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Orderly Disassembly

i love reading, and i have many stories i wish to tell... i just get in over my head or impatient at times. that and my worst enemy is capitalization.


How many times must I be called monster, beast, or foul chimera?
How many times must they hunt me down?
What did I do?
What do they see?
Am I a monster?
Do they want a monster?

Featured 12/23/2021 first time I got a story featured :)
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If Discord doesn't appear in this story, then why is he in the cover art?

because that's also what Typhon looks like. Typhon basically has Discord's form and powers, just not his mind... Also this is chapter 3. Who said Discord won't appear in the story? Maybe it'll be the next chapter, perhaps it'll not happen, perhaps that he'll be the finale. Who knows? it's Discord.

Did you read the story lmao

Personally I hope Celestia learns a hard lesson about trust

Good to see you back, and good chapter

Huh..starting to see trouble in celestia's paradise.

Really hope those bits exist permanently. He walks off and they just poof out of existence. A few moments later there is one angry Baker. :)

Not really a paradise just yet, This is from before Luna's Nightmare moon transformation. so a 1000 year or so.

*blasts lulu to the moon*
can't trust anyone

They’re scared because I look like a monster, not because I am one!

Sad truth ... Less trth in MODER EQUESTRIA , How aBout try with No Ponies if would work ? At worst wear disguie , until there is mre open heart civilisation .

or how about Detrone a tyrant and the peple ar more likely to apreiate past looks .

“He’s clear. No corruption, no illegal magics, and no illegal substances. He did feel a little weird though.”

What illegal magic ?

Comment posted by Shadesplit deleted Feb 25th, 2022

The pegasus whimpered before speaking. “Cloud Feather.”

Ancient Fluttershy?

maybe try to fix the orphinge somehow ?

Nice. Now, hopefully he'll take a look into why they were stealing. Sure, kids steal, and being hungry is a good reason, but was it just kids not wanting he same gruel again? Or was it that they're not getting enough food? Orphanage Lady seemed nice, but how is she behind closed doors? I hope she's not a local Grelod the Kind, those kids deserve better. Maybe he'll adopt them.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

I was actually referring to the Kingdom Celestia forged that led TO her sister becoming Nightmare Moon. If this is a sign of how things are actually run, if The Tower was a sign of how her ponies act...then the fear against Luna and the Night isn't far off.

Baker is a bit harsh on the line about the address, then again some people are just dicks.

I hope he’s planning to help the orphanage

And Celestia is too selfish at this point to actually have empathy for someone else.

Celestia is so busy doing what she thinks is the right path in taking care of things that she doesn't bother to care about anyone else feelings. She took a possible ally and was willing to turn him into a enemy.

Glad that he found a little slice of peace in this mad mad world. I wonder how long it's going to take for his new life to come crashing down around him.

Huh, he's really good with children.

That moment of stress before he repaired the damage, has me worried for an Accord type situation in future.

I'm loving this, im enjoying this version of the giy

Hola, me encantó el nuevo capítulo espero con ansias el siguiente capítulo 😁👍
He seguido la historia desde el primer episodio

Sugarplum a changeling?

bueno a aquí que lo disfrutas y lo siento por necesitar google translate

Oh my bad that was a typo it's supposed to be "guy"

Nice story. I hope he adopts Sugarplum.:twilightsmile:

Wonder who created the plunder vines in this universe.

mabey he could just take over the orphnage and just father them all.

Comment posted by Dopik deleted Mar 27th, 2022

With Celestia and Luna openly plotting to murder him despite never being hostile, I really hope you don't make the EoH do anything to him. Really, if anything the EoH should either refuse to work or backfire on their wielders if used against him as things are now.

I don't. It seems to me he should be focusing more on just being happy and making a life for himself, not devoting himself to a foal just because he's the first person to care. That's not to say him helping the orphanage is bad, it's a good thing he's looking out for others. I just don't think adopting a foal would be a good idea for him, especially since the princesses are plotting to kill him.

So Twisted Twister is part of the rebelion?

Usually pony isn't a place where no ponies are the good guys. (not that I am complaining -- this is pre-friendship pony)


friendship is exploitable! that show never managed to get off the ground


Friendship is Betrayal the comic series was pretty good -- unfortunately it was ended about 3/4 of the way through.

So is this a reincarnated Oc or Discord before he became well Discord?


Anyway can't wait for more.

Reincarnation oc that got discord's body/powers but took a new name for himself, Typhon, and a Pony Alias, Pathfinder.
This is shaping up to be something quite interesting, I'm looking forward to more.

Yeah, maybe precautions should have been taken.
Like a mind-reading and memory, manipulation to know about rebellion and its contacts and to make/manipulate him leave the town alone
Also, that guard was suspicious and maybe is also one of their contacts

Collecting dirt on them to reveal if needed could be necessary

So, Typhon is going to be stuck in the middle of a rebellion.
Wonder if the pegacorn sisters will end up blaming him?
As always, I look forward to more. :)

Ponytar the last airbender just got a lot more metal

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