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This story is a sequel to In the Hall of the Mountain Queen

Every action has consequences, no matter the intent. To clear her slate, Twilight Sparkle will go to any lengths to settle the score with Celestia, even if it means a fool's errand to a land ravaged by chaos.

The Lost Continent of Panthalassa beckons. Monsters, immortals, and creatures whose names are whispered with reverence and fear stand between Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Thieves, and the path home.

Based on the worldbuilding and expansion of the original oneshot, In the Hall of the Mountain Queen. Serving as a continuation.

Artwork by lilfunkman.

Special thanks to Alto, Timaeus, Cynewulf, Vdrake77, CouchCrusader, Beltorn, and all my friends for their ongoing support in writing this.

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Oh I am vey happy to see this. Have a like and a favorite.

Nice, In the Hall of the Mountain Queen is one of my very favorite stories, it's wonderful to see a continuation come out.

Hee! Can't wait to read more! I've heard so much, but looking for so much more.

I would pay money to see the reactions that Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Shining Armor, and Sunset have to Twilight returning to Canterlot with not just Platinum's crown, but with a Dragon as a lover. Actual money, in cold hard cash.

Is this a sequel or a prequel? I'm confused.

9483100 It's a continuation. So, first chapter is the lead up, second is in Erebark, and the third will be kicking off the adventure home and all its twists and turns.

In which Twilight does as that great Donkey Hero.... Donkey.... did and ends up stealing the most precious of all the gems in the Dragon's hoard. It's heart.

Lot more atmosphere this time. I especially like the pulp novel style puzzle.

Good job Twi, at least there is a small chance the literal blood hounds after you might be stymied by the significantly more dangerous pursuer.

"Unrolls favorite bapping implement"

You have my attention. Go on.:moustache:


If people know where it is, how can this continent be Lost?

9483859 Lost can mean many things.

Here, it means "if you go there, you will probably be Lost."

yes...yes YES...was hoping for a continuation of this au :D

As long as this continues being a RariLight story, I'm game :raritystarry:

Excellent expansion of the story so far. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

Oh I can not wait for more of this. Loved the origonal and the promise of more has me very excited.

So the story explains what happened after Twilight complemented and ran away from the dragon, but before she returned to Canterlot?

9482921 Ayyyyy much appreciated!

9482949 I'm very flattered to hear that and I hope the adventures of thief Twi meet your expectations.


9482971 Hehe, yeah, thank you for listening to my babblings. I hope you enjoy it! ^^

9482974 The business of thievery!

9483088 Knowing the general plan, I'd say you can't quite imagine the level of "what the actual what" coming :p

9483113 And lo, does Twilight get another title...

9483304 Thank you!

9483334 Clearly, it was all part of the plan!

9483625 NO BAP BUG!

9483778 I hope so! :>

9483943 Hope no more, for it is here \o/

9484007 ~

9484032 Thank you. I really wanted to make this verse a bit more my own with the fleshed out story. I think I have some fun stuff planned (and others that aren't quite planned yet).

9484760 and all the trouble she caused and things she broke along the way~


Knowing the general plan, I'd say you can't quite imagine the level of "what the actual what" coming :p

Oh, I'm HOPING this statement is true.

I was entranced by the first chapter you posted, and now I'm hooked, line and sinker and all.

:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: The rebirth of a great tale. I can't wait to see how this comes out. Liked, favorited, and placed in absolute favorites.

One question my dear Bug.

Was I the only one to notice the Donkey/ Dragon homage?

The scene where Twilight is running on the walkway and Hadkhuna breaks both sides of it leaving her stranded on the single square.

Well played.:moustache:

That's intentional. Hadkhuna(Rarity) is basically a female Smaug.

Lost in the sense of no longer in their possession. They know where it is, they just don't own it anymore.

Oh ho, yes. I am very much strapped in and ready for this ride. :pinkiehappy:

I love the detail in this too - the little throwaway line implying Spike is Sunset's in this universe, Gandalf as a deer (I think? Forest Dweller made me think of that first)...

And of course, dragon-Rarity 2: Electric Boogaloo. This is going to be fun.

I think what has some people a bit confused is that it's billed as a continuation in the description, but it's a rewrite and a continuation. I was also misled when I began reading but figured it out soon enough.


Seems rari-dragon has found the crowning Jewel of all treasures, a stunning mare to call her very own. :P

Been looking forward to this, I can't wait to read more!

Lost as in it has no idea where it's going, and really needs directions


That's what it gets for being too proud to buy a map.

Or is that resumes? eh. either way have a like and a fave.

I was thinking it meant the continent had fallen from former glory. Oh well.

My my my, Twilight Sparkle the Princess of Thieves. Not the Princes of Modesty either, she couldn't help herself at the end there.

Ah, using a dream-memory to tell the tale of how we got here, followed by expanding on the trip back to Canterlot. And a side quest into a drider nest.

Why do I suspect that in this version, Twilight's coming home with more companions than just the dragon?

Comment posted by JMP deleted Apr 13th, 2019

Oh, but I do wonder which of the Mane 6 is the spiderpony. I would predict Fluttershy, based on the singing and the fact she's so kind speaking to the foals.

Well, lovers ain't it? That must've been quite the interesting night. Is Rarity the size of Smaug? If so, Twilight certainly had to get creative with her magic. And that tongue, oh my!

Some bravado is deserved for her good heart even if a thief.

Or Pinkie, no one can play with kids one moment then scare the life out of adults the next like Pinkie.

The silhouette in the title card does have a pretty distinctive mane shape...

...WHAT mane shape? All I can tell of the mane is two thick strands of hair, with more than a bit of space between them. If you could somehow tell the actual mane shape from that, please elaborate.


P.S. I need Twirage emoji to correctly convey my emotion

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