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Kevin Costern is a human in Equestria. But how will he deal with natives that don't speak English?

When you're done, check out the sequel.

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I don't why some idiot would vote this down. This is great!

Brilliant! I love two-sided stories like this. Keep it up!

Oooohhhhhh what will happen next?! I love these stories. :twilightblush:

I'm confused... did I miss a chapter? How does he know their names now? How can he understand them?
Am i reading the same story as before?

Take this story from 2 kinds of views.
The Deweys PoV, and the ponies PoV.
Deweys understand himself, but not the ponies.
The ponies understand themself, but not Dewey.
Chapter 1 is Deweys, chapter 2 is the ponies.

Ohhhhh nevermind -facehoof-
This just doubled the fun! Keep up the great writing.
I just wish fluttershy had some way of basic verbal communication with him.

Yah I read the first few lines and figured it out. Thanks anyways man :D

Heh. Dewey the Decimal Creature. :derpytongue2:
This is most entertaining. It's like Gulliver among the Houyhnhnms, except with fewer Yahoos and more pastels.
It's a shame that Fluttershy is so hesitant to tell Twilight. She could provide a translation spell, after all. Well, assuming that she can restrain her inner mad scientist.
In any case, this is outstanding. I look forward to more from both viewpoints.

"Again I'm surprised by the manners that the ponies are displaying, and"
And what?
"and I'm running out of paper"?
Guess we'll never know now, Mr. Press-Enter-Too-Soon.

You have a broken link (or something) just below your entry on what you said to "Peaches"


She could provide a translation spell, after all.

No! That would ruin the point of the story being laid out the way it is!
Keep it like this!
Also, I'm feeling that this chapter could have been longer, though that might just be my desire for MOAR speaking.


uhm, i'm sorry but i think he was interrupted by Rainbow being her, uhm, 'assertive' self. if you read the next chapter, Rainbow mentions how Fluttershy threw herself in front of her tackle. quoted:

"For example, being able to block a full-speed tackle from the one and only Rainbow Dash when she first saw it at the cottage was way too crazy to think about."

10th paragraph down. uhm, that is, if you didn't see it i mean.

Ah. I did see it, but I didn't make the connection.


I revised the line so it's clearer.
So now it's

"For example, being able to block a full-speed tackle from the one and only Rainbow Dash when she first saw the Two-Legged Beast at the cottage was way too crazy to think about."

Thanks to 414298 for taking the time to explain (in character)!

Yeah, this here is kinda what I would expect from Fluttershy if contact with a human was met. Or like her reaction to first seeing Spike. Def watching!

Flutters is most caring pony :D

Well, this is quite original and very enjoyable to read, keep writing :pinkiehappy:

next chapter. do want. now.:trixieshiftleft:

After reading both chapters I feel like this story is incomplete and I'm struggling with your characterization a bit.

Fluttershy derped.

I like where this is heading. Looking forward to more!

Wow.. this chapter was very interesting. Can't wait to read side-b. I'll start on it now.

Lol the picture.
I am loving this story. Please keep adding to it. My favorite part is the interaction between fluttershy and dewey. Just the fact that he is trying so hard to learn this stuff is awesome. Keep up the good work.
PS - Not doing long analysis of chapters because its 8am and I'm tired. Sorry :twilightsheepish:

I hope Dewey can understand Fluttershy a bit and vice versa soon. :yay:

I like the idea of pony writing literally being the scribbles we see in the show, but then that bring us two questions:
In the pilot, we see various symbols printed in books as the ponies' written language. Then later, in Swarm of the Century, we have the "Welcome Princess Celest" banner. Internal inconsistencies aside, how does that effect the scribble writing? Or are they three separate alphabets, like in Japanese? Or am I simply overthinking this?:derpyderp2:

I personally think that's just inconsistency on the animators' part, considering the weirdo backward letters that appear in the newspaper of "Ponyville Confidential". For the sake of the story, it all makes sense to the Equestrians, no matter how it looks to us watching the show.

Enjoying this so far, makes it much more interesting than "instant language barrier dropped thanks to magic".

aww. uhm, i mean. i was hoping to see a language lesson from Fluttershy's point of view. but this is good too.

Ah, the perils of a seemingly impenetrable language barrier. Though Angel seems to understand Kevin's intentions to a disturbing degree...

Pinkie's meeting with the human seems inevitable and should be very interesting. I'm not sure if she'll undergo Zecora-level paranoia or offer a quantum leap epiphany.

In any case, I look forward to more.

It was one of the greatest "human in Equestria" fanfics I ever seen.:twilightsmile: Finally someone created a real meeting between two different worlds and races without that stupid assumption where ponies already know our language. Your "Sides storytelling" is best choice to explain all misunderstandings from both view points. Keep at good work brony.:yay::yay::yay:

P.S. I know, its your right to choose how Kevin and Fluttershy will "talk". But he unsucessfully tried to ask her some questions and requests. One thing came to my mind: if she don't understand body-language, he can draw picture or diagram. What you think about it?:rainbowhuh:

I love these, to get under two peoples skin.

Oh poor fluttershy, you derpneess

Take it easy and focus on your life, we won't die if you don't update y'know?:twilightsmile:

Did Pinkie just... no.. she couldn't have...
But... did she just call him Hagrid?
Pinkie, you amaze me.
Hnnnnng I can't get enough of this story. Keep on writing man, your story is literary gold!
I too feel your pain when it comes to school. Literally all of my teachers are assigning huge reports on top of the 10 hours a week of homework that we are already assigned. If I wasn't in school, I would have definitely started on my Fic.

It's awesome because it's short. Realism is brilliant

At first I thought you wrote this drunk :D

I can imagine him waking up, see Twilight, and paniking.

Can't wait to see Dewy learn their language :rainbowkiss:

ALL HAIL THE CRAZINESS OF THE PIE! And all hail you for wonderful work.

Well, Kevin may not have a convenient Rosetta Stone, but Twilight has his notebook. Now she just has to recognize that that's writing in there...

431593 You know how sometimes in movies you follow two people who wouldnt speak English normally, but the great film-gods make it so that there speaking English for our benefit? I think its like that.

According to the comments, this chapter was posted very recently. And with me discovering this story recently as well, I can feel the anticipation of the next two chapters coming along very nicely.

Aaaaaah, nothing like a well written "human in equestria" fic like this to make my day.

In short, this fic is just great and i am really looking foward for the next chapter.

My guess for Dewey's POV will be that words will be spoken to Spike at some point in time followed by Spike relaying that message to at least one of the mane six.

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