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Lyra is once more on the hunt for the greatest myth of all time... humans! But her attempts have been foiled again and again, even if proving their existence is the least of her objectives. This time, however, she seems to have finally found something that can only be made by humans! Can she, with your help, unravel the mystery and reach her objective?

Choose her path, and choose wisely, for once a choice is made, it cannot be undone! Whether she lives or dies, succeeds or fails is in your HANDS (remember she always wanted a pair of her own!)

Cover courtesy of NikkuWalkanov & WannabeFox

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Go, Hand Society Agent White! I chose you!

Twilight Sparkle. There can be only lulz in that path.


And have them take it away!? No chance!

Twilight Sparkle, because that crazy pony, while she'll freak out at the situation, will do EVERYTHING to figure out what the hell it is.

Plus rubbing it into her face is always nice :rainbowwild:

Hard to decide. Twilight is closed minded about the Humans but is a very knowledgeable student of both magic and science. Also if the box proves dangerous or of vast import Twilight is an Element Bearer and has a direct line to the Princesses. Also baring knowledge for who the Hands Society Adents are I will assume that Twilight is also the closest one.

So I vote 1: Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle. Just because if I could I'd put her on every story on fimfiction. :twilightblush:

It's not very effective:twilightangry2:
Spike pokes wearily and disappears in flash of awesome:moustache:

Ahem... In other words, Twilight please.

I must say that I wish for Twilight, If only so Lyra doesn't fall into the Tin-Tin conundrum, or gets backstabbed by a Society member.

1. Twilight Sparkle

It seems rather... magical, so who better to check it out than the element of magic herself?

I pick Twilight..... Yeah.

I pick Twilight, because she is apparently skeptical, a Scully to Lyra's Mulder. That will be interesting for story purposes.

320872 ... And WHY would they take it away? You're obviously not thinking. The agent is part of the same organization as she is. Even IF they took it, it would be because they could better analyze it. Twilight isn't going to take it very seriously, or will send it to the princess. I just don't see a good outcome with Twilight. (Especially after I asked Deleteh my guesses for who the two agents were, and I was correct! XD )

"were my first costumer" should be "were my first customer".

Well, I pointed out the typo... now time for my vote.

1. Twlight Sparkle, cause she's cool.^_^

^_^ ^_^

^_^ ^_^


I can see it now. Lyra is a lower level initiate, trying to make her way up the ladder, when all of the sudden, she stumbles across the greatest discovery in the Hand's history. LIKE HELL they are going to let her keep a hold of that thing.

No... give it to a friend. At least if Twilight TRIES to send it to Celestia, you can still talk her out of it.

Besides, it doesn't say anywhere Lyra is part of the Hands (implied heavily, but never outright says).

And NEVER trust an organization that you don't know the names of the members of.

Edit: Oh wait, it says ANOTHER member. Ok, so she's a part of it for sure. Somehow missed that...

the box seems sciency, so who better to look that twi


Twilight used non-stop-talking.
Lyra fell asleep. metal box was unaffected. Spike is confused.

Spike hurts himself in his confusion.

Lyra is asleep! Metal Box does nothing.

Twilight uses contact-princeses
It doesent work, spike is confused!

Lyra wakes up and uses duct tape.
Twilight shuts up.

Spike snaps out of confusion and picks up Metal Box.
Metal Box explodes and Pinkie Pie pops out and throws a party.
Spike fainted. Lyra is paralized. Twilight is confused.

Lyra loses 10 hp from the party.
Twilight loses 10 hp from the party
Metal Box is unafected.

Twilight hurts herself in her confusion.
Twilight fainted!

Vote 2

Twilight is close-minded. And I love grey colour.


Hand Society? Count me in. 2.

Hmm, if I knew the names of the agents, or atleast something about the society. I could pick one of those. But I don't want to pick twilight because she could easily contact the princess and shut this down. But since that is unlikely to happen
I pick option 1, Twi

1, Twilight

Twilight, all the way across the sky.

btw, is the human device something we are suppose to recognize because I couldn't for the life of me (and I didn't really read too many of the comments)?

It looks like Twilight is winning by a landslide. Oh well, I was going to pick her anyway.


Twilight and Spike :pinkiehappy:

Twilight Sparkle. Another smart unicorn, also think of the shennanigans~ lol

also, since this CYOA style, you must write all the possible conclusions and endings.

Tricky to write, are Choose Your Own Adventure stories. If anyone here was going to give it a go, I'm glad it was you. I shall watch with interest.

My vote goes to Twilight. Contacting a group with vague motives whose members have codenames never ends with smiles and ice cream. Especially when the group in question is called the ______ society.

Twilight. Twilight. Twilight. Twilight. Twilight. Twilight. Twilight. Twilight. :twilightblush:

Twilight all the way

I vote for Twilight! It will either end in awesome or hilarity!

Well, the 2nd and 3rd choices don't seem very different, or else I'd consider picking one of them and people on this site tend to favor the mane six, so that's why Twilight has such a high vote count. Maybe if I knew why 2 and 3 were different, I'd actually pick one of them.

I think Twilight would be the most interesting choice and I'd only pick the agents based on the color I like more, so...yeah, I pick Twilight.

I like to think Lyra just found an XBOX. :P


It's a tough call; Twilight is the only one we actually know anything about, but what we know isn't very encouraging for Lyra's predicament. She could dismiss it as nothing, given Lyra's pretty obvious reputation for seeing Humans everywhere; she could try and experiment with magic and possibly end up damaging it since her spells have a habit of comically blowing up in her face; or, in a potential worst case scenario, send it away to the princess since she doesn't know what it is and possibly risk Lyra never seeing it again.

The other two, however, are both unknown variables. Now, it's obvious that Lyra trusts them both enough to consider going to them with her new find, which may or may not reflect on her as well. Now, their names imply something else. White implies purity and innocence, as well as light and goodness; but, that may not be the case with Agent White, as it may also refer to somepony who views themselves as a 'White Knight' who wants to find humans and possibly remove them before they become a threat to Equestria. Gray implies a mixture of morals and somewhat of a questionably pony, yet it's that possibility of slightly questionable morals that might make them perfect for Lyra's needs; as they might be willing to bend the rules of this strange society to help her out.

After careful consideration, and this very long (and possibly extraneous) comment, I am going to cast my vote for... Agent Gray.

2: “No, I think we should let the others know, they can be here soon and they won’t betray us to the government!” Lyra said.

That's my vote, and I'm sticking to it! Let's see some more agents!

2: “No, I think we should let the others know, they can be here soon and they won’t betray us to the government!” Lyra said.

I'm once again with option two. WHO THE HELL WANTED TWILIGHT? Oct... I mean, Agent Gray and Agent White is awesome, let's add them to story :pinkiehappy:

“I bet there’s people out there who were wondering who Agents Gray and White were until you almost spilled the beans.” Lyra said with an annoyed tick to her eyebrow.

I see what u did dar!:rainbowwild:

Let's go for 3. It hasn't done anything dangerous yet, just blinked and plopped and tried to use the Hungarian Phrasebook.

Whatever you do, don't tell the princess! So, uhh, that's either 2 or 3 then. Ah well, let's involve the musicians! :pinkiehappy:

2, I don't trust Celestia for this kind if thing

2: “No, I think we should let the others know, they can be here soon and they won’t betray us to the government!” Lyra said.

Agent Gray and Agent White must join the story!

my vote is for 3.

Two. I want to see V- Agent White and Oct- Agent Grey.

Let us wait and zee.

3 sounds good.

Now this is another interesting conundrum...

On the one hand, even we- as outside viewers- don't have any indication what this box is or what it's actually intended to do. In the event that it does something dangerous, it would be best to have somepony like the Princess around to contain whatever possible threat there is; and, even then, she's been around for goodness knows how long, and she's probably seen a lot in those centuries of life. However, she may also take away the item for study by more experienced mages so that things like this don't happen again, meaning that Lyra would likely lose her most significant proof of humans to date.

Calling the other members of the society, even with the knowledge of who they are, is still an unknown variable; we have no idea what insight they could provide, or what they could possibly do to make the situation even worse than it already is. However, the same could be said for just doing nothing; thanks to the function of the box being unknown.

In the end, and I no offense to Celestia, I feel it best to keep her out of the loop on this; if only until such a time that they have a better understanding of what this is. That said, they still require help; ergo, contacting the others seems like the best option here and gets my vote.

2. Celestia is like the equivalent of our government and they are all ways shown as hiding stuff and I really wouldn`t trust Celestia to be diffrent

Hmm... on one hand, getting the party together makes everything better... but on the other hand, letting this thing run its course sounds delicious...



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