Rarity on a Ball: The FanFic

by Miyajima

Rarity on a Ball: The FanFic

This won't make much sense unless you read this first. It won't make much sense either way, but still.

Rarity watched Sweetie Belle bounce and roll around the room, giggling happily and crashing into any piece of furniture still left standing. She couldn't help but smile herself, remembering how much fun she'd got out of the same simple toy when she was Sweetie Belle's age.

As her little sister went careening into the shop front atop the sphere, Rarity winced in anticipation of the noise of all her display models being knocked over. For the third time that morning.

Sweetie Belle didn't disappoint. Once the dust had settled, Rarity heard a plaintive "... Sorry..." drift through the door. Rarity rolled her eyes, and found she was still smiling despite the mess that awaited her.

Her eyes widened as an idea struck her, and the smile became a grin. Yelling to Sweetie Belle that she wouldn't be long, she ran out of the shop and into Ponyville, heading directly for the spa.

Bursting through the door, she stopped for a moment to adjust her mane, then calmly approached a somewhat surprised Aloe.

"Do you still have that catalogue for health and fitness equipment?" Rarity asked.







"Eech!" Rarity slumped off the wall she'd impacted against, shaking her head and waiting for her eyes to re-adjust. Sweetie Belle was rolling around the floor, legs flailing in helpless fits of laughter.

Rarity fixed her glare on the large blue exercise ball that rolled to a stop against one of the few sets of shelves in the store that had so far remained upright. She grinned.

"Oh, it. Is. On."