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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


The School of Friendship has graduated its first class and six young students have their diplomas.

Six, stepping out into their adult lives and taking their place in the world.

Five in Ponyville. One... not.

And that's the problem.

An expansion of my entry for Flashfic 150 - November 2020 with the prompt 'A Song I Remember', and winner of that month's competition!

Featured 1/7/2021-1/9/2021!

Also featured by Seattle's Angels, issue #185!

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They really need a "Sad but Sweet" tag. Something that makes you feel a bit mopey but makes you glad you did.

(Not to be confused with Bittersweet.)

... there are some notable problems with the student 6 here. but I'm just going to cover ocellus.

what exactly did she hope to accomplish? even the detail that she bluffed blackmailing him could have far worse effects on her then him if it ever got out.

Man, this was great. An idea that I’m surprised hasn’t been touched upon yet. I really like your characterisations of the six, thought they were very well done and fleshed out nicely. Also thought it was very fitting that Silverstream was the one who was okay with it, considering that she’s actually from a military family.
Also I still find it fitting that both of the elements of magics are the ones to move away from their perspective groups. Nothing to do with the fic just I neat idea.
All in all great read, nice work

I took it as her being desperate to keep him around more then anything, out of everyone in the group she’s the one least interested in hearing what Gallus has to say, it’s why she keeps interrupting him.
She wasn’t really thinking of the consequences of releasing those facts as long as it got him to stay


what exactly did she hope to accomplish?

Interesting behind the scenes on this one - when I was doing my outline about the reactions, I found that by coincidence/how the characters are that four out of the five instantly fell into the standard pattern of the stages of grief: denial; anger; bargaining; depression; acceptance. It wasn't my intent at the outset, but they all naturally presented that way.

Ocellus was the exception. I wasn't entirely certain how her reaction would work - but the one that the others didn't fall in to was bargaining, and that felt reasonable enough for her. She's a puzzle-solver; a thinker. Any door opens if you have the right key. And while reformed, she's still a changeling. She was brought up in a culture centered around information gathering, so she almost certainly knew a lot about her friends. More than they thought she did and more than they probably knew about themselves.

She wouldn't have done it. That's not who she is.

But sometimes the solution to the puzzle is a hammer. And when you're frustrated and desperate, even the most stable person will have a moment where they think about using it.


all i mean is the fact that had if Gallus had been even slightly vindictive he could have simply mentioned she tried blackmail and aside from the major issues it would cause within there friend group, I can't imagine thorax would react well to hearing she did it.

Man that is kind of sad and it kind of reminds me of my graduation as well see my friends leave can be very heartbreaking despite how many years you been with them it's hard to say goodbye it hurts and I wish I can have that kind of friendship they have and even the Mane 6 as well so this kind of hit me home seeing all the friends going through five stages and gallus leaving to become the Royal Guard which he did after we saw the episode of the Last problem this was a pretty good story very sad one as well and seeing everybody doing their own separate lives but someday they well meet again keep up the good work

With how logical her mind is Ocellus fits bargaining perfectly, bargaining is about logic and justification for the deal. Her entertaining doing something out of character to get the result she wants also makes sense, just as much as not being able to go though with it does.
All the reactions fit the characters, Gallus choice to go does to. Though I think we all know after his military career is over where Gallus is going to settle down.

Small wooden boxes of (apparently illegal) cocoa mix from Yona.


I loved this! It's something I've had to deal with several times over the last few years as I moved off to college and then had friends who graduated and moved off before I did. That feeling of loss runs deep even though we know it's not the end, but it is the end of an era. Things will never be the same, even if you stay in touch. You don't get to make 3am runs to get burgers anymore. You don't get to just chill with each other at the drop of a hat.

I must say, I was a little surprised by how a couple of the characters dealt with that sense of loss, particularly Yona and Silverstream. If I'd have written this idea, I probably would have switched their places. But if I'm honest, I think it would have been a weaker story for it. Yak culture has been stated as being about impermanence, thus the smashing rituals that their entire culture is built around. It would have made sense for Yona to be the one that could accept the change readily, but to have Silverstream be that way? That was good. Really good. One of my favorite aspects of Silverstream's character is the fact that she's like Pinkie Pie but tempered by a traumatic upbringing. It imparts her with an undercurrent of maturity that, while not really explored in the show, is very much alive and well in most of the fanfictions about her that are worth their salt. Exploring this part of her was wonderful. I love it when she can impart some of the wisdom that she's picked up from a childhood in hiding.

Those were the real highlights for me, at least, but everything else was still really damn good! This one is definitely claiming a spot on the favorites shelf. Thanks for the bittersweet fuzzies :)

This is super great, you really captured the enduring nature of their friendship but also the inevitable changes that happen as life goes on. The characterization in particular were excellent, no one felt like they had their personalities warped to fit the story. Loved it!

This was a great story. So many emotions, all portrayed so well.


I must say, I was a little surprised by how a couple of the characters dealt with that sense of loss, particularly Yona and Silverstream. If I'd have written this idea, I probably would have switched their places.

My basis for Yona is actually focused around She's All Yak, as well as her actions in a few of her smaller appearances. When confronted with problems she doesn't have solutions for (or more aptly, lacks the tools to try and fix), Yona usually shuts down. She retreats from the problem rather than confront it directly. If she's provided a path to a solution she'll throw herself into it, but she doesn't take 'there's nothing you can do' very well.

You're right, though, that yak culture is indeed based around that impermanence. Perhaps I focused too strongly on the coincidental connection when I saw it. Hm. Food for thought!

(And I couldn't help but sneak that little reference in. It was just too good an opportunity!)

Dom Toretto: It’s never goodbye.

Interrupting Lyra was extremely amusing to me, for some reason. Anyway, excellent character piece.

"Look, alright, yeah maybe I could have handled things a bit better."

In his defense though, he knew how they'd all react...and he wanted to spare himself the agony of going through that.

Been there, done that myself, Gallus...so I feel ya, bud.

Small wooden boxes of (apparently illegal) cocoa mix from Yona.

Good fic, that one. A lot of us, myself included, thought it was no small injustice it didn't place higher than runner-up in that contest. :twilightsmile:

I'm pretty okay with that shift.

As am I. In fact, I can't tell you how much I love this fic, and how much I want the messages given in this fic shared with everybody everywhere. There are so many out there that just don't want to confront moments like this, and it's totally understandable...but it's also part of life. And life comes with some bad parts too--that's what makes the good parts so very special. Heck, I deeply wish the show itself had done something like this with the CMC in "The Last Crusade," to go for the real story that was lying right there in front of them...but of course the show chickened out, and as a result, utterly missed what could've been an even greater point...if not the point.

I'm glad that's not the case here, though. Beyond belief, in fact. :twilightsmile:

I saw my best friend off to the army right after high school. We met in 3rd grade and weren't ever apart more than a couple days at a time in that whole decade-ish block. So when I say that this tracks right back over all those feelings with deadly accuracy, I mean it.

Impeccable work recapturing that fear and loneliness, but with something I never quite caught at the time: hope*.

*We're still great friends and he came out of his tenure much wiser and more mature, with nary a touch of PTSD, except for being extra wary of bags and debris on the roadside for the first several weeks back home. I, however, fell into this weird fandom about talking horses, but I digress.

That was weird my notification says you updated the story what happened

Edit nevermind I found out what's wrong lol my bad

This was really heartwarming I loved it

They will meet again

Beautiful. It really conveys the sense of 'the world's moving on, but that isn't painless,' and Gallus' point about the "loud points and quiet points" of their lives changing was very good. Some of the best actors in this, in my opinion:

-Yona: Her scene with Gallus provided a wonderful example of, IMO, the main theme of the fic, that being that change always leaves a mark. Winter turning back to spring doesn't mean that winter didn't happen, for instance; Gallus' departure will change things even after, or if, he returns.

-Ocellus: Her desperate mastermind scene was surprisingly touching, giving the sense that she's trying to fix something, she can fix it, oh please oh please Author let her fix it, and then Gallus shows her that she can't and you genuinely feel for her, even though she was trying to blackmail him a moment ago.

-Silverstream: Oh, Silverstream. This depiction of her, with her smile tinged by the memories of bitter loss, is memorable, believable, and so poignant. Countless others have seemed to view her as a slightly-different Pinkie Pie; this version is similar to that, but with Pinkameena lurking just at the edges of her vision.

Overall, a masterful work.

Oh damn this story is amazing. Wasn't expecting all these feels. I like how you put these cartoon characters into a more mature setting while retaining their personality and what makes them them.

Also it's nice seeing Silverstream being the most mature of the 5 in this scenario. It's oddly fitting.

Reflexively, Gallus laughed. "Yakyakistan has other seasons?"

"Is best month of year," Yona sourly defended.

I could definitely have seen that as a joke in the cartoon.

With a sigh, Gallus closed the gap and put a gentle claw on the pony's shoulder. "You don't think I'm afraid of that, too? But..." He smirked a little. "Of the two things I'm afraid of here? There's a big difference. If I run away from the chance to spread my wings and find who I am, I'm afraid that I'll never get the chance again. And I might not. Opportunity doesn't come around once in a Blue Moon Festival, after all. It's a long shot that a nogriff like me even has this chance in the first place." The smirk slowly morphed into a smile. "But while I'm afraid of losing all of you, I've got a lot more faith that I won't. What we've got is strong, right?"

“nogriff” what’s that? Also, great storyline!

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