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I'm an amateur fanfiction writer with a love of many fandoms.Expect most of my works to be crossovers.


Black Science · 10:19pm Jul 19th, 2018

Anyone who's interested in a non-MLP work written by me, I have a new module on my userpage that links to a new fic I'm working on. I'd like to get some foot traffic on it at both FF.net and AO3. So go ahead and check it out!

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How The Friendship Games should have ended · 5:05pm Feb 28th, 2016

Despite the fact that it's been awhile since the movie, I decided that the ending of Friendship Games was somewhat unsatisfactory, in regards to how Principal Cinch was dealt with. I've decided to take that scene and change it. This is the result.

Cinch is not going to walk away in this story, not after a higher authority shows up unexpectedly. Want to know more? Read the story.

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PFIV Chapters 1-4 Updated, Side Projects · 5:19am Dec 17th, 2015

So, after far too much dilly-dallying, I finally got my derriere in gear, hunted down my muse, and am in the process of refurbishing the earlier chapters of Pony Fantasy IV. This will lead into the next full chapter being released, hopefully by the end of the year, although I make no promises on that account.

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Turnabout Storm and RavenRegios · 2:06am Nov 4th, 2015

So, for those who don't know, I was somewhat involved in writing the last few chapters of the novelization of Turnabout Storm. This particular novelization, on the recommendation of the redoubtable Firesight, highly expanded on the material from the original videos by NeoArtimus, and was done with her permission. It's a very solid story, almost

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New Story · 2:27pm Aug 13th, 2015

While not technically 'new' anymore, and not under my aegis, I would like to promote a story I'm working on with the redoubtable Firesight, who edited and later authored the novelization for Turnabout Storm.

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Overhaul to PFIV · 10:48pm Jun 3rd, 2015

Okay, so after entirely too long, I've decided to get back to writing my personal epic, Pony Fantasy IV. I've let this thing languish enough, so it's high time I got some progress made on it.

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Turnabout Storm Side-Story Contest Rules · 4:46am Jan 25th, 2015

So, as some of you may know by now, I've been involved in the writing of the Turnabout Storm novelization. Chapter 64 (the one yet to be released at the time of this posting) has an added twist: a contest for a side-story involving Miles Edgeworth, Rarity, and my OC for the novelization, Delta Requiem. The winner of the contest will have their story linked to as the 'canon'.

Some ground rules:

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End of Relief Fund and Other News · 1:01am Nov 6th, 2014

First off, my thanks to the people who donated (all two of you). I'm happy you guys decided I was worth sending a little help to. While your donations weren't enough for me to get what I needed, I managed to get by with the help of my friends in real life. I'm going to kill the relief fund link, but I'll keep my PayPal ready for if this happens again.

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Relief Fund · 2:29am Nov 2nd, 2014

So those of you who actually visit my user page rather than my stories may notice a new thing there: a link that says 'Relief Fund'. There is a reason for this.

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Note regarding Infernals, and update status · 7:33am May 16th, 2014

I'm putting Infernals on hiatus for now. The reason for this is that I honestly don't know where it's going. It started off just as a 'what-if' scenario in my head that I wanted to write down, and I ended up getting Dirty Bit's help for some of it. But, the thing is, while I have some great ideas for what can happen in the future of the fic, I just don't know how to get it there.

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