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Come one, come all, to this sideshow of a fetish within a fandom. That's right, amputation. All stories with any amputations are welcome. Whether it's the central drama of a story or a side character's distinguishing characteristic, somebody's losing something tonight.

Limbless, wingless, hornless, eyeless, tongueless; if it has a stump (or nothing at all) where something would otherwise be, nominate it for inclusion. Characters who lost a part in their youth and are now adults are welcome. Birth defects, such as pegasi born with one wing, are welcome if the defect can be mistaken for an amputation at first glance or without explanation.

Don't push it; a notch in an ear, a cracked horn, a chipped hoof, or a lost tooth do not an amputee make.0

When adding stories, place them in the correct folder please. Dramatic, comedic, fetishistic, humanoid. Use your best judgement.

Fetishistic: stories primarily about exploring an amputation or its aftermath go here. Whether magical and clean, or bloody and bandaged, if the amputee is primarily an excuse to showcase an amputation, it's a fetish story. This folder puts the "slice" in slice-of-life.
Humanoid: stories with any humanoid characters: humanized, HiE, EqG, anthro, and Equestrian On Earth go here. Diamond Dogs, dragons, and other animalistic bipeds don't count as humanoid. Iron Will and Tirek are not humanoid.

Would you a legless pone?

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Peg legs on ponies and fingers off griffons
Surgical cuttings and fake joints that stiffen
Prosthetic pegasi wearing new wings
These are a few of my favorite thing

White linen bandages cover a scar line
Stumpy young stallions restrained in brown twine
New legs for Pinkie Pie loaded with springs
These are a few of my favorite things

When the bear bites
When the blade stings
When she's looking sad
I will write more of my fetish greentext
And tell her, "Stumps ain't... so bad."

the links are dead in the tracker thread :(

Would you a legless pone?

I'll take any pony I can get! :pinkiecrazy:


Provided it's a mare, of course :twilightblush:

What if you'd left the printer on as you slept, expecting to awaken around the time she did?
What if she activated after she'd cooled, per her programming?
What if her crying woke you up?

Idea: in the future, you can make a 3d printed AI pony.

What if they're printed lying on their backs to reduce the scaffolding required for four legs and a tail?

What if you ran out of material while the legs were being printed?

What if no more could be deposited once it had cooled/finished?

Reading stories about amputee ponies? I can do that.

But... amputee fetish? :unsuresweetie:
No thanks.

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