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Rainbow Dash has never had the best imagination. Sure, from time to time she drifts off into a detailed daydream about the wonderbolts, and sometimes envisioned herself with Daring Do going on adventures, but her imagination never really went further then that. When two individuals claiming to be from a far away place come and teach her how to harness the power of imagination, Rainbow Dash never sees the world the same way again.

Crossover with Land Before Time. The Rainbow Faces were the whole reason "Stone of Cold Fire" was the best one.

This story is old. REAL old. "Two years old" old.

I did the best I could to salvage it.

I'm so sorry.

Art by ZeVeegee over on DA.

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Listen to this on repeat while reading for the maximum effect.

Hmm... I like it.

I don't get it. Oh well, have a like~

And so, One-shotober begins.

“Well, I was helping Twilight with her research,” Pinkie said, wiggling around and slowly beginning to rotate. “But then I started to drink these mixtures she had in her lab to see what would happen! I promised I’d wrote down the effects of what happened to me, for science, but she got pretty mad anyway.”

Curses, foiled again.


also, why aren't you on some love? I was countain on you :raritydespair:

I'm more confused than anything.

I've been under the weather for the past week, but I decided not to die just to spite everyone.
SL must have skipped under my radar during that time, but I'll go read it.

5085845 That's how you know it's working.

5085388 Reggie!
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5085928 th-that fast?
holy shit
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:rainbowlaugh: Very good, I liked it, favorited it and now I commented. But there was one small error that I spotted.

“It wouldn’t have if you hadn’t pushed her...” the female mumbled, just low enough so that Rainbow Dash, whose ears had been damaged by years of reckless q-tip use and griffon punk rock.

You didn't complete this sentence. Should be:

“It wouldn't have if you hadn't pushed her...” the female mumbled, just low enough so that Rainbow Dash, whose ears had been damaged by years of reckless q-tip use and griffon punk rock, couldn't hear her.

5086223 oh yeah
thanks man

Exactly what I thought.

And oh Luna, rainbowdash wrote FANFICTION!
This is the. Worst. Possible. Thing!

Everyone knows fanfiction is TERRIBLE!

5085388 Great, I'm not the only one who's haunted by that song. Were those two dinosaurs aliens or celestial beings... that question has been boggling me for years. One the more interesting land before time sequels.

5086866 fanfiction is the literal worst
it's basically like terrorism

Ugh, whoever writes fanfiction is a terrible person who hates america and life, that's how bad fanfiction sucks.

It's a joke, read the story, it basically makes fun of fanfiction, so decided so be ironic.

Land Before Time you say?
*nostalgia intensifies*

I mean, honestly. That ‘Firestar’ character should have been long dead.”

Spoiler: Firestar is kill.

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It's called a joke, how the story was saying stuff about fanfiction, I decided to be ironic, and I said fanfiction not fimfiction.

>>jerrmy12 :facehoof: are you fucking kidding, a joke? FimFiction is where you post FANFICTION of MLP on. So your argument is invalid.

This. This requires sequels. And remakes. And remixes. And Arnold.

5087934 You don't socialize much, do you?

5092732 Hmm, well, i have my own gaming community, which takes up a lot of my time. But i do get out, i have 3 main friends, and 7 hangout friends. So I'm 50/50.

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5121630 my god, it's taking you a long time to get the joke
I get payed to write fanfics too, rere

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