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Connor the Brony

I write tragedies about pastel ponies. Berry Punch is my spirit animal.


Berry Punch has lived her entire life behind the mask of Ponyville's happy, drunken, party animal. But does anypony know the real her?

See the sequel, Perdition, here.

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Brilliant, almost cried :(

"And of course you know the saying, 'My own twin? Now neither of us will be virgins!'"

...*blows nose*...Beautiful mini-story man, i couldn't help but feel my eyes get teary. Obviously this isn't how the show would have it or anything, but just...how realistic it sounds and the emotion and everything? Beautiful, just beautiful. Great work. :fluttercry:

Absolutely beautiful story, mate... Good job...:fluttercry:

Somewhere in all that, it seemed: did she just not care about Cheerilee? Didn't she consider asking Cheeri to take the kid? Just thoughts. Good story either way.

aw man, whyed you do that you made me sad now :applecry:
great story...just...really to true and depressing, i have to ask, is there something like this going on in your own life? because i cant see any other motivation for writing this. other then crushing depression.

I was kinda wondering the same thing. I also wondered why she wouldn't have a section for Cheerilee at the end like she did with Ruby and Colgate.

Still, it was a brilliant story.

Interesting take on Berry . . . helluva good read. 3.5/5 stars.

Hmm... I never really thought of that. In my head, contact with Cheerilee kinda dropped off after Berry moved in with Colgate. Berry still would have considered Colgate the best pony to take care of Ruby, since Cheerilee is a pedophile (See: Oh Dat Cheerilee). Maybe I'll add something in about them falling out; thanks for the suggestions. :pinkiehappy:

Ah, I knew that someone was going to ask about this. Thanks, also, for asking. I started writing this because I RPed Berry on a site I frequent and I came up with a headcanon for her and her story. Also, some of my favourite ask blogs are ask Berry Punch and ask Berry Pnuch, which is where I borrowed some of my ideas. Then about half-way though writing this I got very very depressed (almost to the verge of suicide). I got better, wrote some more, but got depressed again (that's just the way I am, sadly). It sucked to go through all that, but I discovered who my real friends were and got some good ideas for the story along the way. But anyway, I'm getting better now, and it's interesting to see all the similarities between me and my Berry.


It would have to be, as unless Cheerliee's predilections are known to the police, as the closest family member the child would either go to her. If Berry wanted Colgate to raise Ruby, there would have to be a will involved, something I'm thinking Berry would be a little too hammered to consider.

That was was sad. But I don't get the "My own twin? Now neither of us will be virgins!" saying.

The one flaw with this dark story is there is no reason given for why Cheerilee and Berry drifted apart from each other. Or why Berry didn't go to her for help when they were two of a pair before.

That was deep..

478325 Glad to hear you're getting better. :pinkiesmile: I hope things continue to go well.

As for the story, tearful, heartbreaking and sad. Poor Berry... :fluttercry::fluttershbad:

Not bad, but why refer to Pokey Pierce as "a little fag."

Insulting someone by negatively referring to sexual orientation is not very 'Love and Tolerate'

I got Ozzy Osbourne's "Changes" going through my head while reading this.

Im not one for sad stories bu that was beautiful man:fluttercry::pinkiesad2: :raritycry:

This was beautifully wrought. I could not help but cry, when I thought how little Ruby will take the news that her mom killed her-self because I lost mine when I was younger. Keep up the good work!

What's Berry Punch saying in the comic? It's too small to see...

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