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"You think you know me..."


Eight years.

Eight years since the war.

Eight years since Gallus became a prisoner.

He's been beaten, thrashed, and drowned in the darkest of despair.

Yet he still keep going despite everything lost to him.

Because he hopes to return one day.

Return to his friends.

Return to his Silverstream.

Return to his home.

Pre-Read by CrackedInkWell who also helped inspire this idea

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Comments ( 11 )

Great job with this one. After all the hell Gallus went through, he is finally back home. He has his wife back and he has a son now. That was very touching. I also like the name of his son, Garrus. I guess that’s because of the character from Mass Effect.

Seems spicy


Every *clap* single *clap* word *clap* was *clap* heartbreaking.

I loved this fucking shit dude, so many guy punches. My god I was so scared that it was gonna go fully dark and be that the lizards had won the war years ago or some shit but na that ending got me so hard boiiiii.

Also something to note, Gallus already had Claustrophobia way before he got capture so that prison must have been extra hell for him.

Is it bad that I wanna see more, I wanna see what happens after. Gallus gets to see his friends again, find out what happened to the squad, hell maybe even feel some guild for rose who didn’t return. I dunno and I don’t care if u don’t. This was so rad either way

If this doesn’t get featured I will shit a brick

I am sobbing this is so good. You really made me feel all those feels

I'm not crying, you're crying

Greatly written I expected a downer ending but was pleasantly surprised

Damn, this is good.

I wish I could write half this good. It was wonderfully written.

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