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Through mysterious and unknown circumstances, Ponyville was lost into places unknown, leaving a vast crater in its place. Twilight Sparkle tried so hard in finding the lost village and its residents, but after one whole week of searching, she found it!

But, there's a twist. It had been ten years since the day of departure for them, and old faces have grown up or died and some new faces had appeared as well. A race called 'humans' had moved in along with their strange creatures called 'Pokémon'. New buildings are there, but Ponyville was fine any way.

But all that had changed when the ancient Necrozma awoke, and the mysterious Ultra Recon Squad arrived on both worlds, and secrets from the Cosmog line, the Ultra Beasts, and Necrozma himself will be brought before your very eyes.

This is based of "Arceus and the Displaced Village" by Cloudhammer, and is a semi-reboot of it. Expect some similarities with it at the start, but with the Ultra Recon Squad and Necrozma, things will be different.

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