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Leo Archon

I'm an amateur fanfiction writer with a love of many fandoms.Expect most of my works to be crossovers.


This story is a sequel to Five Star Service - A Gentleman for Mares Tale

She had everything she wanted. She was a successful hotel owner, one of the largest in Manehattan. She had power, wealth, and prestige.

And all of it came crashing down around her.

Now Harvest Moon must seek to understand the changes in her life, and how much of it is her responsibility.

Rated T for mild sexual discussion and light gore. Prequel story is NSFW

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I am very flattered that you elected to make a side story based off mine! Thanks again. This was a joy to read and edit. You were determined to redeem Harvest and you did, adding to my story canon in the process. Very well done! :coolphoto:

Oh man, oh man. That import from googledocs did not go well. For those tuning in, it's a very good little story. If you can look past the boldface, it's a really fine story.

7577593 Issues should be fixed. But yeah, the import got put through the wringer.

This is quite a fine entry for the Gentlemanverse, and has been added to the appropriate libraries therein. Well done, and I believe I'll mark further works for later perusal!

So she isn't reading news papers ?

I'll read it… when Discord teaches geometry.

she doen't read the news paper.
also this might happen sooner than later in ponyville.... even faster when someone has such a request

great story ! i wonder who this gentleman is ... and if we get to read about him and Harvest Moon

7577826 If someone wants to write that story, I'm not going to stop them. However, I myself do not intend to write that story; I'm not an adult fiction writer, by any stretch of the imagination.

It was a absolute pleasure pre-reading this, and even better to see it out in the wild for others to enjoy. Excellent work Leo!


I'm not an adult fiction writer, by any stretch of the imagination.

But what does this has to do with a sequel?
I think you are able to write it. It doesn't even have to have sex in it. (never thought I of all people would say this)
But Harvest Moon's story could live perfectly without the clop (for a while) cause it's about trust and relationships and not just doing it with humans...

a truly amazing story the righting is super detailed and stays on track and I must say you do the original story a grate honor.
I just wish I was able to give you more than one vote.

Very well done.

It takes a strong person to deny what's right in front of them. And when the truth is undeniable... you create your own.

Harvest found her own Konrad. Lucky her that she can go home.

One thing I hate is how in the Gentlemanverse, all serious beatdowns are of offscreened. Wish there was a side story where our favorite junkies rearrange a few terrorist faces.

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