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A strange dream leads Twilight Sparkle to embark on a quest to find the mysterious moonflowers - and perhaps also her heart's deepest desires.

Illustration by the awesome famosity

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Glad to see this one on Fimfiction, A beautiful story indeed...

Oh, luna, you so resourceful!

Beautiful, simply beautiful. This will be featured.

Ah, a lovely sequel to one of my favourite of your stories, Butterscotch. :twilightsmile:

I don't think I've ever read one of the legendary Butterscotch's shipfics before, so it's nice to see this gamble paid off. A sweet little tale, if with a rather unconventional pairing! Now let's just hope the people from that shipfic deconstruction satire don't come here and ruin it for everyone else :derpytongue2:

*claps* That was so good! The imagery, the sweetness, ... everything! Excellent work :twilightsmile:

All together now... D'AWWWWW. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome, as always. They're such a cute couple.

It's a really sweet fic.

Loved it on DA, loved it here.

*checks updates*
only one update :(
*checks notifications*
There goes my lunch break.


oh my. this is good.

Well now, this has certainly been an amazing read, butterflies gone super-saiyan in my stomach. :yay:

And from what I could tell in the comments section, you have a reputation that precedes you? I will be taking a look at your fics for certain then, I've come to term with my insecurity among mare/mare shipping, all thanks to Steel Resolve's 'Green'. :twilightsmile:


Edit; would you look at that, done reading and BAM! Featured. Way to go! :twilightsmile:

That was a very beautiful story, well done.
Had a smile for the entire duration of reading and I still feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :twilightsmile:

Soooooo Sweet:heart:

601665 sundae is a wonderful shipfic writer. I aspire to be anywhere near her skill someday.

601665 She was on Deviantart, before here. But she IS one of the best writers out there.

*before reading*
This must sucks
*sees author*
I take what I just said....

EDIT: Well that was one D'aww moment
EDIT 2: Uh... I think rated Teen is more appropriate than Everyone

Huh, funny. I had an idea about Twilight and Luna going out on an adventure to look for some "moonflowers" (a rare flower that only blooms once every year and wilts in a couple of hours) a week or two back.

Great minds think alike, eh?


I've noticed, took at look at her archive and most have ended up in my 'Read Later' list. If I may, what caused me to lose my uncertainty among mare/mare shipping with 'Green', is the light weight of emotions and slow speed, which allows one to take in all the information and emotions at a slow pace, making the fic seem almost realistic. In this one, we can already expect feelings from both ends, which I would've considered weird back then.


Yeah, her profile's statistics seem to be proving so. :twilightsmile:

602321 I rather like Green, too. It's VERY sweet, and both Rarity and Fluttershy are spot on.


I have to agree, adding to that is that there's not too many 'primal instincts' involved right from the start, rendering the story both lovely and sweet. :twilightsmile:

More Butterscotch is always good a thing as is more continuity.

I was going to read later, but then I saw the author. Now it is the best possible usage of my current time.

Oh my...
I will admit; I'm not a fan of Twilestia, but your piece here has nearly made me change my mind regarding it. This really is lovely. Your writing is fantastic, and the characters couldn't be more well portrayed.
Excellent work. Take all of my thumbs and favs.

Dude, grammar. You need it. no offence.
Rarity laughed. "Well, this is one place where your interest overlaps that of dear Fluttershy, is it not...."
correction: '"...is it not?..."
Things like these annoy the crap out of me, so please avoid them.

A beautiful work of fiction, though.

this is my first famous butter scotch fic, and i have to say good job! Do you write longer ones though? i enjoy a long read.:twilightsmile:

Does this mean... Tolluna? I can see it now...

Trollestia & Trolluna: Trolling princess sisters!

Mother of god what do we do now?

Oh, Luna... a.deviantart.net/avatars/t/r/trollunaplz.png

While I suspected pretty much immediately that Celestia was real, I wasn't expecting her to think that Twilight was the dream. This was fantastic!


I'm not normally one for shipping, really, but this was well-done, something that trumps any preconceptions. I can't offer much in the way of complaints.

Good job.

Pretty description, but I feel that this would have benefited from being considerably longer, as the emotion felt very rushed.

I love Twilestia. Definitely my favorite ship, but I'm afraid to write it because it'd bring shame to the beautiful Twilestia Empire you've created xD

And I suppose if Ponyville's expert in flora and fauna couldn't find them

Daisy, Lily, and Rose would like a word with you, Rarity :trollestia:

I read this on dA... No regrets. I see that this was featured on here. All my regret. Why? WHY DID I NOT TRACK YOU?! I will now be going back and adding copious amounts of thumbs-up jam to all of your stories. THEY NEED ITS SUSTENANCE TO LIIIIIIIIVE.

Yeah, okay. I'm barely awake and probably make no sense. In saying that, have some moustaches.

I shed a single manly tear. It had a beard, a tattoo and hairy chest.

Eh, purple prose, sesquipedalian loquaciousness. A good story, just ease up on the four- and five-syllable words.

That was... That was just beautiful.
The use of Twilestia, while a very common, was beautifully done. It had actual reason to be put in there, and for the amount of worrying that Twilight has in the show so that everything will be perfect for Celestia, It's completely reasonable to think that deep down both of them want to be together...
Wow. I haven't openly shown that much fantasizing in a very long while. A few things that my terrible person half wants to scream about is the "Well, this is one place where your interest overlaps that of dear Fluttershy, is it not." line. This just is completely confusing, and I'm sorry to make myself the second one to complain about it, but... I'm like that. Another thing I found... offsetting was the minimum amount of detail when describing the meadow. I know that you did give a description, and readers can easily read it and understand what it looks like, but once again, my inner terrible person needs to whine about the little things that he doesn't like. I personally loved this fic to the end of time. Do you hear me?! To the end of time! Love having a fic where Twilight realizes exactly what she has wanted has been there right in front of her the entire time..!
Thank you. Thank you so much.

Oh hey, this is pretty cute! Have a thumbs up! :twilightsmile:

Sesquipedalian loquaciousness is entirely appropriate in a Twilight-centric story. (Or a Rarity-centric one, for that matter.)

Well would you look at that. A new story by one of the most popular authors on the site gets left in top position for a whole ten hours while the pre-readers are off. That is very convienent. Don't get me wrong, this story is good. But COME ON, what are the chances of that??

Oh my god, that part where Celestia is still there when the wake up is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh yeah, Twilestia at its bestia!

And I shall join in and make it a 3-way! *trots off to the mountain... and upon arriving is instantly banished to the moon* :C

Same 'verse as "The Night Fluttershy Exploded", right?

Wonderful story. Short, sweet, and very cute.

Beautiful legends, descriptive, heart-felt pilgrimage, Twilestia and Trolluna... What more could I possibly ask for?


When did Ms. Sundae appear on FiMfiction :o nevermind, the answer wouldn't stop me from following.

603412 It's really not if neither of them is telling the story. ButterscotchSundae's style of writing seems to expect that the reader won't be broken out of the story by SAT vocabulary and flowery exposition. It feels like the narrator is describing events being shown on a movie screen rather than in the middle of the action. To the four winds with the dream sequences - the whole story reads like a dream sequence. Having read most of Butterscotch's work also leaves me entirely confused about where this story's events fit in with the events of her other stories.

It's like if Ray Bradbury were a brony and about 75 years younger.

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