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Applejack is best pony~~


After an incident between Applejack and Rainbow Dash, the two are finding it hard to communicate with each other. However, when a friend suggests a pilgrimage to help Applejack settle her feelings over memories of the past, Rainbow Dash and Applejack find that they may have to redefine their friendship.

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So....this is my first chapter story submitted under my Callisto account. It's for the Appledash contest, but I can't submit it until it's finished. This is the FASTEST I have ever put out a chapter story, EVER. I came up with the idea in a DAY, started writing it on the 30th, and now here we are. I don't have time to get it edited by another person, sorry >_< Here's hoping I finish it on time. And I'm sorry if this story sucks, cause, honestly, I have no idea if it's good or not. It just begged me to write it, and my deadline is short.

.......Happy reading..?

I shall read it!

Weeeeell sry but i dont read incomplete stories but the sinopsis looks really good...i'll read it later :derpytongue2:

A lot of potential. I can't wait to read more.

The pacing is good, and the characters are spot on. Can't wait for more :ajsmug:

1895775 Well, the deadline for the contest is on the 6th, so if I can finish it, it shouldn't take long. And I SOO know what you mean about not reading incomplete stories.

I look forward to reading some more, good to see some appledash love! :ajsmug:

Favorited. Email Updates. I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait for new ones. :pinkiehappy:


glad im not the only one XD

so then i wish you good luck :twilightsmile:

And thus, the journey begins. :ajsmug:

I like this, I like where this is going, and the journey that could await. Not many approach AppleDash like this.

More, now!!! :flutterrage:

This is really well done so far. It's quite interesting to see this kind of a take on the AppleDash relationship, so I hope this gets updated frequently! :ajsmug::heart:

Oh, I love this story <3

1899449 It's not even done yet! >_<

Comment posted by Callisto deleted Jan 4th, 2013

This looks like it'll be an interesting journey. Can't wait for more.

Oh, I fell in love with it after

"She doe-doe-doesn't w-want me!" Rainbow said, gasping heaves becoming more prominent than actual words.

Aww, Rainbow's drunken heaving is accentuated from Twilight realizing whom Rainbow is talking about, heehee, so accurate :heart: Poor Rainbow!

1901723 :pinkiehappy: <--the smile on my face right now

I like it so far.
I'm really not a fan of drunkness in stories but even that I liked.

A few spelling mistakes and Twilight acting a bit OOC but a good read overall
thumb, favourite and onwards to the next chapter

1903980 Hmm, yeah, Drunkeness can be a turn off in stories, but glad you liked it! And, ugh, don't get me STARTED on how much trouble I have writing Twilight. My head canon of her is so inconsistent.

Very well done so far, and I look forward to seeing it continued! Great job :)

Aw! This is pretty adorable so far, and I really like the idea of the star lighting festival. It seems fitting, like if the show could actually deal with the subject of death in a non-vague way it could be the focus of an episode. Nice work so far, looking forward to wherever you take this next :pinkiehappy:

1906596 Thank you! I like doing festivals - I wish they would do more events in MLP.

*sigh* There is NO way I can finish this by the deadline. WAY too much life going on, these chapters are much longer than I thought they would be, and writer's block...And a lousy, LOUSY first week of 2013! BAH!

.....Happy Reading ^_^

Loving this so far. Emotional Appledash is the best kind.

1913454 Heh, and I was gunna apologize for being too emo.

This is turning out to be quite good. I liked the premise and the execution has more than lived up to it! I eagerly await the next chapter.

Hey, don't rush it, this is quality work so far. Looking forward to the next chapter, whenever that may be.

I'm quite enjoying this so far. Its like the perfect combination of emotion, humor and awkward yet adorable Appledash fluff. The setting is really cool, too - perfect to inspire heartfelt talks. Who knew Twilight was so good at matchmaking? :derpytongue2:

That's some great emotion in this chapter. Can't wait for more.

Great chapter! Emotional appledash done right.


Prsise the gods

aww so sad:pinkiesad2::fluttershysad::applecry:

It bothers me that this story only has 48 votes and 33 comments while a half-assed awful sex story written by someone with only a rudimentary grasp of English or proper writing has like 500+ in both categories, all praise. It's like sex, no matter how poorly written, excuses terrible writing. Some of these people put their own notations inside the story itself.

Stories like this need more notice, because damned if you don't write great romance. I literally cannot find anything to correct or criticize. Do you know how often that happens to me? D:

aww :pinkiesad2::applecry:
Poor Applejack ... :applecry:
Poor stallion
Great work :yay:

Good job mate! :ajsmug:
I love it to read some good appledash and I really like this story. The plot (haha plot :ajbemused: ) of the story is good so far.
Could be all this emotions that let me love this story. You're damn good at writing I think.
I expect the next chapter soon cause this story fascinate me.

Until then, have a nice day! :moustache:

1913999 Thank you so much! ^_^ I'm glad you think I write great romance - I'm still trying to prove to myself that I can write romance at all. And as someone who has written sex stories... *cough cough* I think they can become really popular because, well, most people just want to know what happens to the characters and...you know.... :rainbowwild: Stupid primal instincts >_< ANYWAYS, I'm fine with this not being too popular while I'm still so unsteady with exactly what will happen in the next chapter - that expectation of a great chapter makes me panic a little inside. Thanks for the compliments!

1914998 Don't worry about expectations, man. Just take the time you need to make it right by your standards. Remember, too, that you will (almost) always see more flaws than we will. It's the curse of any creative work; as the creator, you will notice everything you did wrong even if it's a flaw so minute that a reader would never notice.

For the record, too, yes, you can definitely write romance. I have yet to make an attempt at the variety of romance ideas I have (or any of the pony stories floating about my head, for that matter) but I can certainly tell you that you write it better than most of the authors I've read on this site. You also have the wonderful gift of humility--while you definitely don't give yourself enough credit, that's a much better way to go than getting a ridiculously swollen head over a successful story or two.

And yeah, I do understand why sex stories always top the lists and get more attention, it just irritates me. Honestly I prefer sex scenes when there's actually some romance behind it. Sex alone, when it comes right down to it, is just genital stimulation. It's the dynamics between the characters that are explored in their sex lives that's actually interesting. Unfortunately, Average Reader Joe doesn't want to slog through a few thousand words before he gets to the part he can fap to. :|

Stuck, for instance, actually had a lot of plot (pardon the pointless pony posterior pun) despite covering a fairly short event. Over the course of literally getting stuck in a stump and then removed from it, you developed two characters, made us feel for them and their situation, and did an exceptional sex scene.

Ah well. To cut short my rambling: Keep on keeping on, 'cause you're doing great. Definitely going to keep following your stories.

That scene at the end was so sad and heartwarming and hnnng inducing. Awesome.

1915328 Agreed. A very nice way to end a chapter instead of the usual cliffhangers I see every time.

This is made of win and god. Keep it up and dude, you rule! Good story, good emotions, well written both technically and plot wise.

1918314 Yes, you can't make a story made of win without mixing it together with a little god. Thank you.

Ah, Callisto. You were always abit of a mystery to me. You had this one AMAZING fic. Gateway clopfic in my opinion and then nothing else. seemed like an awful waste to me. So i'm really glad to see you rectifying this.

It was pretty good, I think it would be abit redundant to compliment your characterization and ability to really enrich the moment. The drunken confession felt surprisingly heartfelt and I usually find drunken confessions corn and worn out. The length is perfect, I'm not sure where this is going. I wanna know what's on AJ's mind. So +1 for building intrigue in plot. I will say that a fight and a drunken confession all in one night feels like alot to take in, becareful with pacing.

Now that I'm thinking about it, it would be hard to write a new fic after your first one being such a... homerun. That doesn't usually happen and I can imagine the onslaught of conflicting emotions beating against your head. Seriously, just stifle those thoughts and continue to write.

1918765 Yep, that sounds pretty accurate how I felt about Stuck. See, in my mind, I was going to post it..no one would notice it, and it would just be out there in the world with maybe a few comments on it. Instead, it got featured. And people were saying things about it that I had no idea I had even written. So yes, following THAT was difficult. Plus, I've had a tumultuous year, with amazing highs and soul-beating lows. But writers gotta write >_< Perhaps, if I try really hard, that will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

As for the pacing, yes, this story comes out of the gate very "in your face", I admit. BUT, in my defense, I was trying to finish it in time for a contest, and I had only thought up the idea two days before the first chapter was posted. And I'm glad the drunken confession came out well. It was one of the scenes I had in my head that I was itching to write, ad I'm always pleased when those scenes are the ones that people like, cause, well, I like them, too :ajsmug: Thanks for the complements and for understanding - I'm just a girl who wanted to hide in the shadows of mlp fanfiction, then suddenly had a LOT of expectation put on her. I crumble under pressure >_<

So this chapter actually made me cry...Well done Callisto :pinkiesad2: I can't wait to see what the next chapter has in store for AJ and RD!

Another all-star writing performance from Callisto! You write romance just as well as, if not better than, clop. If only this story got as much attention as Stuck.

One or two minor typos here or there, but aside from that, no errors. Tracked, thumbed-up and eagerly awaiting the next installment!

1931725 Thank you! I have the next chippie written, but I need to de-angst it by about 20%

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