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The Life Aura Center is one of Equestria's top medical research centers, the producer of spells and medicines that have cured many once-fatal illnesses, and they continue to produce quality technology and cures. No one wants to think that they're doing anything unethical, but Celestia has her suspicions, so she sends Twilight to investigate.

One symbiotic pairing with an alien later, Twilight realizes Celestia was right to be suspicious. Now, working together with the strange creature inhabiting her body, Twilight will have to expose the center's shocking truth. And not get killed in the process. It's gonna be a wild ride.

Now with an audio reading by Mr. Snarky on YouTube! Please give him your support!
Part 1 Chapters 1-4
Part 2 Chapters 5-12
Part 3 Chapters 13-19
Part 4 Chapters 20-25

I also have a Discord! Rather quiet right now but feel free to join if you wanna talk fics or just ponies in general! Ask me for the link if you want in, I had to remove it because of too many spam bots.

Chapters (25)

Somnambula went off to defeat the Sphinx, in the hopes that she would save the prince.

As it would turn out, she might need saving instead...

This starts out as a comedy, but then transforms into an adventure. It would be slice of life, but the pyramids in Southern Equestria could be on the very edge of the region itself.

Art by the ever talented DoubleWBrothers.

Chapters (15)

Twilight's been meaning to ask.

Rated teen for alcohol and dick jokes.

I didn't originally mean for this to be my entry into Aragon and Friends' THE COMEDY (IS SERIOUS BUSINESS) CONTEST, but it worked out perfectly.

Content Warning: wildly waveringly written drunk dialogue. And a pun.
Reading by SNinja! Go support him on YouTube!

Chapters (2)

Even though it's only been days since the Storm King's invasion of Equestria, Tempest has now been tasked to start learning about friendship. After an encounter with Starlight Glimmer, she joins the Reformed Unicorn Mares group. Surely interacting with a few ponies can't be too hard, right?

Thanks again to AShadowOfCygnus and to PencilMelody for their help editing.

Cover art is Where's the Rum? by DocWario.

Chapters (1)

While en route to Cybertron at the conclusion of "Beast Wars," the Maximals get an unwelcome surprise when their enemy, Megatron, leader of the Predacons, escapes captivity and ends up in Equestria. Now, the Maximals must team up with the Ponies of Equestria to stop Megatron and his resurrected Predacons before they conquer Equestria and make it a colony of Cybertron.

Author's Note: An alternate continuation of "Beast Wars" that happens instead of "Beast Machines."

*Cover art belongs to Atomic-Chinchilla of Deviantart.com

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to Power Ponies 3: Perilous

Do you remember when the Mane 6, Team Avatar, the Power Ponies, and the Mighty Machines teamed up to save friendship from Grogar? Well, now, the heroes are at it again. A mysterious madman named Tartus has threatened to divide them and rule all of Creation, and he is close to succeeding to. With Tartus about to reach his goal and the heroes unsure about who to trust, one has to wonder if they can defeat him, especially when many others have tried and failed.

For those of you who haven't read Legend of Korra 5: Chaos, don't read this and read the Korra story first. The artwork is my first image creation symbolizing the Relics of Creation: the Golden Apple, the Uniscope, and the Asteroth.

Chapters (11)

Readers of the friendship journal still pursue Fluttershy for answers as to why she keeps learning the same thing. Thankfully Discord is there to have a little...chat with them when they interrupt the two's Tuesday Tea.

This is a cute little fanfic idea I had a small while after the episode "Fame and Misfortune" was aired.

Chapters (1)

Captain Flowers thought it would be just another ordinary day. Be there for his men, keep the fighting to a minimum, and make sure nothing bad whatsoever happened to Church. Just like any other day in Bloodgulch.
And then the little pony appeared and refused to let go of his charge. This was going to be interesting...

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Another side of the story is being written by cyberlord4444, and can be found here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/386172/rock-in-the-gulch-analysis-anarchy

Edit: New Cover Art by ProfessorCatPro
Edit 2: Fan art by Cookie_Girl! So adorable!

Chapters (60)

Remember when Twilight and Starlight overheard two ponies saying mean things about Rarity, which caused her to run off in tears? Well, this is the cut scene from that episode, as Starlight confronts these poor, unsuspecting dopes. Grab the popcorn...

Contains partial spoilers for Fame And Misfortune. Duh.

Chapters (1)

This short story tells what happened after the episode, Fame and Misfortune and how all the ponies outside the Friendship Castle handled themselves.

*This is not to be taken on a serious note and it is NOT against our fan base. This is just my prediction on what happened after the episode.*

Chapters (1)
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