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How many times must I be called monster, beast, or foul chimera?
how many times must they hunt me down?
what did I do?
What do they see?
am I a monster?
do they want a monster?

featured 12/23/2021 first time I got a story featured :)

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Hm, really good concept, I like the idea but maybe fine tune some things? I felt the pacing was too quick, I get he was human before but he also knew about mlp? Dialogue was sorta choppish but I like how you used their personalities but it also felt like you just rushed to get them in so eh.

Overall if a bit more finer built it would be interesting.

oh hey, this is really fun

i wasn't actually entirely sure until i saw that author's note how intentional some of the grammar/punctuation/syntax stuff was, but i quite like some of the more casual uses of it. the pacing was rather quick as chaos eclipse points out, however i feel that fit the story rather well. it was a fast read, and as such, managed to keep my ever-eroding attention span.

the concept in and of itself is something i've seen done a few times, but usually it's in some overwrought and trite five-score or displaced or other isekai-lite garbage. honestly not explaining how or why this dude ended up as typhon was nice, and the lil bits of meta were done quite nicely imo--you didnt go overboard but you left enough in for it to feel cheeky

ngl i was drawn to this story by the no-caps title and that very clever long description hook; legit was under the impression for quite a bit that the syntax-punctuation-grammar was all for show and part of the aesthetic, but even not being as such it didnt upend the story all that much. the way you wrote luna was fucking hilarious

if you'd like i can try and give this a once-over proofing pass and DM it to you, to avoid leaving a novel-length comment here of mostly added periods and pointed nitpicks. i personally didnt mind the lack of dialogue tags--it was intuitive enough to discern who was talking whenever there was dialogue--but i imagine others might not be able to follow along quite as easily and may enjoy a bit of dialogue tagging. it also livens up the conversation to have character gestures/actions/emotions pontificated on, but as previously mentioned the lightning-quick pacing actually made the story easier for me (personally) to slide through

i'll keep an eye on this one, i'd like to see where you take it!

The chapter looks like a bunch of notes from a diary, in which they forgot to put dates. It is difficult to say whether he visited cities for 1 day or a week, a year?
In general, this is good, it should not be too precise, it is harmful for chaos. :trollestia:

Me gustó mucho la historia espero que saques más episodios 😁👍
Le doy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ estrellas

Rebirth. Renewal. I wasn’t ready.

He gort hoas past memories that is big boon

So much to analyse , i wonder what could explain Discord's Chaos magic of pure desire and imagination .
It should be similiar to unfocused ACIDENTAL MAIC WITH Close to desired Results , similiar to the babies wisards who say fuck the rules who did ot know and with belif they do more and ignorance .

Like with belif and misinformation caused otherwise impossible to happpen , from belif of imposibly efficient eeneration just withbelif to the friken PLACEBO .

With that said , Explain that in the Sciency way , wher the multy angled Chaos goes .

This fanfiction is starting off really good and I love it

oh Luna, she has to ease up.

also keep up the work!

uh did you have a stroke?
I think your trying to tell me that typhon should have extreme but unfocused magic like that of a baby alicorn or something.
But that would outright make sense.
and what fun is there in making sense?


Not a stroke but thought in medium chaos way ,
Typhon says it is instinct
with model is the mind , desire , belif and imagination . Other thing Accidental magus.

From similiar Discords when Twilight turned to his kind , on one side the things dracoequinos do are some strings , and everything is attached to it .
it needed efford .
it is magic sprinkler which is disorganised
The source could be the same just the way isc different
the improvable ridiculus way .

Just trying to see where would go .
the not sense just do it is imaginating and giving shape while provably relaxing your mind .
something similiar happened and is why pinkie does not think and jut imagins and desires and happends if she is turned into
it is possible she has some Chaos blood in her or magic energy etheral fuel
twilght tried to understand
there is also the story THE ROT and answer is structures , GOING FROM STRUCTURE TO STRUCTURE AND Plasma is
Liquid air all forming clay to shape
The orer of chaos shape is crisals
the sequal or update when Sombra introduced was his result of emotions inflicting thre cristals and something .. i forgot what changing the structure
the resarch which did not reached and the most orderly thing was Cristals for that mind
in last film of avengers the sub atom level fuks with phisics and science and laws in orgy
ust changing the direction of the atom affecting time which the time of the flesh is meaningless in past , present and future and time travel .

So Just curius to see .

The Sisters maybe have chaos in their given blood is why they forbid to e their blood and uncoverwhat secets they do not wish to b discovered , and whtsecrets Pinkie's blood hides , andaacident mssed a lot when thesisters said the wiizard's apprentice to sabotage that research .

Luna gettin cursedwith bad luck 13 now has sensewith that cursewhen She was trigger happy .

Now just reading ,and making my conclusions if I could explain the chaos ,
When myself had the Emotional understandin of The void and some theories to Rival Brothers Death Laws .

An Chaosis just a diffeent order of structure in a way certain individual has sense but for other is madness .

So just curiou and trying to understand the non sense when I have aspecific brand in much more flexible mind than those boxed brains .


Good. Salad disprooven, no false-hair theorem of. Yet foopnarple remains, please strongly reconsider the gyre in thine argumentation.

That aside, great start for the story, I eagerly await the worldbuilding you might do.

I try to understand as i feel .

Actually i have , something srt f a . not exactly language buused in VERY SPECIFIC WAYS .
It is Describtion wheeare few Realtive ruls , sort of .

The More loud each part of the sentance the more powe it draws . The Voice is a brush to describe and power dosator .
What ca be emoved is main and can becaste weakr with the rest are suportts . The SENTANCE SOUNDS WOUD HAVE EMOTION AND DESCRIBTION IN SOUNDS , The restare purelyspoodsand beter picture .
the eford o Each of the ABC is the pow4r doator .

unfourtunatly is incomplete and usually is very shor in wordings Few charecter othe аBC Vocals are mostly ued .
For Example
A , Aa in sound is most powerful
But couldbeued Ae , or Ai , or Ao
and same with other vowels

O is weaker ndalso could have similiar combination

E and i are of the weakest .

and the same combination .

that is example .

I think I just had a stroke.

This is surprisingly solid in quality.
Didn't expect that.

idk if thats a jab at my other far worse fics or an actual compliment.
If its a compliment, then Thanks!

“My name is Typhon; may I ask yours.”

And now it's time to beat the mind game.

what mind game?

featured 12/23/2021 first time I got a story featured :)

Well, congratulations! AND you're a new user, AND it's just your fourth story that got into first place! This might be your icebreaker! Maybe start working on getting a character you can use as a way to easily identify you for future stories?

A compliment. I didn't expect much from something with a description and chapter title in all common letters.

Dunno any of your stories though.

I can see this guy telling all his Unicorn classmates about gravity. Something along the lines of “With magic? But the moon revolves around the earth and the earth around the sun entirely naturally through gravitational pull.”
In the setting it wouldn’t have to be the reality of their situation or anything. It’d just be Typhon gaslighting Unicorn intellectuals into believing if only for a short while that they and their ancestors had been expending massive amounts of time and effort to pretty much just dump magic into space.

Ah yes, gaslighting intellectuals, my favorite!
would you rather the seminar on how the earth is flat, or the seminar on the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide?

good I highly suggest AGAINST reading them
they're all pretty dogshite

Wow. From a title and description as generic as that, and with a character as powerful as a draconequus, I'm really glad he turned out this way. Not immediately causing havoc, or getting irreparably Stoned for 1000 years. From this starting point, anything could end up happening. I just hope that Luna's horn came back after he left.
I'm looking forward to more of this.

Well this is interesting, we'll have to see how this goes.


11094751 Dihydrogen monoxide is DEADLY! If you inhale large quantities of it, YOU WILL DIE!! :pinkiegasp:

Save the world, ban DHMO today!


I literally looked up a list of chaos god names Typhon looked the most reasonable
Im actually pretty sure he was some huge snake dragon man hybrid monster thing but whatever the name works

gon be real here
I have no idea what I'm doin
any advice is welcome and sorry for taking so long to update it

Wonder how long it will take for Luna to find him again.

sooner than Typhon would like, and later than Luna wanted

I'm always happy to see a good draconequus story. :twilightsmile:

Sorry for taking this long but I assure you all THIS STORY AINT DEAD. Chapter two is on the way. Nearly done with the first draft. I say it should take anywhere between two to four days to get out the next chapter here.

I hope this Brony Fan character will bring entertainment & medicine or knowledge from the human world in the future, but all ponyfied, or a Anime or Cartoon Shows and Comic Books and Mango.

I will never know what Typhon is planning to do in the future, in the MLP Universe I guess I have to wait and find out.
Will he make a fake backstory for himself? Will he make fake Album Pictures to pretend that he has a family and show the Pony characters what his home country look like?

Like for example his fake country name could be HarmonyMix and all Race living together in harmony, Pony’s, Dragons, Yaks, Changeling, Donkey, Diamond Dog! You name it!

Or he could make a Clone of a made up character with a fake backstory and memories, and the clone could be a Bat Pony with medical knowledge and the best one there is, while StarSwirl will be surprise, or a Clone who’s a Earth Pony for some reason that can do magic and every Unicorn and Pegasi will get confused while the Earth Pony is like, We have Magic???

Ok I’m ranting a little too much right know, have a nice Evening Everypony.

Hey, can you please give the the description on what he looks like?
I’m gonna draw him so u can use it for your Book Cover, unless he looks exactly like Discord then I guess I don’t have to since there’s many drawing of him.

I really hope you don't mind the direction of the story. I updated the tags, cause I realized one was missing.

And all this goes to prove the oldest adage, "everything is Starswirl's fault".

Poor typhoon.

He was always an idiot. Remember the pony of shadows. It would have taken five minutes to ask why he took the stuff but it always the worst case scenario with him. Celestia could have had a powerful ally but she chose fear over trust and when the truth came out she only made excuses.

I guess I am falling cleanly into that trope... How bad is that?


Well I don't know about bad, Starswirl's an ass and everyone knows it. This is exactly the sort of nonsense he'd get up to, good characterization really.

I admit, I'd prefer the story not descend to "Spike runs away" levels of pathos and grimderp, where misunderstood Typhon flees military hitsquads and character assassination courtesy of inexplicable tyrant!Celestia. Because, well, it doesn't make sense, you know? He's vanished into the blue, good riddance, he didn't hurt anyone in the meantime, and his first serious blowup was on behalf of a clearly tormented spirit. As long as Typhon doesn't engage in willful stupidity, I'd expect Celestia to (cautiously) come down in his corner.

I plan on more run ins with the princesses, and what not. However, I'm planning on the future meetings being accidental in nature. Kinda like this one. Celestia is just checking in with one of her research teams, because they requested more funding. Typhon just so happens to be the reason for that


Sounds good, sounds good, just be wary of forcing story beats, eh?

I'll try. However, I still have no clue why ppl like this story. I like writing it, but I have no idea what went right


"Discord" POV? People like Discord, and there's also the isekai thing, popular storyline that is.

ahh... So isekai Discord is why this works...

don't worry it's not your fault, it's all his
*looks menacingly at Starswirl*

wait... is Saddle Arabia that sand place?. because I am listing to a song that is about the desert

Seems like he’s overreacting when he removed the things binding her to this world.

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