You know what's a dumb idea? Taking the crew of a stranded cruise liner and marching them through a magical horse dimension to get home.

You know what's a smart idea? Grouping everybody in pairs so that they can buddy up and look after each other during the trans-dimensional trek.

When Flash Sentry is randomly partnered with an annoying fussy magician possessing an ego the size of the magical storm that sank them, he'd almost rather stay back on the wrecked ship.

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Calling it now. Trixie and Flash will either be dating or try to kill each other by the time this story's over.

I can't help but think of one of MythrilMoth's last stories, and not just because it's in the Similar links. The aftermath of "Spring Breakdown" makes for some fascinating story fodder. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


This version of Flash seems pretty realistic without being overcomplicated. His craving of popularity yet the self-awareness of being irrelevant, just an extra in somebody else story.

Well... that's off to a GREAT start!

Wow, Trixie is really ripping into Flash here.

Oh no. The one thing nobody should let her have.

But you know, my stupid shipper brain kind of think those two could be good to each others... if they didn't kill each others before making it to the mirror.

Flash described the very problem with his character. Very self aware... and it kind of pathetic how much he is stuck there.

He was still wincing from the stinging sensation in his flank.

His Cutie Mark is active?

Trixie slapped his rear... with her hooves.


Huh. I'll have to keep an eye on this one.


So, is Flash going to be in a princess dress by the end of this or is that bit played out?


I think Trixie has already emasculated him enough.

10133899 I agree! This is a surprisingly simple take on Flash Sentry that is also surprisingly well-thought out! Wouldn’t mind at all if it were cannon!

Man, Trixie is really dialing up the nasty.

Poor Flash: wanting to matter, but being overshadowed by forces beyond your control.

Flash probably have depression. Or something similar. But Trixie is kind of right in her philosophy. At least a little.

I bet they will be cuddling for warmth by morning. :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, turquoise? Wasn't Sunset's magic red upon returning to Equestria?



Must've been on her (lula)moonbleed when went through the portal and it transferred over.

Flash had stopped looking within and started gazing outside. He found idols—temporary goddesses—to carry the flame. And they dropped them just like they dropped him. In the end, he only had himself to blame for thinking another torch beside his was worthy of the talent.

But he also knew that—if he wasn't careful, and he let his heart (and other organs) grip to tightly to the rudder—he would just toss the flame back out again... and everything would be extinguished in a brand new darkness

Someone needs to start praising the Sun.


“Why—that's exactly what Trixie was going to say!” she gasped, holding a delicate hoof over her fuzzy chest. “How typically insensitive of you to act as if you thought of it first!”

Oh, no it wasn't Trixie, be honest with yourself here. :trixieshiftleft:

This time Trixie's horn glowed at the precise moment of the sinus discharge. A violet beam of light fired into the crowd ahead of them. A column of “Trot Buddies” jumped in opposite directions—gasping—as the energy beam flew across the forest, bounced off two trees trunks, and impacted a pine cone. ZAAAAP! The seedling morphed into a pink teacup that shook, wobbled, and finally fell loose from its branch, crashing to the forest floor below. Cliiink!

Teacup! :rainbowlaugh:

“Do they fight over apples? Oats? Bales of hay?”

Well, there was that one time where they all fought using only pies...

Hopefully that grass Trixie ate won't later cause any troubles for her great and powerful tummy... :rainbowderp:

Flash’s trot buddy has the trots. :trixieshiftleft::pinkiesick:

Glad this is back.

“When you get to the castle, I'll... cast a spell or something. No one will think of you as anything more than a regular background pony.”

For some reason I feel worried for Flash all of the sudden.

He was really mature in this conversation. Strange that if he is not interacting with Sunset, his personality go back to sad sack.

And of course Trixie was going to be a busy sleeper. She can't help but be the center of attention after all.


References besides, it solidifies the overall theme: This is a story, and you are a minor character.

This story is a lot of fun! :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm. But is being the background pony what Flash really wants? :trixieshiftright:

(The fact the only pony emote with the desired expression happens to be Trixie's mug just sweetens the deal) :rainbowlaugh:

I swear, Flash has the patience of a saint. If I were in his place, I would have already murdered Trixie on her sleep, disposed of the body and told Sunset some beast caught and ate her. I don't think anyone on the group would have bothered investigating.

“Will Trixie be forced into a cutscene with a polygonal owl?”

:rainbowlaugh: You cheeky son of a moblin!

“Mrmmffff... y'know...” Flash Sentry managed between bites. “...I can't stop thinking about Applejack. Like...” He smiled in Trixie's direction. “...why does the universe allow her to manifest in this world with that hat on?”

It was in her contract. :ajsmug:

“... … … Trixie hates high school counselors.”

We'll just not tell her how ironic that statement is coming from her, EqG Trix or not. :raritywink:

“Hah!” Trixie scoffed. “There's only one Grreat and Powerrful Trrixie! That horse doppelganger is nothing but an imposter! A horse hockey harlot!”

That's precisely what the other Trixie said. :rainbowlaugh:


Everyone hates on Navi, but that darn owl is far more annoying.

Out of his slump? Good for you Flash.

But... is that bad that I see this as if he was an addict who got his fix and only feel better because of that?

Or is it that he now see a good goal in being a good trot buddy to Trixie?

Poor Flash. Every time Sunset turns around it seems like Flash started it. I feel bad for him, having experienced the same once or twice.

I have to praise you author, I took a nap and suddenly there's a new chapter!

I have to say, as entertaining as Trixie's dramatic complaints are, I feel sorry for Flash and Sunset needing to deal with her. They're trying to get everyone home as peacefully as possible and all she's done is complain and, quite possibly, is going to make everything worse than it has to be.


Still she makes some good points. Flash should man up and stop letting other walk over him.

On the one hand, the rabble-rousing isn't exactly helpful. On the other, these people do have lives to get back to. It's the Walter Sobchak position: Trixie's not wrong, she's just an asshole.

Hopefully Sunset's plan isn't too ludicrous. You can't exactly Looney Tunes your way through town with over two hundred other ponies in tow.

Anyone else feel like maybe Trixie is crushing on Flash and jealous that he obviously carries a torch for Sunset?

Everyone is dumping their problems on Flash rather than deal with Trixie.


She can claim they are a changeling troupe.

“Flash Sentry, good sir, please calm your trot buddy down,” Rarity insisted without looking.

What the hay do you think he's been trying to do the whole time they've been trot buddies, Rares? The calmest she's been during this whole venture was while she was asleep...and even that wasn't all that calm. :rainbowlaugh:

"I turn around for one second and it's like the Exodus from Egypt over here.”

Well, there's your problem! You haven't parted the Red Sea yet, Sunset! :rainbowlaugh:

I dunno...this is MLP we're talking about here... :raritywink:

Comment posted by Autumn Rush deleted March 20th

Eyyy, another daily! Though I already feel bad for Flash.

Admittedly, I was expecting Twilight to have corrected 'ad hominid' to 'ad hominem', but perhaps she's just riffing?



The feminine 3rd declension accusative mulierem might be more appropriate.

“I'm going to let you in on an unflattering truth about Equestrians,” Sunset said in a muttering tone. “And this is especially the case with Ponyville ponies.” Her eyes darted back and forth, as if worried over leaking a forbidden secret. “We're... a paranoid and superstitious bunch.”

She should also have mentioned the possibility of it being caused by the dozens of attacks on Ponyville because of the mane 6.

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