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This story is a sequel to The Village Called Respite

A special day for two races brings about a flurry of questions from Respite's newest filly before the village gathers to decorate the Hearth's Warming tree and dance the night away.

Just relax, silly Doodle. It'll all make sense in due time. The terrible twins are just happy to tell you all about their traditions before they drag you close to the fire to dance and laugh and sing within the Faerie circle.

Preread by Rossby Waves and Zodiacspear.
Artwork also by Rossby Waves.
Written for Cynewulf's Worldbuilding Contest.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 18 )

yaaaaaaay!! I love world building stories and I love how you have a very fae take on the changelings

Oh man, I'm so happy you're going the fae route on changelings. Does this mean stale bread/hard tack would be changeling repellent since that stuff is considered a good protection against the fae folk? It would also explain why changelings like sweets/pastries/sugar in your universe, considering they are a traditional offering.

Oh man, now all I can imagine is Sure Stroke pulling out a stale PBJ sandwich for lunch at school one day, and getting super confused as all her changeling friends bolt out of there XD

This was cute, since this was mostly focused on Esalen does that mean that you’ll also have one focusing on Aspire at some point in the future?

Well the comic's origin for the Changelings in the Fiendship Is Magic series is apparently heavily inspired be classic Fae folklore. So he's in good company.

8656760 I ignore the comics intensely. I'm quite glad they're not canon.

Toola Roola waggled her ears

I want this animated.

8656034 Thanks! I'm glad you like my take on things, I was a bit worried that it wouldn't fit this way ^^;

8656131 Hmmm, I hadn't considered using the stale bread as a repellant. Then again, I've also not mentioned anything about cold iron having any negative effects on changelings of yet, and I don't think they've really come in contact with anything of the sort, depending on what some of those tools around the village and the rides on Coneigh Island are made of...

8656376 We'll see~ He did get an awful lot of attention in TVCR.

8656986 Tbh, so do I

Carapace, I swear to love, you're ruining me. First there was TVCR, then The Sweetest Treat and A Fey Evening, and now this? There's so much fluff! And it is FABULOUS! Keep it up! MOAR Doodle, MOAR Alto, MOAR everyling!


Yeah I didn't guess iron since it seems like it would be an absolute nightmare to write around since steel has iron in it, and steel is found in a whole heck of a lot of things, such as eating utensils. I mean, unless it was only a weakness to more pure iron forms such as wrought/cast iron since stuff made of that is usually a lot older and a lot less common nowadays since its' decline due to steel becoming more widely available.

Ha, would actually fit in with how the pones drove them off to the sainted ones, since a lot of stuff was made of those metals hundreds of years ago. Developing iron based things as changeling repellent back in those days, while switching to steel once they "mostly" forgot about the buggies.

I always just found stale bread as a fae repellent to be hilarious, and I could def see the changelings playing it up as a joke if it's just a myth, or having the best over reactions to it if it was true.

Final thing, glad to see more of my fave maple/alto ship, even if it was only briefly. They are so adorable!

I'm loving these stories about Respite. We need more of them :raritystarry:

Actually, cold iron is forged differently than normal iron, and steel, though it does have iron in it, has a vastly different chemical composition to it. Cold iron has been known, in lore at least, to not only be toxic to fey creatures, but also hold magic nullifying properties, making it dangerous against any magic user. That being said, cold iron is also supposed to be very hard to forge, as if it's too cold, you ruin your tools while making almost no progress, yet too hot, and it loses the cold forged traits that make it toxic to fey in the first place

Amazing writing, as always, Cara :D

Though, after reading it, the Irish part of me wants to go listen to Celtic music in Gaelic.

If I'd had the time, I was going to try writing the song out in Gaelic, but alas.

A shame, but it was still an awesome story :3

A nice little changeling christmas story from the loveable characters of Respite.

A cute vignette.



a bit under dressed.”

underdressed or under-dressed

A very nice Vignette

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