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27, Female, Iowan, College Graduate. Favorite Pony: Celestia. Favorite Not Pony: Discord. Yeah, I like Equestria's Gods, so that's what most my fics are going to be about!


Modeling in Equestria was becoming more about Fluttertypes, more normal and down to earth ponies with endearing inexperience. Fleur de Lis, a traditional model, senses an ill wind, and tries to cope with it in her own way.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

Modeling is the worst hell possible.

Two big thumbs up. Powerful stuff. And that title... The irony is incredible.

This is really good. I'd hope for a continuation of it, but I'm not sure that would actually be helpful. I want to know more, but the story stands on its own so well.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Modeling isn't my thing, so I can't judge accuracy or anything. Just take my thumbs up instead.

301183 Fashion history is one of my hobbies, but modelling not so much. I looked up a few terms and standards, but the story is mostly just guesswork and extrapolation. :duck:


Nope, but that image is too amazing to pass up as an avatar.


Bravo. Very well done, and a fair estimation of the actual stress and drama involved in high fashion modeling. It's a very uncaring business, and models have to go through a lot of crap to maintain their image. They have to remake themselves anytime there's a shift in what's 'in'. Kudos.

ooof. Very good story, well written, but god damn, poor Fleur De Lis.

Ironically? Going AGAINST the 'cult of the ugly' as some have called it is some suggest PART of how MLP is so popular!

A few words to Fancypants,

And her husband.

When I first read this, I thought it said 'sex' rather than sad, and kept waiting for the cliche shallow sex scene to start, instead I get a deep look at the whims of the industry.

And you think Fleur would realize Fluttershy was one of six ponies who SAVED THE WORLD, more than once!

While I appreciate this look at a cut throat and whimsical industry, Fleur here comes across as maybe a little too arrogant.

The way you captured her haughty, vain voice was great. :twilightsmile:

Fleur de Lis has died.

Or did she? (She has cheated death)
Than theres the fall of a beautiful model of Equestria, than Reborn as a Influential Leader of Modeca.

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