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No one can top Tempest for long-wearing yet perfect looks. But how does she do it? What's her secret? Rarity wants to know. And then... she finds out...

A fun, quickie one-shot, not set in any specific AU, though it's compatible with several of my other Tempest stories.

User Spaniard Kiwi was kind enough to post a Spanish translation over on DeviantArt -- thanks much!

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Works for me, this suits Grubber surprisingly well.

Grubber is a man of hidden talents.

Headcanon accepted

Now i want to see picture of Rarity with Tempest's eyebrows.

I want to see a picture of the M6 with Tempest's entire expression

Personally, when someone mentions eyebrows, I think of this:

Nice one. Have a thumbs up.

That was a fun read. Congrats on making the Featured box!

I feel like there are so many things Grubber could be unexpectedly good at that. He's just totally underappreciated as a character.

I always think of any given appearance of The Rock.

Haha, love number 12 eyebrows always win.
Great little fic, short and sweet

At the end of the day, SPIKE is a more appreciated and fleshed out character than Grubber.
Which could be a good thing, considering Grubber would FLATTEN Spike otherwise

Lol. It is the E Y E L A S H E S B R O W S.

Open up your eyes parody.

Open up your eyes
And use my beauty routine
Lashes as eyebrows
Don't worry they've been cleaned!

Open up your eyes
Admire the fuschia shadow
And waterproof mascara
Stallions stare
When I open up my eyes.

Hilarious, indeed.

All this for a Dr Who reference, bravo, really, bravo, i love it :heart:

I could see this being canon.

Hey, she must keep him around for some reason. This works quite well as the explanation.

Uh okay. Blink blink

I want to see Rarity with Tempest's mane style.
I'd imagine that Rarity's version would come out three times larger, since she has a longer mane.

Nice read.

"After all, I live longer that way. So, when would ya like to do it?"

favorite line

Locating the proper door at last -- the one with the light scorching around the knob, just as Twilight had told her

Oh I like such small accents! Makes sense! Tempest's telekinesis is lousy, and she likely burned the knob with her broken horn's pyrotechnics!

Ha, I was about to make one in the comments before reading and then to see this as I head to the comment bar.... perfect

"Basically," she said, "it's the eyebrows..."

The 12th Doctor called
He wants his trademark back

(motions with hand like a telephone receiver)
"Call me."

(P.S. "It's just a phone, Clara! Nothing happens when you pick up a...")

Suddenly, Clara finds herself somewhere very different. Apparently something does happen when you pick up a phone. If only she remembered

I would love to see a picture of rarity trying out tempests look.

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