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I'm a newly-converted MLP fan and amateur writer. Oh, and a hard-core Fluttercord shipper. Got a problem with it? Come at me, Bro! (or sis)


Deciding to find a wife, King Sombra arrives in Ponyville and finds the perfect mare: Twilight Sparkle. But how in Tartarus' name is he supposed to win her heart? Charlie Daniels, help him out!

This was inspired by an apparent cut scene from the episode “Slice of Life,” where King Sombra would’ve gotten into a musical duel with Octavia Melody a la The Devil Went Down To Georgia. So, I just ran with that idea and rewrote the lyrics to make it a Twibra story. Enjoy!

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Well alright then. that was a thing that happened.

As to the cut musical duel between Octavia and Sombra, it truly was a missed opportunity. Though yes, creating any sort of justification for such an event would have been, complicated.

Yeah, though bringing the character back was truly the more missed opportunity. So, what did you think of the story?

I liked it! For a spur-of-the-moment kind of idea, it held together pretty well. It is a little odd that he's apparently wandering Equestria looking for a bride without anyone finding it strange, but I've seen much stranger things.

All in all, entertaining. And enough to get the mind wondering about how a full narrative would get this pairing to work.

this was unexpected but not unwelcome keep up the good work

I have read many stories here, but I don't recall reading anyone like this.
Really funny and good. Congratz sir. *gentleman claps*

Thanks! Honestly, I'm a better writer than lyricist but I'm happy with how it turned out

it is cute:applecry:

That was funny and cute><,Love it💘

Thanks! Honestly, it was a bit of random nonsense I wrote after some sleep-deprived days.

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