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Remember Pinkie's investigations in "Mystery of the Friendship Express"? Or the nightvision googles in "The Crystal Empire"?
You think that these scenes were totally hilarious? That we need way more stories like this? Then you are in the right place!

This group is for everything that includes Pinkie Pie working as a Secret agent, Crime investigator or similar. This ranges from toppling evil world-domination plans over bringing down mafia cartels, handling fancy spy stuff, hoof to hoof battling evil minions on top of skyscrapers down to uncovering crimes in her neighborhood.

Rules for Stories:

Stories don't have to focus on, but must contain at some point Pinkie Pie taking actions generally associated with spying or investigating.
This might be her working for a secret governmental organization or a detective bureau.
She might also assist another character who works as a spy or investigator, while not being one herself.
It doesn't necessarily have to be professional. Pinkie Pie can also just seek the thief that sole some of Twilight's books.

Stories with Pinkie Pie on the other side of the law are also okay. You can totally have her being a professional assassin or criminal mastermind. Just note, that in this case a motive or plan is required. Stories of Pinkie Pie just going mad and killing random ponies do not belong to this group.

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I have this one story, where she is spy for Celestia, and seaks out prospective Pones.

if Pinkie Pie as a mastermind behind crimes count, there may be another, where she goes out, picking her targets, then simply cuts thir lives short.
This isn't a mere crime spree, besides, there is other detective works in the story, both her acts and others. IE CopyPonies.

Who knows, there may be others.

Oh, and there is the story where she is picking out specific targets, in order to protect the Ponies from people who she deems thretening Equestria.

Does it also count to have a scene with Pinkie Pie as a 'spy' in a single chapter?

I did find it funny :pinkiesmile: I SHALL MAKE A STORY OF IT!

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