Welcome to the OCCC! Or, the Original Character Creation Corporation!

This is a place for brainstorming and idea-sharing and will revolve solely around the creation of your own original characters to use in your own stories. My vision for this group is for it to be a beacon of creativity and imagination, where you can share the personalities you've created with the world.

Some Group Rules:

- You may add stories freely in the given folders, and there is no limit to how many of your own you can add.

-You may only post a new forum discussion once every seven days. This will help regulate the flow of posts and hopefully allow an author to get a little more noticed.

-Forum posts can only pertain to original characters, the only exceptions to this rule being different interpretations of canon MLP characters within AU stories.

-Self-promotion is permitted, though the time between self-promotion posts is stretched to one week. Separate stories of your own can be posted within the same week (ie. the week rule does not apply if you are promoting a different story).

-Forum posts will be labeled with the following tags before the title...

Ex. "{Tag} Title"

{Brainstorm} Will be a forum post designed to attract other authors to assist or collaborate in the creation of a new OC.

{Showcase} Will be used to broadcast your own OC's to the group and receive feedback

{Self-Promotion} Will be used for-... well, you get it.

-Site rules still apply here, read em' before you post.

And that about does it for rules and what not. I hope you enjoy the group and all it has to offer! And hopefully, once it gets larger I'll be able to get some admins! Since there's nothing else to say...

Here's a picture of a cat...

Have fun, you guys!

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