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27, Female, Iowan, College Graduate. Favorite Pony: Celestia. Favorite Not Pony: Discord. Yeah, I like Equestria's Gods, so that's what most my fics are going to be about!


Over the course of a thousand years of monotonous rule, Celestia no longer understands how to connect to ponies, and doesn't bother. But when Twilight Sparkle makes her bombastic appearance, the Princess cannot help be interested.

Featured on Equestria Daily, December 29, 2011

Chapters (4)
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GUH! This is one of my faves. I wrote a nice review way back when, so I'm just going to drop you a thumbs-up.

Holy mother fuck of all that exists, you put this here.

Wonderful to see this story pop up here as well, it's a good one.

I for one, hope to see more stories from you. :twilightsmile:

Agh, Grey Potter, it kills me! This is such an interesting way to interpret Celestia, but...it deserves to be drawn out and analyzed at greater length!

I say this, knowing your initial criticism of "Eternal" was that it moved at a snail's pace... :twilightsheepish:

My headcanon is full of what.

Take my thumbs. All of them. *hands over hacksaw*

It's a very interesting way to see the relationship between Celestia and Twilight... certainly different, having Celestia be the one who's too daunted by Twilight to not do anything... and... well...

I need to go read something happier now. :fluttercry:

My mind has... I just can't even respond properly. One of the greatest "Alternate Character Interpretations" I've ever read, and I've read a fair few over the years.

I wish it was happier though. I can understand the feelings involved with really enjoying a sad or melancholy ending, left hanging on a note like this... I just don't experience them myself. I wish Twilight could suddenly realize that she loved Celestia, or maybe figure it out over the following years. And then crack open the Elements of Harmony and turn herself immortal to stand at Celestia's side forever. I dislike the idea of immortality being such an unfathomably horrible curse as it seems like in stories like this, when viewed from a mortal perspective. And in this case, from Celestia's as well.

Can has epilogue? :duck:

I want to write something long or witty or meaningful to commemorate what I just read, but I can't. I'll be blunt in saying that parts of this story could be written better and more clearly, but the story is making me think and reflect. For that, I think you were successful in writing this.

I remember reading this on EqD.
Just saying - I love your writing style and characterisation of dear ol' 'Tia.

- Midnight Specter

@Device Heretic: My pace is too quick, on the other hand. You're right to say this needs to be drawn out XD;

I enjoyed it. The ending was ambiguous, but nicely so, and had a tone of bittersweetness.

Wha...Tears....Wh-......What magic is this?:heart:

I actually liked the way it wasn't dragged it out; I tend to loose interest in the longer stories.

Yet again, another story that I would want to crown as immortal and incredible and one of the greatest things I've ever read...has to cut my heart out with its melancholy and sad ending. Why is it that every amazing and perfect story out there has to have a sad, confusing, depressing, bittersweet, or otherwise different ending? I just don't understand. I hate first-person stories, and yet...dear God, this story was so brilliant. I wanted to cry so badly. I could actually see it all. It could UNDERSTAND it all. It all made so much sense and it was so touching and brilliant. But...why such an ending? It's...it's logical, I suppose, but...I can't help but agree with Jiopaba. Why not give Twilight immortality as well, and through the years, eventually she realizes that she can return Celestia's feelings? In fact, that'd make for a good sequel. A narrative in first-person on Twilight's thoughts, following this story...with the last chapter possibly reverted back to Celestia. As it stands, the ending tugs on my heartstrings and is making me go crazy. It's freaking incredible, don't get me wrong, and I commend you for your talented and amazing efforts. But...I hate endings like that. :fluttershysad:

Making Twilight immortal is poor writing, for the most part. It's essentially a deus ex machina - Twilight suddenly becomes immortal, and boom, everything is fixed and they can live happily ever after now.

That being said, I always enjoyed this story for how it portrayed Celestia. Definitely at odds with how I've written her (and at odds with a great many others), but it's an interesting and original take on her character.

Is it really deus ex machina if the "god" is already there? Making Twilight immortal isn't really a stretch when beings like Celestia are involved.

But I agree that it would be kind of lazy (not to mention defeating the point) for fics like this one where the whole theme is mortality.
Could make for a good story somewhere else, though.

This was a really, really good story. One of those one's I always meant to read, but I was reading like a dozen others. I'm glad I found it again on Fimfiction :heart:

Also The Steadfast Sky, one I've been meaning to check out and now I will :pinkiehappy:.

Looking forward to reading more stories from you Grey ;)

232026 I'm not... opposed to that kind of ending. But its one of those problematic ones that brings up more issues than it solves. It seems happy... but when you really think about it, it's just delaying more pain to come later.... :applejackunsure: That's why it can been seen as a cliche, or used poorly. If people think that's the end and everything's hunky-dory from then on... well.... they're now both immortal. There IS no ending.

Damn... that was Beautyful :fluttercry:

This was amazing!

Celestia:Forever Alone

I read this on googledocs and I'm glad to see it here. Probably the best fic that at least somewhat ships Twilight and Celestia and I love it.

Instant 5 stars and fav. :twilightsmile:

BWAAAAAAAA BWAAAAAAHAAAAAA:applecry::pinkiesad2::raritydespair::fluttercry::raritycry:

This is singularly wondrous.
I think this is the first piece I have read that really comes close to hoe lonely she is now. With her sister gone and an everliving goddess among mere mortals, everything and everyone around hete would seem totally insignificant, wouldn't it.
This is just... Wow.

Now, this is reminding me of Dr. Manhatten...

Sweet mother of god I need more. More.

An excellent fic my friend. Reading this makes you set aside all the memes and strangely eternally happy nature we normally see Celestia in. Long sentence short: It sucks to be the only immorta and Celestia needs an escape.

I remember reading the first chapter of this somewhere and loved it :twilightsmile: . Time to track it for safe keeping and read the rest! :yay:

Well Sh!t just happend

So immersive. Really brings a deeper sense to immortality doesn't it? Can't say I like the internally condescending Celestia though, but her feelings must have faded away in her extremely lengthy rule.

I couldn't help but think this about Celestia's nature too. If GLaDOS was an alicorn. . .

232026 What's so bad about that? Too often we see authors simply take the "expected" road and make the ending "painful, but expected". Why CAN'T we have a story that has a very happy and sappy ending, even if it IS deus ex machina? Why should that matter? Between a "great story with a typical, sad ending" and "great story with a somewhat unbelievable, happy ending", I'd take the latter. Isn't writing about just having fun and writing something beautiful and awesome? Sure, if the author honestly WANTS the sad ending that displays morality and all that jazz, more power to him/her. All I'm saying is WHY does stories need to go the route of "sacrifice must be made, sadness must happen, since this is life and it's just how things work" or whatever? I suppose I just like happier things that make me want to cry in joy, that's all. :twilightblush:

There are three main reasons for this.
1) Friendship is Magic has a highly, highly optimistic and lighthearted tone. You're not meant to read into things very much. It's a feel-good show. Maintaining this tone throughout a longer, serialized or more introspective work is difficult; to keep things plausible, you need to bend the rules of the show, often in ways that drastically alter its tone. Immortal beings are a melancholy subject in any remotely serious work, for instance.
2) In an average story, people respond more to sadness and loss than happiness. Crushing your audience's hopes is easier than building them. Ergo, most memorable stories tend to be sad. Unless, of course, you're a stonehearted bastard who has read this stuff a thousand times before. In that case, the happier stuff sticks with you more.
3) For whatever reason, people equate cynicism with intelligence and optimism with stupidity. A 'realistic' story generally falls somewhere in the middle, with a slight tilt to one direction, depending on the story.

Your portrayal of Celestia in this is amazing, precisely the right amount of emotional anguish and self-imposed social solitude that one would imagine an ageless goddess would experience. It's particularly moving when she first admits that while she's steadily grown cold and aloof, Twilight's entrance into her life has re-sparked that fire within her :pinkiesmile: .

Also, add to the equation that I'm a massive Twilestia shipper and, well, it should come as no great surprise that I hold this story in high regards. Keep on writing, good sir (or madame), because you're darn good at it! :yay:

Oh, God, don't say that, you're just going to make me wish for that crossover fic to exist!

Also, to the author, this second chapter has me just as enthralled as the first :pinkiesmile: . Were sleep not a necessary thing, I'd surely read the remaining two back-to-back right now :twilightsmile: . Oh well, tomorrow night it is! :yay:

This may be as good as Lunacy.

That puts you at god status.

234915 Again, I dont see anything wrong with the ending where Twilight returns Celestia's feelings and they both become alicorns. It can be just as powerful, or just as silly as a sad ending where Twilight dies without ever reciprocating Celestia's feelings. It's all down to the skill of the author; a generic ending is not defined by the emotional tone.

With the way that I have written Celestia, and thought about Twilight Sparkle, I didnt see Twilight immediately jumping onto the "I'm totally cool with this, let's get married" boat, that's all.

235200 Well, I can see where you're coming from, and I can understand your point of view. It's just a story, after all. I shouldn't get so attached and take them so seriously. :twilightblush:

Darn this story and its ability to tug at my heartstrings. You really did take Celestia, a character seldom seen and of mostly unknown emotional context, and developed her into the tortured immortal soul.

This story is awesome. I hate that Celestia feels as confused and alone as she does, but dammit, you make her plight engrossing and engaging to read :pinkiehappy: .

Such a bittersweet ending, but I'll be damned if I don't love it :raritystarry: . There's so much possibility there, so much room for your imagination to take advantage of and forge either the happy or sad ending that you, the reader, want.

I've said it numerous times already, throughout each chapter, but this really is one of the best fics I've ever read. Your Celestia is a very compelling character and watching her struggle is indeed heartrending. It's selfish, I know, but I hope so much to see a sequel to this someday :twilightblush: .

*Brohoof* Awesome story.

Very good story, but perhaps a bit short. Great and credible ending, but one leaving craving to read more!

Enmar #41 · Feb 20th, 2012 · · · 3 ·

This story makes me fell oddly distant... its strange... =|

But a good read nonetheless ^^

It's not so much the story itself that makes this impressive, but the style. I don't think I've ever read anything more beautifully written, especially in first person. The whole thing shines a new light on Celestia's personality, and gets you thinking.

That title pic is freakin ADORABLE!
Alright, gotta read this now.

I liked the ending. It would be weird if Twilight had the same feelings for Celestia because as its been pointed out Celestia is like a second mother to Twilight making it kinda creepy if done poorly.

Sure its bittersweet but Celestia is on the way to recover her emotions and conneting back with her subjects so its more sweet in that way.

I liked the first person perspective in the story
as celestia it made me feel ancient, distant, and sad
Beautifully done! :raritywink:

Thumbs up! :twilightsmile:

Well, I finished. Not the ending I was hoping for, but a good ending nonetheless. Plus, it's an open-ending, so I can insert whatever headcanon I want :heart:

I say, that was a fine read, a fine read indeed. You sir really know how to bring an immortal character to life (or back to life as it appears she was emotionally gone in the beginning) :moustache:

That was so beautiful T_T Very well done. I may have actually cried, which is rare for me. Thank you for your excellent work :)

Gah, my poor headcanon!!

I feel like that ending was really abrupt, but it added a nice bittersweet element to the story that made up for the abruptness. Any chance for an epilogue to be on the way?:pinkiehappy:

That's quite a nice story there. You marked is as romance, but I'd also drop the "Sad" tag along. But maybe it's only me. Writing it in first person did really add some magic (DA MAGICS :coolphoto:) too. Nice insight into immortal goddess-like mind, by the way. :twilightsmile:

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