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it is the year 2013 and the Autoponies wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Kul'asepticons. but in an attempt to try and end the conflict one and for all, Shi'va, leader of the Kul'asepticons makes her most diabolical plan yet, not knowing it will trigger events that will change the universe of the Transformares, *Pinkie Pie steals the keyboard* FOREVEER!! *snatches keyboard back*

Tragedy added because pony playing part of Optimus Prime dies.

Cover art found on this site closet thing I could get to the original movie poster unless someone else did artwork and I don't know it. and no, cast list isn't exactly as seen on cover. Sunset Shimmer, and the Dazzlings make cameos in this, but Sunset in hre rpony form, and the Dazzlings in their Hippocampi forms

Chapters (11)
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While I would like to read this, so far it has simply been the Transformers 1986 animated movie with the dialogue slightly modified.

I feel like there needs to be more detail, and more original content.

5372470 it's a collab with Lord Megatron n he's doing the Autoponies parts so you can expect major differences in those parts.

5372470 after Tirac's coronation you can expect a few differences.

5381236 Soooooooooooo... why not make it different from the start too? If you want to put ponies in Transformer positions, whatever, that's your call; but at least come up with your own storyline for them.

5391528 Mirrorlestia's gonna get her own little part when the Blot invades Equis.

5391533 And way to dodge my point completely.

5391537 no I see your point. And check out whatI did to the CChrysalis saga and your user page.

5391547 I'm still staring at FIMFic; the notifications popped up on my screen. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about it, considering how the rapid succession of favoriting left no room for you to have read them both between your comments. That, and you faved the sequel first.

I appreciate faves and follows, but I appreciate earning them more. If my stories are just gonna stagnate in that folder because you impulse-faved, it feels like a hollow gesture.

5391565 I actually read those two on my phone before I started my account. I would've favored them but they slipped my mind at the time.

5391612 Ah. That's a whole different matter, then.

5502930 well I had Lyra as Wheeljack, I chose Bon Bon cause the two are a pair.

5502930 Oh you meant Metroplex. No It's Saddle Rager before transforming

6337811 Okay then. I don't even remember what the question was a about.

6337863 who Mertoplex's colors were for. I was hinting at Saddle Rager being Metroplex in the future

6338095 i thought that was what your question was

6339089 I don't remember what my question was it's been 31 weeks since I asked it.

6339900 I know, and I just realized your question was for who Metroplex would be and not why I had Bon Bon's corpse be placed by Wheeljack's

6339906 How can you know what my question meant when I don't?

6337872 this sounds like the transformers animated movie

So much yes. I grew up on this movie and now it's combined with MLP. I said every line out loud. This awesome.

Screw original content and storyline, keep making this like it. Please this great. I'm loving every bit of this.

You didn't blaster's line! You were so close... good story still though


7919982 no. Spike (or well R63 Spike) is Bumblebee. Also thanks for the favorite.

From the cover, I'm guessing that discord is Unicron

It was the best cover I could find no its not.

8286928 Tirek is more like Unicron

No Autobots had die when the group leave Autobot City.

I'm borrowing elements from some of the very first known script of the original. Those two deaths did happen in it and the characters lily and daisy represented were confirmed to have died in the movie even though it wasn't shown.

I own a copy of the movie and I didn't see no Autobots? deaths and the Lilly and Daisy's deaths part wound had work better in the drop into aid part of the movie

It was a very early draft. When Unicron was still being called Ingestor. Also I killed Roselick off in Prowl's place I felt I was reuniting the trio in the Allspark doing that.

Oh sorry then I didn't know, and I'm just tire of AAAAAAAAHHHHHH (4) in that part.

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