• Published 1st Jun 2023
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Guardian of the Bridge Between Nothing and Nowhere - Orderly Disassembly

Between a place without location and a location without a place, a dragon stands guard. However, each time the ponies attack, he loses a little more. How long will he last?

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Ch4: Day 764

The railings and stony ground of the bridge were striped with deep gouges that were just hewn minutes ago. Thankfully, any damage done seemed to simply bleed away like paint off of a canvas when the aggressors leave. I released a breath that I didn’t remember taking before letting the haft of Mjolnir drop to the ground, and smiled as its head struck my hand.

A white alicorn stood a dozen paces away with a golden lance stabbed into the ground beside her. Well, stood might be a strong word. Kneeling is probably more accurate. Gashes pockmarked her coat, and her once ethereal mane hung from her head like a wig of rainbow noodles. I snickered at her condition before stepping closer.

I grabbed her chin with a scaled claw and forced her to look me in the eyes before saying.“You don’t belong in Nowhere. Typhon said as much, stop trying to get in.”

The anger behind her glare was invigorating. I wanted her to come back—to make this void interesting. Typhon left nothing else to do, citing a need for “no distractions.” I am a paladin, for star’s sake! I know my duty is paramount, but I need to feel alive!

My thoughts were broken by the alicorn, Celestia, I believe her name was, saying, “It is not a matter of belonging or not. My ponies need me.”

I shook my head at that. On one claw, her efforts were obviously fruitless. I’ve repelled her hundreds of times, and she just kept crawling back to try the same thing again. On the other, I could understand she had a duty and would stop at nothing to do it.

“I can’t let you through, and you can’t make me stand aside.” My words only served to further fan the flames of her anger.

Her scowl deepened as she struggled to her hooves, and I stepped back as she spoke.

“My subjects need me! Without me, Equestria will fall, thousands will die of starvation, and thousands more to the petty infighting of would-be conquerors!”

Equestria? “What is this ‘Equestria’? Was it some kingdom from long ago?”

She froze at my question, her eyes widening as she spoke, “What?”

“My question was simple, pony. What is ‘Equestria?’”

Her face contorted with rage as she gritted her teeth. A golden lance appeared in her wing’s grip, and she violently wrenched its tip in my direction before diving forward.

I ducked out of the way, twirling my hammer around to smack her weapon into the ground, but she retreated before I could manage it.

We came to a halt a few paces away from each other, the only sound piercing the silence being Celestia’s ragged breaths. Her face went from wrathful to worried, and panic slowly bled into the edges of her visage.

She took a deep breath to calm herself. Her voice wavered as she spoke, pausing and starting at seemingly random intervals.

“You’ve heard of it. Do not lie. You lie. You lie. Equestria stands. There are issues, but my kingdom is there. It has to be.”

Every syllable that fell from her mouth drew her head closer to the ground. It was like she was being crushed beneath the weight of her own words. I didn’t know how to answer.

I wanted her to come back. To make me feel alive again. I want her to bring her little guards and her big bad sister. But I don’t hate her. She just doesn’t belong. She just can’t come through.

I sighed, letting the haft of Mjolnir strike the bridge. “I apologize, pony, but I’m afraid I’ve never heard of your Equestria. Ponies still have a kingdom, though. They call it ‘Dreamland.’”

I saw hope spark behind her eyes when she jolted upright. It was like watching the final embers of an abandoned campfire igniting a forest. I could see the passion there, the will, but it was the consuming kind. A warmth that burned everything to keep you going.

And it made me feel cold.

“So it does stand, even if by another name. So it does stand… My Little Ponies, I AM COMING!”

She charged with reckless abandon and strength that I thought she didn’t have left.

Thrust after thrust after thrust, fire danced in bright trails behind her lance as I parried each strike.

How? Magic is supposed to be nullified here!

I felt my heart pounding in my ears as I fended off the madmare’s wild fury.

The onslaught was endless, as if rage and love were the only things the blasted pony needed to function.

Thirty seconds in, my body reminded me of my fatigue. A minute and I was flagging. However, I held my ground for almost an hour.

Normally, a fight would last a minute maximum, but neither side could quite finish off the other.

Whenever I’d strike her with the hammer, she’d throw herself with the force, negating most of the damage. And her lance simply glanced off my scales, the fire being worth little more than a distraction.

However, as our fight dragged on, I’d land more and more hits. The bruises and broken bones compounded with her previous exhaustion.

Finally, I managed to lock shafts with her lance and twist into a hammering blow with Mjolnir.

But even as I watched her head give way to steel, I saw no fear in her eyes. Only rage.

I stood stock still for a long while, unsure of what had happened. This wasn’t the first time I’d killed her, I doubted it would be the last, but the madness dancing in her eyes. That fire, that warmth. I recognized it.

Recognized it in Lord Typhon.

Do all immortals go crazy at some point? How long do I have before insanity grips my mind? Oh I need a drink.

I shuddered before heaving Celestia’s corpse over my shoulder. With a few steps and a throw, it went tumbling end over end into the abyss. Part of me wishes that was the last time I saw her. The other was excited for another taste of the thrill.

At the end of the day, it didn’t matter what I wanted. She would be back, her sister and guards at her side. I would be alone, waiting for them.

I sighed at the thought, thumbing the creed emblazoned on Mjolnir. I smiled at its message before slumping against the gate I guarded and falling into a dreamless sleep.

I just had to hold on a little longer. Even these self-proclaimed Demi-goddesses must have a limit.

Author's Note:

Alrighty, so far so steady, hopefully I can get all the way through on this daily schedule. It's just three more chapters or so, so I should be able to keep going. Hope to see more people commenting, it helps a lot with writing motivation. See you all soon.