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Let's give this writing thing a go...


The Storm King has been defeated, meaning Mount Aris and the Seaponies that lived in hiding underneath it are free from his evil rule. The returning Hippogriffs are busy working on the island to restore the place to its former glory, and one young and enthusiastic seapony, Silverstream, really wants to explore it for herself.

Unfortunately, her mother isn't so confident that the island is safe just yet, and worries she might get in trouble if she does.

What's a seapony/hippogriff to do?

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Aight! Pretty good story, I expected a bit more comedy, but still a good job!

Yeah, probably could have added a few more gags somewhere.

“Okay Mom, I won’t!” she answered, rolling her eyes as if it were ridiculous that was going to happen.

Liar. :ajbemused:

Hmm, I wonder if you have any other stories planned with her. Maybe she can show her friends around Mt. Aris and Seaquestria.

“That’s good to hear, and how about Silverstream?”

That was when Terramar stopped, his face could have been completely white to go along with his wide eyes and shakiness.

“O-oh, she’s… around…” he answered. Ocean Flow raised an eyebrow as she knew something was up, being able to see through his apprehension and nervous grin.

Oops it looks like novo was right after all it does runs in the family all of them sneaking out 😅

Seriously when I think about how silverstream feels she wants to explore everywhere but she cannot in her past all I can think is this song

and it's sort of blends with her curiosity of the new world

Sky Beak and Silverstream felt more inclined to live on the island full time, while Ocean Flow and Terramar preferred the tranquillity of the sea.

Wow after a few months probably Terramar actually decided to go for both this time even though he thinks that he would disappoint either both parents but they never let him feel that way it's up to him what he wants to do and they will support him no matter what

“Now understand that you’re at this school to be a good student and set a good example, so I don’t want you to be skipping classes, or causing a panic amongst the other students, or disappearing entirely and causing the teachers to worry,” she explained slowly and clearly, ensuring Silverstream caught every word she was telling her.

....yeah about that 😅

at least there's some good thing happen she did made a lot of friends although they all almost cause a panic 😅

Um, I actually think Skystar is Silverstream’s mom.

In season 8, Silverstream’s brother had a friendship problem, solved by the CMCs. Silverstream’s mom appears white, Skystar is white. Sooo.... That’s my theory. I don’t know if its true or false.

I like Silverstream. Nice way to build up to the season 8 opener.

This is such a nice story. It's laidback, relaxed, casual. And with such a fleetingly rare character to see as its focus. 9/10

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