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Orderly Disassembly

i love reading, and i have many stories i wish to tell... i just get in over my head or impatient at times. that and my worst enemy is capitalization.


This story would be best read after completing Chaotic Visage, but not required; everything should more or less make sense by the end of the story without any prior reading.

Ironhide lived a long life before his final post. He drove back the Griffon hordes at the Whitespine peaks, and helped hold the keep of Black Scale for a thousand days under constant siege.

From campaign to campaign he'd flown, wreathing himself in a cloak of fire and legend. All he has left is one little post. Guard duty, it almost seemed beneath him

Then a God greeted him at the gates.

(I intend to upload daily until this is finished).

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( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

Awesome chapter as always. Loves the last line.

Looks good so far. Cant wait to see more backstory.

I’m a tad bit confused why is Celestia in oblivion? Did typhoon just decide the world didn’t need her?

spoiler for my main story: Chaotic Visage
he erased the two sisters in Chaotic Visage, this is where those who are erased go

“You need to win every time we clash for all eternity. I only need to defeat you once.”

Is the pony stuck in time loop?

Damn, didn’t do the link between the two. but kinda neat.
Why is there a dragon guarding it tho?

there's an explanation, in stuff I haven't posted yet. prob will be posting an update or two over the weekend.

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