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Your friendly neighborhood snuggle dragon (who just happens to be in Umbreon form at the moment)! :heart:


*Revised on 9/2/18!

Cruel. Heartless.
That's how some would describe what those two did. Maybe they're not wrong. But, we were just foals, and after everything I've done since then, how can I possibly consider myself any better?

These thoughts have plagued Fizzlepop Berrytwist, a.k.a Tempest Shadow, ever since the Storm King invasion was thwarted several months ago. Unable to run from her demons any longer, Tempest returns to the place where it all began in the hopes of reconnecting with all those she left behind.

My first one-shot! :yay:!
WARNING! Contains spoilers for the movie! (kind of obvious from the description though)
Careful of spoilers in the comments.
Edited (eventually) by, Scootareader (he said it was okay to make the eventually joke! :trollestia:)
Cover art by, markelsmith866
1/10/19. Inspired my buddy, The Bricklayer, to write his own story where Tempy returns home and reconnects with her past. Check it out! A Simple Truth One Must Face

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a awesome story exultant writing.
every one will be vary lucky to read this masterpiece.

Fizzle Twist’s alt name could be Berry Pop.

Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Absolutely superb. I have major issues with the movie, but I can’t fault this at all. Thumbs way up!

I haven't seen the movie, but I know enough about it. The best part about this one-shot is that Tempest does not feel out of character, given her reforming in the end. Having her cry and going through other phases of hurt and comfort is by far one of the best developments for her. And although there's a lot of fan fiction that depict her being chosen to be Twilight's guard commander, she would make a fine soldier. But having her return to her old town was a superb idea and something only a true, sensible fan would come up with.

Congratulations for writing this touching story. I hope it can be looked back upon as the years go by, even if the actual series and the movie fade from our memories.

God, think I just got something in my eye. Takes a lot for a story to do that...

Thank you all much for your feedback. :twilightsmile:

I think I nearly went there myself, but not as much as when I saw Chihiro cry for the first time in Spirited Away...

One, love that movie to death, two, looks like someone is indeed ghosting you and downvoting your stuff for some reason. :trixieshiftright:

I told you, it's because of my unhealthy history here. I trolled bronies in the best way I knew how and it was taken personally. I did so because their community and fandom ruined many lives, more than I am capable of ruining. I wanted to get even with them and make them suffer the same way they inflicting suffering upon each other and people outside the fandom. And like I said, I have two suspects when it used to be one.

Well uhh, that explains your user blurb. :twilightblush:

You mean my latest blog? Yep. Just like your story's tagline. Cruel. Heartless. Unforgivable. :twilightsheepish:

Hehe. Well in any case I'm glad you enjoyed the story and all that. :twilightsmile:
Thankie very much! :pinkiehappy:

Oh yeah. If anything, there's still plenty of good fan fiction here that I still come back to read every now and then.

Seriously. I'm on here all the time!

I try not to be so often.

I may have a little bit of an addiction. :twilightsheepish: But that isn’t to say I spend ALL my time here.

I'd be here a little more, but I have a life going on.

Helps I'm on summer vacation from classes until next semester starts in August. I also work at my college's bookstore so I'm not being a super lazy one. This summer though I am tryin to get more horse words done while I have the extra time. Working hard on my epic and I have one story I want to have done in time for Halloween.

I strongly suggest putting real life ahead of fan fiction stuff here, unless you're able to juggle everything around as I used to in art school.

I am juggling it quite well actually.

Oh good. You should be fine then. Good luck!

Thankie, and you too!

Tempest is weird.

Fuck you, this was beautiful.

Like this if you cried reading this fic. Beautiful. Just beautiful!

Meme came out blurry, apologies.

*wipes tears from eyes* Wow. This story was really, really good! I know the whole "Fizzlepop Comes Home" thing has been done to death and back by this point, but this...this was heartwarming on a whole new level.

Interestingly enough, there was actually another story where Spring Rain and Glitter Drops were depicted as a married couple. Except that story portrayed them and the entire town as a pair of unicorn elitist jerks who we weren't supposed to feel sorry for in the slightest.

And Spring Rain's daughter...awwww. :)

10/10. I'm putting this in my favorites.

Well done, Whinifree. Well done.

Are you sure it isn't just blurry because of the tears being shed? :)


I know the whole "Fizzlepop Comes Home" thing has been done to death and back by this point

What? That too? I thought her becoming a member of Twilight's personal Royal Guard was also overdone.

Well, what I mean is that it's been covered so much that it's not exactly a unique topic anymore. It's not like people are gonna say "Ugh, another one?". You can still put your own spin on it. It's just that there are quite a few of them now.

Then again, there are quite a few stories for practically every possible scenario this fandom of ours can come up with.

Thank you all for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :heart::twilightsmile:


Very awesome. But a very weird character.

Do you think you could elaborate on what you mean by "weird"?

This is... spectacular. I cannot put proper words to how well it was done.


A physically scarred and crippled child turned unconventional military/combat savant that conquers her own people in the hopes of being cured (to say nothing of her turnabout/redemption) ; in a kid-friendly, "lets all be friends!"-cartoon?

Its like the movie writers read one too many "badass character in Equestria, goes around doing badass things in attempt to get home"-fimfiction stories.

10/10! i really want more grubber!

Glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

It’d be cool if he and Tempest and other characters from the movie got cameos in the tv show.

MJP #40 · Jun 20th, 2018 · · 15 ·

yah, tempest cause you turning evil because of disfigurement is totally not offensive to people who have lost limbs:trollestia::trollestia:

lol JK:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

I think it would make more sense for Tempest to be a Canterlot guard

It wasn't just losing her horn, ya know. It was also that her friends left her life as a result of her accident, ya know. Man, you're fucking sensitive.

In that case, she'd be way better than Twilight's piece-of-dick brother.

Look, it's important to remember that a unicorn without a horn is just an earth pony with a shotgun on its head... which is admittedly kind of awesome, but it's hard to pick up balls that way. Being an earth pony is the worst, clearly. It's amazing more of them don't turn evil, or maybe they do, and are smacked down by one single unicorn.

Just... the worst.

Since I finally finished it I can give my opinion.

Firstly, I’m happy to see Tempest getting such a sweet but sad story. Tempest coming home to meet the foal of her two best friends when they were kids, find that one had passed away, and reuniting with her family and becoming a part of her old home once more.

Secondly, each little meeting, every interaction she has with everypony really made me feel for her and seeing that she wishes to stay it really brings joy and happiness to me.

Third, Tempest giving her old friend the pink rose as a symbol of eternal friendship. That part made me tear up, knowing I’ve lost a friend a year ago but couldn’t do anything for her.

Overall, this story is easily one of the top ten stories I’ve seen with Tempest in it. Great job with it. :twilightsmile:

*literally bawling* OMG, so sad, and so happy! Is this what sappy was supposed to mean? Well, it can't be had, that's an article. F*CK! Mixed emotions! :applecry:

I loved this story. So sweet yet so sad! It's great!

Agreed. This story was great.

And the five people who down voted this masterpiece need to...OPEN UP THEIR EEYYYYYYYYYYES!!!

I'm sorry.* It just popped into my head, and it was written before I could do anything about it.

*I regret nothing. :)

Comment posted by Jade Dawn deleted Jun 21st, 2018

*sigh* Another one who thinks that Shining was manipulated to say those nasty things. Call me whatever, but I don't think he was brainwashed at the time. And even if he was, Twilight's friends went along with it and didn't regret it either. So whatever the case, Shining Armor is still a dick brother and the episode itself is one of the worst I've ever seen. Friendship lessons are played way better in Yu-Gi-Oh! and Kingdom Hearts, plain and simple.

End of my rant.

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