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https://media.giphy.com/media/MIlx72MOfloYg/giphy.gif · 6:34am Nov 6th, 2016

Wow, it's been almost three years since I've been on here. I have no idea how this website works anymore.

If anyone is out there who still cares, hello. I'm not dead.

Recently, I've received a few emails from here saying that people have attempted to contact me with questions about My Little Arkham. I'm going to address those questions right now. Also, just in case people are wondering where the hell I've been the past few years, I'll give a brief update as well.

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Excuse me, sir. We're you planning to make another arkham story? if not, I was thinking to make one from Arkham Knight which would be a sequel to your story. But what do you think?

Out of curiosity, do you have any plans for an Arkham Knight story?

Hey, just so you know, I adored your My Little Arkham story, quite possibly one of my favourite MLP crossover fics out there! :pinkiehappy:

I was just curious: since Arkham Knight has now come out, as it is technically a sequel to Arkham City (seeing how Origins was a prequel to the first two games), would you be interested in incorporating that into a sequel to My Little Arkham?

If you're not keen on the idea or too busy, I understand. But it would be pretty heartwarming and awesome to see Batman and Rainbow Dash (now Batmare) kicking ass together, facing new and old foes and the Mane Six helping Batman through his possible last adventure.

Please have a think about it, have a nice day. :twilightsmile:

You should do a Sequel, this time it being related to Arkham Knight.

Comment posted by Bill Clinton deleted Sep 4th, 2013
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