She must also complete her duties alongside the other princesses. Ponies don't see it, but the weight of the crown is more than they think. It carries so much. Especially since she's an alicorn, she wonders about her future.

Out in the rain, she discusses this with a secret aquaintance.

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I like it but i just don't know what to say

Thats entirely okay

Why do I like Sombra so much.

Cause he's amazing!!!

I accept this as a valid answer.

why is Sombra in her head?
like what is his goal with it?

but good story

Sombre was destroyed in FIM by the Crystal Heart. In my alternate universe, just before the light of the heart could reach Sombra, he used his remaining magic to turn himself into a shadow. However, he couldn't remain that way forever. What he needed was someone else's body. The nearest pony he found was Twilight. That's why he's in her head. For a while he didn't say anything. He only began talking once he gained enough power (which is why he's able to mind-control her).

Wow, you made this into a video? Thank you so much!!

Not me, but thanks 😸

Part of me is very curious how sombra got in her head in this way, but on the other hand, the dialogue exchange here is perfect and conveys a beautiful message

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