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The Elements of Harmony are defeated and Nightmare Moon stands on Equestria's throne as their new Queen. Is Equestria doomed to suffer through night time eternal or will they be... perfectly fine? Twilight finds her new job as slave or "personal assistant" to her new ruler to be a bit maddening. But is this evil sarcastic queen really as bad as she originally believed? And just how many others are diabolical enough to cash in on the change in staff? Can Nightmare truly run a peaceful Equestria? Let me just answer all these questions right here in the description...

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hehe also I totally stole that outfit design from Crappyunicorns drawings
or more like he was the original inspiration for this story :]

interesting story, wonder if Twilights new friends will form some sort of Rebellion or something lol

and yay it isnt even grimdark, had enough of grimdark honestly. :twilightsheepish:

Good luck

Well. I can tell this is going to be going into some interesting directions for sure.


you and me both brudda

They should've sent more poets.

I have no idea what to think of this story. It's certainly interesting, and I can't wait to see what you'll do with it, but I can't decide yet if it's for good or bad xD.

I find it hard to believe that Twilight would ever answer that question with a "no" though. Especially considering what she's just done to Celestia, monster or not, heh.

This is going in a reaaaaally interesting direction. :o Tracking for moar.

...Is there a link to a full sized version of the preview pic?


here ya go!
I was going to post it at the end of the second chapter I hope to be uploading later today :]
but whatevs

Another interesting story to keep track of! Keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

Very interesting development, I must say that I like the concept of this story ( especially like the fact that it's lighthearted and not dark). My only real recommendation is to get a proof reader. I noticed a number of punctuation errors as well as one or two spelling errors. It's not a very big issue, but I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi so I just notice these things. KEEP IT UP!

too busy lauging to post something witty.

They're inside the cake... aren't they?:trixieshiftleft:

When's the next chapter!? :pinkiehappy:


that's ridiculous, you're ridiculous, how would that even happen, cakes are filled with cake, there wouldn't even be any room!
well I got about 2000 more words or so to go, so probably this weekend
.... although I still haven't come up with a name for the antagonist yet :T

Holy Hell I'm in love :pinkiegasp:. This...this is....There is no words for the pure and utter awesomeness of this story. It blows the mind...Like Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy:. This is definitely a Pinkie Type story. Great job.

Go Get em Fluttershy :flutterrage:.

That cake is quiet...too quiet...WATCH OUT IT'S A TRAP!!!

I'm genuinely suprised this idea hasn't been done before (not counting the grim-dark or serious stories but something fun). Me likey


Poor Twilight is so confus. :twilightsmile:


This is made of equal parts awesome, what the hell and really, what the hell?
Really I just want to see where you go with this. (Sunny needs to meet Pinkie... needs to.)

No, their going to come in through the widows. Well all except for Pinkie Pie, she'll somehow be popping out from behind the throne. :pinkiesmile:

The only thing I could think of was "Bad touch, bad touch!" :trollestia:

cakes are filled with cake that is something GLaDOs would say XD your a great writer

I'm glad I started tracking this back on chapter 1

Twilight is so adorkable and Nightmare Moon, WOW...


Wanderer D

:rainbowhuh: Is this... can it be... a NMM x Twilight shipping?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

YES! YEEES! YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES! *deep breath* :yay: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I hope here will be Nightmare Moon's flirting that Twilight will interpret as pre-rape and would be freaked out and NMM will comfort her.

I'm loving this fic a lot, keep up the good work :)

lol, yeah i dont expect them to come from the cake.

pinkie will probably pop out from under the carpet screaming FOREVVEEEER when NNM says the night will last forever or something. :pinkiecrazy:

Admiral Ackbar: It's a trap!

ok, let's see...

Nightmare moon is actually likable, in a strange, half-villainous way,
Sunny is adorable in a cute-kid-trying-way-too-hard kind of way,
Twilight is adorkable,
Twi x NMM is well on its way to become another otp of mine (on top of twixy, twiluna, twishy ...),
and I cannot wait for the next chapter.

Good job man, Good job.

Its sad if its true that Celestia cant be returned.Twilight had many years with Celestia as a mother figure/mentor for her.So she surely cant just give up on that,but i wont rule out this all being a giant prank of Trolestia and Troluna

NNM is still there like we saw in chapter 2, but Luna is mostly in control obviously,and i take it that besides wanting to be loved she wants fun since she missed a 1000 years of fun ,and progress.

The Antagonist could be Trixie- shes boastful and likes to prove herself to be the greatest unicorn who ever lived,so why not to take on NNM and gain eternal glory and thanks from the peasant ponies? :trixieshiftleft:

Also,love the picture hehe

5679 NO, "you're ridiculous"!:flutterrage: I know they're in the cake!!! You cant hide anything from Mc Farty!!:twilightangry2:

Pretty nice story
Lots of wingboner and laughing my ass off moments here
But you want a good antagonist?
Whos better then Dis(c)troll?

Awesome story so far!
Can wait for MOAR! XD
But just to be sure, is this a Twilight X NMM Story?
If so, :rainbowkiss:


Ya it seem kind of depressing if it is True that Celestia would never be able to remember who she was or anything else from her life :fluttershysad:

I'm also wondering if this is the ultimate Trollestia Trolluna Prank

I can just imagine Nightmare Moon acting like it's zero-g and just floating over the cake. She's being all nice and the icing says "It's a trap!". Then everyone bursts out and sees NMM and Twilight laughing their asses (flanks?) off.

You know what, after I got done re-reading this ( ya it was that good a second time) I'll have to admite that I would like to see a twilight picture of that outfit NNM making her wear. :twilightsmile:


like I said it was taken directly from one of crappyunicorn's designs, with extremely minor differences
his art is most definitely the inspiration for this story
and he has like 7 other slave Twilight pics as well
also I couldn't come up with a better design, his was too god damn perfect :[

oh by the way readers
if you think a certain scene is particularly good, just say so and I might turn it into a pic like the bed scene
I might do NMM's "Ravage" face first off though :>

Awesome story I'm loving it so far a NMM x Twi pairing is new yet awesome keep it up :pinkiehappy:

The "Villain" is not really a villain, and what you've done to Celestia is awful


actually I haven't introduced the antagonist yet
and you're right, I should have just sent her to the sun or something :o
or a dungeon
or a dungeon on the sun?

does she seem sad to you right now or something? :]

Any news on when the next chapter will be up?
(More in days and not this week please :twilightsheepish:)

Because She presents herself to you...you have no choice....but to ravage her.

Well, I guess if you have to, you have to.... :trollestia:


it is done already I just need to proof read it
I feel like it's sort of an obligation to ravage anything that presents itself to me
I mean something/someone is presenting themselves to you
it would be rather rude not to

I am really enjoying this fic so far looking forward to seeing how things work out for the new dark ruler and her "slave"


Thanks for the link, and you were right about it being perfect. /)^3^(\ I might have to save it for a wallpaper.

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