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Twisted mind

Hey just a fan of anime, mlp, awsome cartoons and horror. not much of a writer but decided to try making challenges for others.


A challenge involving discord · 4:42am Nov 21st, 2018

:pinkiehappy: Hey everyone im back! And with a challenge though the idea isn't really new. The challenge is that discord, despite what it may seem, is not immortal. His magic is constantly oozing out to the world causing the chaotic happenings, such as simple things like a river being made naturally and bigger stuff, even when stone it happened to keep the world balanced but if he dies so will the magic since it would no longer have a vessel with which to live in discord knows this and he also

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Thanks for the Follow.

No problem as I said the story has alot of potential and id love to see how it goes. You have a great way of writing the characters and the contrast of parody to the ponies is interesting

Thanks for the favorite and the comment.
It really means a lot to me.

No problem, it is good and I feel it has so uch potential asnit goes. You know how to write as well the suspense was really good and the description was the perfect balance

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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