• Published 3rd Feb 2019
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The Ballad of the Prince-Formerly-Known-As-King-Sombra - MisterEdd

Follow Twilight Sparkle and her reformed coltfriend the former tyrant Sombra

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Sombra Vs. the B.B.B.F.F.

"Nope, that's it! It's official: your brother hates my guts!"

Sombra stormed into the guest bedroom, flung himself onto the bed and spread his voluminous wings out. Twilight checked to see if anypony followed them before shutting and locking the door. She made her way to the bed, where Sombra lay muttering to himself in Umbrumese and although she couldn't yet fully speak the language, she knew enough to know that what he was saying couldn't be repeated. She sighed and stroked a wing, seeing a ghost of a smile return to Sombra's face. She rubbed at his speculum feathers, feeling some of the tension leaving his body through her hoof.

"I'm sorry, Sommy. I swear, if you give Shiny a chance-..."

"Me give him a chance? Are you forgetting what just transpired downstairs?"

Twilight knew that the two didn't exactly see eye-to-eye and that Shining Armor still viewed Sombra as a heartless kidnapper but she didn't know how far that loathing truly went. After the destruction of King Erebus and the rebuilding of the Crystal Empire, she thought that the animosity had ended, especially with Sombra's abdication of the throne. His subsequent ascension to alicorn status should've been the turning point but apparently not even the cosmos could make her brother change his mind. Since returning to Ponyville, Shining Armor's letters retained their usual mirth but made no mention of Sombra, disregarding him and pretending as though he didn't exist. She was hoping this trip would change that.


Lunch had actually started out pretty civil. Well, mostly civil. After the servants finished serving them their meal-sour cream and parsley potato salad-and poured them fresh-squeezed lemonade, the four ponies conversed amongst themselves, discussing what was going on in their lives and what they'd been up to since the defeat of King Erebus. Well, three of them spoke; Shining Armor stayed quiet through most of the discussion, sometimes answering a question or two and keeping his responses short and to the point. Evidently, the royal couple had just finished with some recent remolding.

"Really, Cadence, I love what you've done with the place!"

Sombra agreed with Twilight. "The columns really tie the room together and the chandelier is an excellent touch. Late Industrial Prench era?"

Princess Cadence finished her lemonade and nodded. "Thank you both and yes, it is! Good eye, Sombra!"

"What can I say? I have in interest in antiquities and architecture." He then took Twilight's hoof in his own, which drew him a slight glare from Shining Armor, something that went either unnoticed or was purposefully ignored.

"Well Shiny here actually picked it out!" Princess Cadence exclaimed, wrapping a foreleg around her husband's shoulders. "And to think, we found in a Canterlot dumpster!"

Twilight shook her head. "It's amazing what ponies throw away!"

"You would know. You're holding hooves with a piece of trash," Shining Armor muttered into his cup.

Sombra narrowed his eyes at the unicorn. "Would you care to repeat that?"

"I said that you're a piece of trash!" Shining Armor yelled, slamming both hooves onto the tabletop.

"Shining! That was very rude!" Through their clasped hooves Twilight could feel her coltfriend shaking, his anger appearing to radiate off of him in little waves. Wait, I can feel his anger? She concentrated and found that yes, she was actually experiencing his emotions, practically tasting his fury and disgust at her brother's statement. Celestia and Luna said that this would happen due to the soulmate link, that they would not only share dreams but also be able to detect the emotions of the other.

Princess Cadence smacked Shining Armor on the chest. "Shiny, Sombra is a guest in this house and we treat all guests with respect! Now apologize to him this instance!"

"With all due respect, Your Majesty," Sombra interjected. "While I appreciate your consideration, anything that comes out his mouth will be disingenuous. I want him to apologize because he feels remorseful, not because somepony forces him to."

"Finally, something we can agree on!" Shining Armor crossed his forelegs indignantly.

"Shining, knock it off! You're acting like a colt!" Twilight hissed.

Shining Armor stared incredulously at Twilight, caught off guard by her biting tone. "Twiley, are you really going to just sit there and forget what he did!" He turned to Cadence pleadingly. "He locked us in a dungeon! He threatened to burn Canterlot to the ground! He took Twilight away from us, from her friends and family! And yet, here we are, sipping lemonade with this monster!"

Before anypony could blink, Sombra was out of his seat, horn blazing with red light, his wings outstretched like those of a furious eagle. "Watch what you say next very...very carefully."

Although he was scared at first, Shining Armor quickly recovered and rose to stare Sombra in the face. "You see? You can give him wings and make him a prince but some things never change."

The gray alicorn jerked his head back, as if realizing where he was for the first time. His horn powered down and his wings slowly folded themselves up. "I...I'm so sorry. Princess Cadence, Twilight, I'm sorry." Carefully sliding his chair out, he then gave a short bow before shamefully bolting out of the room.


"I'm so sorry, Sombra," Twilight said softly, dragging her hoof across his wings. "I didn't know it'd turn out like that. Shining Armor was way out of line!"

Sombra exhaled through his nostrils, his gaze cast downward. "I was called a monster as a colt. I really thought the other foals would look past my appearance but they couldn't. When Shining Armor said that I was a monster, it just...reminded me of those days. Of him." Twilight didn't need to be told to whom he was referring to. "Then again, maybe your brother is right. Just because I have wings now doesn't mean that everything I've done has been erased."

"Sombra, look at me." He turned and once again found himself lost in those violet oceans. "You are not a monster. Yes, you've committed terrible acts. But now, you're working to make up for it. You've changed and admitted that you were wrong. Not anypony can do that, especially not a monster. You're the stallion that I fell in love with. You're good."

Sombra caressed Twilight's cheek, drawing a purr out of the mare. "Only because somepony believed enough in me to help me see that. You truly are the Element of Magic."

Twilight returned the gesture, tracing Sombra's cheek and jawline. "Well what can I say? I was powerless to resist your charming personality. Remember our first dinner together?"

Sombra's cheeks reddened. "How could I forget?" He leaned forward and made a trail of kisses up and down Twilight's neck. "I was dining with the smartest, bravest, and not to mention, sexiest mare in Equestria." His mouth latched onto her ear and gave it a playful nibble, enjoying the little moans that came as a result. "Tartarus, I wanted you then and there," he whispered.

A pair of petite hooves found their way to his stallionhood. "That dance nearly did it for me," Twilight moaned. "Celestia, I was so aroused! I just had to get out of there. Otherwise, a young mare like me would've been seduced by a much, much older stallion." She massaged his now-erect tool, relishing the feel of it against her frogs. And she wasn't the only one.

Gods above and below! "To be fair, the Royal Sisters stripped me of my physical form, essentially-oh Faust!-leaving m-me as a spirit. Technically, you fell for a dead guy. Necrophilia trumps cradle-robbing."

"Well," Twilight giggled, a surprisingly sexy sound. "Looks like here's something that's far from dead."

Growling deeply, Sombra grabbed Twilight with his magic and deposited her onto her back, her chest heaving with arousal. He smacked his lips against hers in a greedy kiss, their mouths mashed together as raw sexual hunger took them over. Sombra hastily tore his cloak off while Twilight yanked her mane free of its hair tie, allowing her long purple locks to tumble down her shoulders. Their lips met again, their hooves exploring each other's bodies with rapid vigor.

Both of them breathed heavily as their eyes met. "I'm going to rut you into a coma."

"Mmmm. Put a foal in me."

Sombra went rigid. "Wait, what?"

They stared at one another at the implication of her words. Twilight gave him a hesitant smile. "It's just...you know, to get you into the mood?"

"Twi, I love you but I'm not entirely sure about...-"

A knock at the door thankfully put that conversation on hold. "Enter!"

The sky-blue crystal pony guard saluted them and announced, "Princess Cadence wishes for me to inform the two of you that your presence is requested in the throne room, post haste."

"Th-thank you," Twilight managed and she and Sombra shared the same thought: what could she want possibly with them?

The air of the shimmering throne room was so thick with tension that one could cut it with a chainsaw. Twilight and Princess Cadence were both upset with Shining Armor while he was glaring threateningly at Sombra. The two males both stood straight with their heads held high, their eyes piercingly and unblinkingly staring into the other's. The gray alicorn's height and wingspan made him more imposing but to Shining Armor's credit, he held his ground, refusing to let his fear of the ex-king get the better of him.

"How can we help you, Your Majesty?" Sombra bowed, never taking his eyes off of Shining Armor.

"It's become apparent that you and my husband have issues with one another," Princess Cadence elaborated. "In order to settle your differences with one another, I believe that I've come up with a solution." She nodded towards two crystal guards, who each hastily placed a wooden staff at both Sombra's and Shining Armor's hooves before scurrying away.

Twilight was puzzled. "Um, Cadence? What is this 'solution'?"

"It's simple: they're going to be like the nobles of old and fight. As I understand it, fighting somehow brings stallions together and if that's the case, then hopefully they can get that aggression out of their systems."

The two males immediately went for the staffs, blue eyes meeting red, their bodies poised and ready for combat. They slowly encircled each other, both waiting for their opponent to make the first strike. Twilight held her breath, unbelieving of the situation unfolding in front of her. This was supposed to have been a trip to discover her and Sombra's connection to the Crystal Empire's first rulers, not to watch a fight between her big brother and her soulmate. She didn't even know who it was she was supposed to be rooting for!

"You can't win," Shining Armor grunted. "I was the captain of the royal guard for three years."

Sombra shot back, "And how much actual combat experience do you have? I'll bet you've never even set hoof on a battlefield, greenhorn." He shrank back to avoid an oncoming blow, holding his staff out horizontally to catch Shining Armor's. "I've actually fought and killed and seen my fellow warriors slain. I didn't spend my time traipsing about palaces or attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies."

They disengaged and Shining Armor twirled his staff around to jab the end at Sombra, who side-stepped and swung at him with a perpendicular chop. The unicorn deflected the attack and huffed, "At least I did something noble. I didn't take over a kingdom and enslave its population!"

"True, but you're the numbskull that couldn't tell that the love of your life had been replaced by a changeling! Chrysalis tried the same thing with me but I love Twilight enough to be able to spot a fake. Are you stupid or were you just horny for some bug ass?"

With a roar, Shining charged and tackled Sombra, throwing them both across the floor, their staffs clattering out of reach. "Go to Tartarus!" He bellowed, slamming his hoof into Sombra's left cheek, murderous rage burning in his eyes. Sombra rolled and launched a hindleg out, kicking Shining square in the stomach and causing him to double over in pain.

"Tartarus? I've already been there!" Sombra growled, his elbow catching Shining in the jaw and following it up with a back-hoof. "And I didn't suffer like I did just to get berated by a judgmental ponce like you!"

The room suddenly dropped several degrees, all of the fur on Sombra's body standing up on end as the air boomed and crackled. "What's going on?!"

Princess Cadence shook her head. "I don't know! Twilight?"

The purple unicorn looked back at her helplessly. "I have no idea either!"

The space towards the throne room's entrance rippled and warped as sparks of black and violet energy danced around in an circular formation. The group could only watch with fascination and intrigue as a swirling vortex roaringly opened up, revealing what appeared to be a darker version of Canterlot castle in the background. A small figure stumbled forward and collapsed to its knees before the fissure closed. The figure rose, revealing itself to be a pony, except he was a type of pony that none of them had ever seen before. It was apparent that he was young, maybe eight or nine years old.

His coat was dark gray and partially concealed beneath a red T-shirt and jeans and stood on his hindlegs, which ended in large hooves. He rubbed at his jet-black mane with a strange appendage ending in five digits. What threw everypony off, however, were his red eyes and curved forehead horn. He noticed them staring at him and froze.

"Why...why are you looking at me like that?"

Her heart full of trepidation, Twilight slowly approached the colt. "Hi there. My name...is Twilight Sparkle." The colt seemed to relax a bit but was still rightly cautious. "What's your name?"

"M-my name is-is Sombra. Where am I?"

Author's Note:

Ding-ding-ding! It has begun! Sombra vs. Shining Armor! Place your bets!

The next couple of chapters will be a crossover with Viper Pit's "Queen of the Dead" story. Check it out if you haven't already!

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