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An autistic Christian who likes MLP:FiM.

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After another day of helping patients at Ponyville General, Nurse Redheart heads for home. But on along the way, she runs into an old friend, Tough Talker, now disheveled, disoriented, and battered, lying within an alleyway. Thus after taking him home, getting him nourished, well-fed, and cleaned up, Redheart learned something tragic from Tough Talker: that he had a severe estrangement from a close friend he has known for years. A month had passed since that time and Tough Talker's life has gone on a chaotic downward spiral. Can Redheart help mend her old friend's broken heart? Can she lift Tough Talker of out his depression?

This is my tribute to all nurses everywhere around the world for serving and helping those in great need, both on and off the field.

It is also a tribute to all those diagnosed with autism, Asperger's syndrome, and ADHD, especially those who struggle in real life.

Also, please make sure that your comments are kind, constructive and sensitive. I will block/delete ANY AND ALL flames and negative comments (which includes shaming, long disciplinary paragraphs, and tirades), for this is a story I poured my heart and soul into writing; negative reception is very discouraging and demoralizing for me as a writer, so I ask once again ensure that your statements are both sensitive and encouraging. Thank you very much.

Also, this story was edited and reviewed by Thunderblast and Georg.

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While on her way from Zecora's hut in Everfree Forest and to her cottage, Fluttershy comes upon two small creatures she had never seen before: both of whom are made of stone, a little larger than fillies and colts and--despite their beastly appearances--act and behave most friendly toward the mare.

All the while, two unicorn Royal Guards patrolling outside the city of Canterlot encounter a giant bi-pedal, stone-composed, yet courteous, knight, who kindly seeks their help in seeking an audience with the monarch(s) of their land in finding out where is he. Both princesses are in for a big surprise in meeting with him.

But it doesn't stop there: Soon all living Equestria will learn with astoundment that there are several more of these stone-like giants suddenly appearing all over their world, without any seeming explanation.

EDIT: This entire is a tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy.

All characters from Shadow of the Colossus belong to Sony Computer Entertainment and Team Ico/GenDESIGN
Cover art belongs to HuntersAndPrey from Deviantart.com

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It has been several months since the Trixie and her friends in Ponyville had defeated the manipulative exploits of her cruel, older sister, Checker Monarch (aka Getting Back On Your Hooves). Since that time, Trixie had also reestablished friendly ties with a stallion she'd known since foalhood, Stage Hoof (formerly Helping Hoof), who is now a current resident of Ponyville. But now, Trixie has found herself developing powerful feelings of love for Stage Hoof. When she then realizes this, she decides to meet with the stallion at night on a hill top to find out if he feels the same for her.

Getting Back on Your Hooves and Stage are owned and created by Godzillawolf

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Hundreds of years have passed since the events of Earth and Sky. And now Spike has summoned Princesses Celestia and Luna for a special favor at Smokey Mountain.

Story known as Earth and Sky rightfully belongs to WarrenHutch

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