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Changing Times, Changing Faces. · 4:24pm Nov 9th, 2014

First off, the stats.
Favorites = 8
Following = 1
Followers = 3(!)
Stories = 1

Now, I have published my first story. This is very, very good. Those who haven't read it should, just so I get an ego boost. :twilightsheepish: Now, even though most of my time is spent reading, I dooooooooooo have some ideas in mind for new stories.
The first one has a relation to this guy:

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1719733 Why thank you good sir.

Thanks for Favoriting Nopony Expects the Spanish Inquisition, I'm glad you enjoyed it :pinkiehappy:

1526063 Why thank you! And this coming from one of the bigger authors on the sites too. And these stories WILL be typed. By the end of turkey week, methinks.

Thanks for giving Woundsalt a little love!

And congrats on your first story. I could only dream of having 8 faves from the first few chapters of old Salty :twilightsmile:

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