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Of course Applejack wants everypony to think apples are the best. Usually, she doesn’t flip out about it, though. What did Dash do to get her in such a snit?

An entry in scribbler’s 2018 BronyCon fiction contest. Featured on Equestria Daily.

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This was so sweet. Also, bonus points of having the anteater named Arthur.

Applejack lurched forward and hooked her forelegs around Dash’s neck. Dash’s back stiffened, her body tingled like when she’d have to push around a fully charged thunderhead, and her jaw clenched. This… this wasn’t how Applejack acted. Ever .

I agree with that. Something has to be wrong, really wrong......

Applejack sniffled hard and pulled Dash closer. Not some arm’s-length thing. She held onto Dash, clung to her like she might fall down a pit otherwise, pawing at Dash’s back to find that sure foothold that’d keep her safe. “I miss her, Dash,” she blubbered. “I miss her. I sometimes have trouble rememberin’ her face now, and how could I do that?”

:fluttercry: Me: *crying and reaching for tissue*

It felt like a kick in the gut not to fly off and get as far away as possible—loyalty usually meant standing and fighting, putting herself between her friends and whatever threatened them. Not…

*still crying* Don't.....sniff......you dare.....sniff.....leave her........sob!

Her chest deflated. “It’s alright, AJ.” She hugged her friend back, a real hug, as Applejack still desperately hung on. Applejack hid her eyes in Dash’s shoulder, and she’d even started shaking, silently. “Let it out.”

And the Element of Loyalty shines brightly in this moment!

*wipes eyes* This was absolutely beautiful. So touching. I felt bad for AJ, missing her Mom. And Dash was a real trooper, sticking by her as she cried even though we all know Dash hates "sappy" stuff. Lol. Well done. *clap clap clap*

Think... Think I got something in my eye...:fluttershysad:

Truly beautiful. Also, I liked how Rainbow reacted to the 'flying feather' bit. A good mini-message tucked in the larger story.

This was really nicely-done and effective. Nice to see Rainbow Dash's loyalty to a friend shine strong here ^_^

Btw, I liked the references to "Secrets and Pies" throughout this too.

What Dash do to get her in such a snit?

What did Dash do to get her in such a snit?

Fixed, thanks.

Sweet little story. I can really relate to Applejack in terms of how she dealt with her grief; try to hold it in to save face, end up lashing out at those closest to you, and oh boy, when the dam finally bursts... It's never easy, but it makes a world of difference having someone there to be strong when you can't be.

One little thing, though...

Best of all, she had her friend back. And, come to think of it, Dash out to go drop in for a visit with her own parents. Just because.

That should be "ought", I think. Great work overall! :twilightsmile:

*sigh* This is what happens when you're backed up against a contest deadline and don't have time for much editing. Fixed, and thanks.

Say, have they announce the winner of the contest?


Not that I know. I'm following scribbler, so I assume I'll get a notification of a blog post when she does.

There's several users known as "Scribbler." Which one is it?


That was sweet. But nice nods to other episodes as well

An engaging little read, and the visiting with Pinkie Pie portion was especially fun - there were some rather mirthful little bits in there! :rainbowlaugh: The unique breed of ants was very creative too - poor Dashie. And overall I found that this piece was one pretty well-written. :eeyup: Thank you kindly for sharing! :twilightsmile:

A very well-drawn conflict and a sweet resolution.

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