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*This is not a role-playing group*

When Spike took control of the Draconian monarchy aka the horde dynasty it was barely a kingdom at all, greed was so rampant that the treasury was pillaged by the ex-queen herself the dragons hoarded without restraint what was once a mechanism of defense had become a way of life. The resources of the kingdom were stripped giving cause to the name badlands, the dragons over hoarding allowed them to grow massive putting a strain on their environment and forcing them to migrate, leaving little room for trivial things like culture, science, or agriculture.

Deciding on a monarchy would exacerbate greed so Spike gathered all the supporters he could and established a republic.

This group is dedicated to stories in which Spike controls or creates a government/country/landmass/faction republics preferred but hey any government is fine.

*The group pic is not mine nor was it created by me if its original asks me to take it down I will do so*

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I actually never knew I was a moderator here! That's unexpected, to the say the very least!

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