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A commission for spoonlol!

The Grand Galloping Gala. A night of wonder and fun for all its attendees. Well, almost all of them. Gallus is more than happy to just stand in his corner and pretend the world doesn't exist. That way he won't have to confess his feelings and more than likely deal with getting turned down by the girl of his dreams, Silverstream.

However, maybe there is a chance of success if only he could figure out the right way to go about talking to her on the 'mushy romance' level. Asking someone else with more experience for help isn't the worst idea, right?

Edited by: Soaring and Jack of a Few Trades
Preread by: Ice Star

Coverart by: darksly

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That cover image looks so amazing

This was so good dude. Loved the interactions with the students and their two respective ponies, and the description of how grand the gala was in contrast with Gallus growing anxeity really set the scene for the whole thing at the beginning. I knew you were a good choice for this as your understanding of these characters really shines in all your fics, and this one is no exception.
Fantastic work my dude

Hmm, first YonaBar and now GallStream? Write some SmoCellus, and the circle will be complete...


The trinity must be completed

That'd be fun to write, for sure.

“How should I do it though?” Silver threw her claws over her eyes. “Why does dating have to be so complicated?! ”

That happened to me when I ask somebody on a date it's pretty nervous it will work out in the end

This was a adorable story of those two love birds so gallus was pretty worried about this whole rejection and this whole what if she says no all type of thing meanwhile silverstream was thinking why gallus is not asking her out or at least two be like boyfriend girlfriend but with Shining Armor and Princess Cadence advise it worked out for both of them and it's really cute to see them dancing with each other awesome job with a story

To gallus and Silverstream

I can’t believe that they didn’t hold claws smh

What was your pre-reader thinking?

Aww, That was cute!

This pure, sugary-sweet, wholesomeness had me giggling like a baby.

Hey man, really appreciate you letting me borrow your lambo last week! I left the keys on the table. 😎

Oh, and I found this image on my trip out. Thought you might need to look at it, Famous. It says that you alone need to follow these exact steps to achieve Nirvana. I don't know what that means, but it sounds pretty good. Here it is!

I enjoyed every moment.
Everyone’s interactions were right on point and led to it being very easy to visualise.
I would have liked to read the rest of the night too, but oh well... this was a lot of fun while it lasted.

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