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Lightning Dust fled Equis after her defeat at the hooves of Rainbow Dash and the Z-Fighters. All though their victory was not without a cost. Flare Sentry(Not that anyone cares) Sweetie Belle, Rarity Belle, and Nightmare Moon are dead, and with Nightmare's death, Lauren is dead too, and the Dragon Balls are useless. But with the help of Mr. Terry and Ms. Fluttershy, Scootaloo, Gilda and Thunderlane head to Nightmare and Lauren's homeworld, Namarek, in hopes of using their Dragon Balls to revive the others.

But when they get there, they find that Lightning Dust, healed and stronger then ever, has also gone there in hopes to once again get her wish for immortality. But both parties find out that they're not the only ones in search of them, as Tirek, the reason for the destruction of Planet Lightning and the almost complete extermination of the Saiyans, the Galactic Tyrant is also searching for them in hopes of getting the same wish as Lightning Dust's.

With Rainbow Dash on her way to Namarek to help, will she get there in time to avenge her people and revive her friends? Will Lightning Dust be forced to team up with her enemies to defeat Tirek? Or will the universe be doomed as Tirek claims his wish for Immortality?

Rated teen for gore and swearing.

Additional tags: Nightmare Moon, OC, Gilda

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 23 )

I like it...wish i could write like this :pinkiesad2:...still faving it :pinkiehappy:

6472298 thanks for the feedback about that. The roles will be more interesting as the story moves on

6472471 also I just noticed that this has gotten in 2 libraries for favorites mad fast

is this, like, a sequal to something?

EDIT, I found an error.

causing his heart rate

should be her!

6609126 no. I just decided to start with the Frieza saga, if asked enough, maybe i'll do the Saiyan saga.

I know this is meant to be a comedic short of a story, but those large wall of text paragraphs kinda subtract from it. Would it be too hard to simply separate them into smaller, easier to read, paragraphs? Thanks.

Ha funny, this should be great, though using adagio makes me wonder what your going to use the other sirens for, or the rest of the mane 6, but guess I'll find out.

Reading the chapters I can tell you like TeamFourStar. :rainbowdetermined2: This story is awesome and funny! :pinkiehappy:

So if Tirek is Frieza, does that make Scorpan Cooler? Also Smooze for Buu! I have no idea who Cell would be.

7570492 nope. Scorpan's Frost from dragonball super, and even then I'm basing him on the manga where he's much more noble. Chrysalis is Cell and Surprise is Buu while Pinkie is Super all the way to Kid Buu

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