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Clover has a lot to put up with in his life. Thankfully, there's nothing that can't be handled with a sharp wit, a silver tongue, and plenty of sarcasm.

A series of short stories about Clover the Clever and his various misadventures. Technically canon to the My Little Planeswalker series, but you won’t need to read it to understand this fic.

Clover the Clever image by idoodlewhatiwant on Tumblr.

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This looks like it'll be a lot of fun. I especially love the many meanings of Luna and Celestia's names in Harmony runes. Here's hoping Clover can show Star Swirl how mistaken he is... though the bearded ego will probably just brush it off as an isolated incident.

always seen Clover as Twi :D love it when people raise the profile of some of these lesser known chars :3


Clover's a bit different here than just "Twilight, but a guy." He's just as scholarly as Twilight, but much less neurotic and has much more of a down-to-earth perspective on things.

He's also, as you can probably guess, a colossal smartass.

Wait what about the Earth Ponies starving out the pegasi? The other two tribes still ganging up on the one? *sigh* Oh well that's out of the scope of this story right?

Hmm. A fair chunk of time has passed since the first Hearth's Warming, it seems. Clover's unaging nature could have something to do with an apprenticeship to a stallion who's been known to muck about with time... or it could be something else.

Of course it's Empress Platinum whose title Star Swirl remembers.

I've never liked the idea that Pansy was as timid as Fluttershy. Pre-Pegasopolitan culture wouldn't have tolerated such a shrinking violet.

Huh. Seems like Rainbow Dash and Templepop Berryshade have a common ancestor.

And that's why modern Equestria has thunderstorms. I assume there are similar explanations for other inclement weather. Of course, this only hints at the ongoing intertribal tensions. Equestria wasn't unified in a day, or even a generation. Though the earth ponies may have their own reasons for those exorbitant prices.


Pre-Pegasopolitan culture wouldn't have tolerated such a shrinking violet

Maybe on the surface, but there's a good reason she was promoted.

She's the id to his ego?

“It’s trouble at all,” said Aspen. He motioned briefly to the golden gates, the city beyond beckoning with its splendor. “Come with us, I will be happy to introduce you to my father.”

Did you mean it's NO trouble at all?

Good chapter can't wait to see more

I was asking myself whether the palace was more Elkhame or Gilt-Leaf, but it looks like we're going full Tolkien, especially if that's the same Aspen as over a millennium hence. In any case, looking forward to the defense. I just hope Clover has his attorney's badge handy.

Clover let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He turned around to face Star Swirl, the soft rising and falling of his chest thankfully confirming that he was alive. Clover’s horn lit up with green light, and a massive aloe leaf appeared in the air above his prone mentor. Star Swirl’s body levitated upwards, and the leaf wrapped around him like a cocoon, glowing with ethereal light. The light surrounding the leaf then faded, and it vanished into nothing. Star Swirl floated down to the cloud’s surface, his body now free of all injury, and his cape and hat miraculously repaired.

Was that a Cure Spell (more likely Curaga since in involved a giant leaf) from Kingdom Hearts?

Also, are you going to be including cards in this story since it's in you My Little Planeswalker universe?


Also, are you going to be including cards in this story since it's in youMy Little Planeswalkeruniverse?

Not for this one, nope.

“I think you’ll find I know quite a lot of things,” Clover replied. As he met Pansy’s eyes, he couldn’t help but be transfixed by their gaze. Even with the tiny wrinkles of age that had just begun to form beneath them, they were just as clear and bright as they had always been.


I thought David Silver made the My Little Planeswalker series. Or maybe I'm thinking of something else...

Man, I haven't played any of the Ace Attorney games in years. I should maybe do that at some point.

”Facere Possum Quod Volo” -> "I am able to do that which I want to"?


Close. It’s “I can do what I want.”

I came in for a M:tG crossover and somehow got an Ace Attorney crossover. I'm not complaining just stating how weird it is.


Less “crossover” and more “pastiche,” but yeah.

Keep in mind though that while this fic is canon to the My Little Planeswalker series, it’s meant to be entirely self-contained. There won’t be any explicit references to MtG lore here, aside from a few subtle nods here and there.

Well, this should be very interesting indeed. Clover's runic divination should definitely come in handy when all other investigative avenues fall short.

David Silver made Ponyfinder. Given the interaction of Wizards of the Coast and Paizo, I think that makes My Little Planeswalker Ponyfinder's first cousin twice removed.

This is really making me want to catch up on the Ace Attorney games.

the alchemical symbol of Venus, the elemental essence of earth.

I think you forgot Golden Sun in your crossover rundown. :raritywink:

In any case, intriguing data thus far, though there's nothing conclusive quite yet. Still, looking forward to more.

I’m already almost an official court alchemist! Being an investigator’s no different from an alchemist, isn’t it?

Sound Logic

“Well how am I supposed to become one if I’m not allowed to get any hooves-on experience?” Rubedo complained. “Are you saying I need experience to be an alchemist, but I also need to be an alchemist to get experience? That isn’t fair!”

That hit way too close to home there.

“Hey, I’ll have you know I haven’t hyperventilated in three weeks! But that’s besides that point! You’re exactly the deer I needed to see right now!”

She is precious and must be protected at all cost.

Beats me, pal. All I know is, she seems to have some kind of vendetta

She's Starswirl's ex, isn't she?

How do you pronounce Rubedo's name?


How do you pronounce Rubedo's name?

“Ru-beh-doh.” It’s Latin for “redness”, which is also the name of the fourth and final stage of the alchemical Magnum Opus, the process by which the Philosopher’s Stone is supposedly made.

It’s sort of vaguely hinted at in a throwaway line about antlers, but there’s a significance to Rubedo being the only deer not named after a type of plant: she’s actually trans and chose the name upon transitioning to reflect what she felt most defined her life (i.e. alchemy.)

Ok, continues to be pretty great so far. Almost makes up for the fact that The Great Ace Attorney will probably never get localized. Also, now I'm wondering what sort of nonsense Von Ego will bring into court. Probably just a whip, but there's also precident for a katana and a trained attack falcon.

I thought making a Philosopher's Stone had only one step, cram a couple hundred souls into a tiny area.

If Clover was voiced, what would he sound like?


A high baritone vocal range with a slight rough edge, though enunciated well enough that you can always hear his various quips and jabs clearly.

You’ve always been the unicorn I can trust.

Hoo boy. As if Clover didn't have enough on his plate. Still, this can at least wait until after the trial.

The trajectory of the holes is encouraging, but Clover will have to get the court to admit photographs as evidence first.

Huh. I knew the judge in Phoenix Wright games is something of a blockhead, but I didn't think you'd go that far. :raritywink:

In any case, looking forward to the trial.


Without the English accent, but that’s pretty close.

I really hope we see more Clover in the show. Also, the Raiju sounds really cool.

I quite enjoyed some of the reactions you put in to the objections; they definitely reminded me of playing the game, doing basically the same thing, and having poor Phoenix Wright go through a lot of abuse (both verbal and physical) as a result of it.

Dear God (or shuld I say DEER God, eh. Get it? get it?), Kluge von Ego is Trixie's ancestor, isn't she

It was either Hurricane, or Pansy. Why? To start a war and to regain their roles as a military and become useful again. There's a famine going on and they're soldiers in times of peace, a war would solve both those problems.

Your struggles were worth it. Each scene pops out clear as day in my mind.

Then, just as quickly as it had pounced, the beast was met in the air by an even faster motion. A flash of pink and yellow darted past Clover’s vision, and the sickening crunch of hooves against bone forced his eyes shut as he flinched from the impact. When he opened them again, Pansy was standing before the motionless body of a manticore, blood seeping out of a massive blunt-force wound inflicted on the center of its head. She grimaced, breathing through gritted teeth, and furiously scrubbed her front hooves against the grass, rubbing away the stains of blood until they were wiped clean.

:rainbowderp: Whoa. I did NOT see that one coming. Beware the nice ones, indeed. :flutterrage:

The stag approached Star Swirl, his hardened eyes scanning the elder wizard’s features. After a moment’s pause they softened, and a smile crossed his face. “You must be the fabled Grey Wanderer,” he said, speaking of one of Star Swirl’s many names and titles. “It’s a pleasure meet you, our kind have heard many tales of your sorcerous feats. I am Prince Aspen, and this is our city of Thicket.”

Star Swirl is pony Gandalf, confirmed.

There was a pause as the deer king regarded the others. His eyes drifted across the room so subtly that it could hardly be noticed, yet when they slid past Clover he could feel the weight behind their gaze. Finally, he spoke, “I welcome you to our lands, travelers. I am King Cedarborn, son of Gallanthorn, Lord of the Golden Thicket. Since the Time of Oaks, I have ruled this land alongside by my beloved Queen Gladeroot.”

Cedarborn and Gladeroot, huh? Yep, we full-on Tolkien up in here.

That ending... :facehoof: Star Swirl, WHY?

Ace Attorney, huh? This should be interesting. Now I have a sudden urge to do a reading of this...

Is it worth pointing out that Fullmetal Alchemist is not representative of historical alchemy? Or was that sarcasm?

“Hmm? No, that’s not true,” said Clover. He was only half paying attention to Rubedo’s comments, still lost within his own thoughts. He doesn’t have any divination magic, but that stallion always acts like he knows everything about the future. I’d just like to know where he has it all written down.

Let's see, so far we've got LotR, Ace Attorney, and now The Doctor is involved. I'm guessing that's the whole concept of this "Planeswalkers" continuity?

I'd hate to think it's Commander Hurricane, given the history of the Wonderbolts as revealed in Testing, Testing, 1 2 3. By the same token, I'd also hate to think it's Private Pansy, as she seems like such a nice mare most of the time. I'm willing to bet there will be a dramatic twist on the second or third day, and none of the Founders will be found guilty.


Time Turner is a fairly major character in the main MLPlaneswalker series. That’s all I will say about that.

And I, ze Almighty Kluge von Ego, am a child of karma!

I see what you did there.

Oh dear. I believe I see where this is headed, and I don't see it ending at all well. Sure, Star Swirl will survive, but the resultant fallout...

More facetious than sarcastic, plus referential humor for a good mix.

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” Rubedo reassured. “The guards’ main evidence is prints in the dirt, and I don’t have to worry about disturbing those. We deer are so light on our hooves that we don’t leave any trails behind, even in snow!”

So in other words, there could have been another deer at the crime scene, and they wouldn't leave any evidence.

Rubedo reached out behind her neck and pulled out another photograph from a place Clover couldn’t see.

From her inventory, obviously. :raritywink:

“But of course, my good friend,” Puddinghead replied. “The sunset and the twilight pair very well together, wouldn’t you agree?”

Well, I think we know who Puddinghead ships.

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