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Rainbow and Fluttershy had been friends for so long, and their friendship has remained throughout the ages, and it's truly something to treasure. So when Fluttershy's feeling a little down, she knows she still has her number one fan to support her- Rainbow Dash.

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"Hey, you know what I do when I'm feeling down?" whispered Rainbow, "I tell myself to keep breathing. Let go of stuff. Stay calm. It sounds like the crappiest advice, I know. But it really works. And if that doesn't work, I bet someone else out there has it worse than you"

While that second portion’s honestly typically one of the worst things you can tell someone when they aren’t in a good place, it does very much seem in character for her to do.

Yup, with this story, my aim is to make the character's very similar to their personalities in the show, glad I could deliver :twilightsmile:

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