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This is a group for ponies who just want to be followed. If you join you must find another in the group and follow them. Also, the stories that are posted here must be about ponies.

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Hey, anyone want to like my stories?

Comment posted by Lightning Splash deleted Jun 27th, 2014

365745 I agree. My first feature came around 30 followers, and then 90, and then I bounced up from there with the other features. But, I've seen writers with over 2000 followers miss the box entirely. I think a lot of it still depends on whether or not people enjoy the concept of what you write. Which, in most respects, is how things should be.

Still, worthiness first, popularity after.

And besides, lots of followers isn't necessary to become popular. When I got my first feature-boxed story, I think I had less than 20 followers.

Nor does having lots of followers necessarily mean you'll be popular. After that first featured story, despite then having over 100 followers, I struggled for a long time to get another featured story, only succeeding much later, after about a dozen failures.

(How did I do it again? By spending nine months working on one story. It's not always so, but from my point of view, it sure looks like the hard way is the only way.)

That makes me really happy to hear you say that. I just got my first real hater and when I went to look at this group I was happy because there are lots of nice people here. And even if we disagree we settle our disagreements like civilized human (or pony) beings.

365675 in part what you say is true, which is why I don't ask anyone to follow me. I'm here to follow others since I don't follow very many, and I'd like to help new authors with their stories. I think that's one of the principal ideas of groups like this - to help new writers get their work to a point where it will be worthy of netting them some popularity. :scootangel:

Follow/follow back schemes may net you a lot of followers, but they aren't useful followers. They don't read your stories... or your blog posts... or anything.

I understand wanting to feel better based on a big number... but if you got that big number by shortcuts, is it really meaningful?

365653 How do you think they got legions of fans? (Besides being awesome writers of course) :D

Spreading the love one follow at a time!

That's a really good idea, Dragor, i will do it even though it seems like a pain in the butt

As a member of Stalkers incorporated, I am obligated to follow back anypony that chooses to follow me.

I also followed everypony in this group.

I shall follow everypony in this group

Well, since you asked :moustache:

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